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  1. gazdkw82

    Triple ladders

    I really need to ditch my ginormous double extender ladders and get a manageable triple extender. Any advice on what to look for? Any particular brand or style to avoid?
  2. R

    Which Triple Pole ladders

    I’m looking to buy a set of triple pole ladders. But I’m unsure on size and whether I should look at the fibreglass extension ladders that are available?
  3. Reggie Trevvett

    Little Giant Dark Horse Ladders

    Looking to purchase a set of Little Giant Dark Horse ladders in the North Yorkshire area - happy to collect - anyone got a set that they're looking to sell? Cheers
  4. H

    Time for Snakes and Ladders

    Well, just Ladders actually.... I’m considering getting some, mainly for domestic work, including in stair-wells etc. Rather than get one for every situation I thought a combination set may be the best option, perhaps with a platform attachment. I’ve already got a stupidly long set for doing...
  5. sjhall

    Little giant dark horse ladders

    4 rung Like New, cheapest I can find them on line is £350 £250 collected Merseyside area Cheers
  6. rolyberkin

    Recommendations for Stair Ladders?

    All After a decent set of stair ladders primarily for putting up lights in large stairwells, must have a good reach, any recommendations?
  7. H

    ladder m8rix

    anybody used the ladder m8rix or have any reviews on it? The LadderM8rix Professional - LadderM8rix -
  8. H

    Best Ladders for Electricians?

    Hi Looking to buy another set of ladders soon and was wondering if there are ladders that people recommend. Cheers
  9. Marvo


    I'm not going in the Whitegoods forum until someone else makes a post in there first. I don't ever put shoes on a table or walk under ladders either. Anyone else superstitious?
  10. GMES

    Would anyone like a lift to work in my new Van

    this is Nice https://www.------------/photo.php?v=892868190730511
  11. M

    On a lighter note .....its not just solar installers

    And loads more crazy people on ladders at https://www.------------/ladderassociation. Oh the money we have wasted on scaffold !
  12. H

    Midland Ladders Roofing Ladders for Sale MIDLANDS

    Brought From Midland Ladders last year, Barely used cost £126.00 New Below is description of laddders. Pick Up only after £70.00 Imagine a lightweight, professional 12ft (3.66m) roof ladder with all the features you would expect.... strong aluminium hook, comfortable oval shaped stiles, rubber...
  13. JD6400

    Overcoming the problems with working at height

    What access gear do others use when working at height , and how high would you deem it safe to still work from a ladder ? Also whats the worst case of daft and dangerous behaviour that you have come across by other people working at height .:38:
  14. E

    Ladders for sale

    Hi guys after changing careers you will see i am selling most of my gear. I have for sale: Triple 4m trade ladders aluminium (cost £195 from midland ladders 6 months ago with Supergrip feet) - £70 Double 3m trade aluminium (cost £90 with supergrips 6 months ago) - £45 Double 4m cat/roof hook...
  15. S

    Trade spec Triple extending ladders.

    Need to get some of these, i have just found out that i am not insured on the very good DIY ones that i have had for years. Anyone recommend a decent supplier thats not daft with prices. Cheers..........Howard
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