1. Pete999

    Any famous encounters with well known celebs?

    Me and RIP Lewis Collins met Lewis in a bar one day, in Kenya, got his autograph for Her in doors, she had a thing for him during the Professionals era, nice man, no airs or graces, down to earth sort earned my respect that encounter did, unlike the divas he was with, won't mention any names...
  2. Marti

    Megger 1730 MFT. Not tripping on any RCD tests on known good circuit.

    G'd Evening Lads an' Lasses, I've got a Megger 1730 MFT; lovely bit of kit normally. Ex-demo - not had a hard life and was calibrated about eight weeks ago. I normally run it over a Cal-Card and a captive test RCD about once a month and this time it failed to trip the 30ma RCD on 1x, 5x and...
  3. Jake Wesley

    C&G 2365 Level 3/Safe isolation and testing

    Hello everyone. I am due to take my practical exam for Level 3 on Monday but am totally unprepared. I seriously struggle to remember the safe isolation and testing procedures so literally ANY advice would be perfect right now. Thanks! Jake
  4. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme safe isolation- the niceic way!

    niceic initial assessment tomorrow! woop woop Seek permission to isolate isolate, locked off with signage- keep key on you prove my gs38 approved voltage indicators on a known source (will use supply side of main switch?) test between L-N,L-E,N-E for voltage re-prove voltage indicator on known...
  5. T

    ebay van trouble

    Hi guys, Sold my old van on ebay the other day. £600 buy it now. Listed every known fault I could think of, said the usual stuff like no tyre kickers, haggling etc, price is final. Some guy bought it and turned up with his mate to collect on friday, from the word go he was checking everything...
  6. L

    Stroma Certification Scheme stroma

    Are any of you guys with stroma? Got my assessment on Thursday just wondered if they was any good? I was with napit but this year couldn't afford the fees with these Electrical Trainee taking all work can't seem to beat there quotes. Been sat at home for the past 3 weeks
  7. J

    Domestic Upstairs Circuit

    Hi, In your opinon is 20amp more than suitable for an 3 bedroom upstairs circuit, cant think why they really need to be 32amp maybe if you started plugging in 3kw heaters :) thanks
  8. L

    testing for dead

    Ive just got a new job and need to get a voltage tester , I think thats what its called, basically the thing u check the ciruit with to make sure it dead, then check on a known live source to make sure its working, then check circuit again to be sure its dead. Any reccomendations, dont want to...
  9. S

    Proving Unit for assessment

    Ay up each...I have my Elecsa assessment coming up and my proving unit has gone I need to replace it to pass my assessment...? Cheers
  10. B

    Voltage testers

    Hi all, new to the whole "voltage tester" thing im not sure what the good quality yet inexpensive brands are. Have you had, or known of anyone to have experience with CEM? DI-logic and martindale? Im looking for a voltage tester that isnt going to draw much more than 5mA and thus not tripping...
  11. P

    Which Competent Persons Scheme?

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on which Competent Persons Scheme to join? After been involved with Auto Electrics some years ago I have been in Manufacturing ever since. However, due to the current downturn and following my interest in Domestic Electrics I decided to re-train and subsequently...
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