1. Alla Musica

    How far do downlight cans affect lamp life?

    Looking through the fire-rated downlights out there on the market, Integral Evofire claims its canless design would let the heat off and hence optimize lamp performance and life. On the other hand, the JCC Fireguard, albeit also rated for LEDs only, ironically, still comes with a matt black...
  2. C

    2 core armoured to lamp posts

    What's peoples thoughts on this? 2 core armoured to lamp posts via Lucy switches
  3. P

    Confused about wiring for replacement ceiling lamp

    Hi, I need some advice on the wiring for a new ceiling light. I have taken down the original light, and I'm left with the wiring in the image ceiling_wiring_01.jpg. There are three cables coming off a connector block in the ceiling, each with a live and neutral and a single earth wire on its...
  4. S

    No earth in old lamp

    Thanks in advance for any help. I've got an old lamp (inherited from my gran) that I want to add a switch to and lengthen the wire. It doesn't have an earth and I was wondering whether that's okay? I've read about double insulated appliances but I think this lamp was probably built before they...
  5. 9

    Conversion of wall light to plug in lamp

    Hello, I have acquired two FOGLIO wall lamps that I want to convert from wall lights into lamps. I'm not familiar with wall lighting so first I wanted to know if this is possible and if there are any risks I should be aware of. Secondly, if it is possible, what would be the best way to go about...
  6. ilikemyhouse1

    UK How do I wire a switch into a lamp with three wires (live, neutral, earth)?

    I've got a security light which has two wires like a normal ceiling lamp (the first wiring diagram attached). I bought a new security light which has three wires (live, neutral, earth), attched is an image of that. There is also attached a picture of the current security light with its live...
  7. Jeffersonelias

    Cns anyone please help with this French Nano LED table lamp?

    I would like to install a plug as the original one has been cut off. It has a black sleeved wire but also a non sleeved cable with no indication whether it is a live. Can you please advise which type of plug I need for this? Many thanks
  8. Msitekkie

    Earthing the base of a metal standard lamp

    I have been asked to rewire an antique metal standard lamp. It has been rewired previously, but not earthed..! One of the screws on the base has a short length of uninsulated wire attached, presumably from the original earthing. Unfortunately there is insufficient space to run an extra earth...
  9. Alex_Yak

    Help with LED lamp needed

    Hello, I bought this LED lamp with 3 light tones (white, semi-yellow and yellow), and the problem is, every time I switch it on, it automatically changes to the next tone. I just want to choose one tone and turn it on always, and not change it at every switch on. Insides of the lamp on picture
  10. O

    Replacing wiring and plug on an LED floor lamp

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone may be able to advise on whether my LED floor lamp can be repaired or not. The cable has split from the plug, as per the below photos. Can anyone recommend a replacement plug/transformer + wiring? There's a join under the base of the lamp, which you can see in the...
  11. roryob44

    T12 ballast help single lamp

    My 4’ old ballast burnt out its and old 70 one weighing a ton anyways I purchased a new t12 ballast but this one has 2 red 2 blue and 2 yellow old on didn’t have yellow will this work I was told to cap the yellow and run the red and blue the way they were in old ballast connect power and be all...
  12. A

    Why fluorescent lamp won't stay on?

    I have a fluorescent desk lamp that recently developed a problem: it will turn on first thing in the AM, but by the time I've gone to make my coffee and return it is off. If I switch it off and wait 10 minutes, it will often come back on but this cycle may need to be repeated a few times before...
  13. G

    Fixing Floor Lamp Halogen Light Dimmable

    Hey folks Apologies if my question is too basic. I am an Electrical Engineer but do not work in the field. I am looking for feedback to ensure safety. I have a dimmable floor lamp that uses Halogen lights. It takes 300 Watts or 500 Watts Halogen lights that run on 110Volts The dimmer stopped...
  14. U

    Cut wire to lamp, nothing else working

    Hello, I have an outside light attached to a lampost. The head which is badly damaged and needed replacing anyway has blown off in the wind. To prevent further damage I switched off the electricity and cut the wire (thick flat wire with 3 smaller wires) intending to temporarily terminate it...
  15. dogbob

    USA Lamp cord / Zip cord - permanent installation

    I bought an under-cabinet light fixture. It is LED, so low power (120VAC 12.5W). It came with a detachable SPT-1 power cord. One end of the cord plugs into the fixture. The other end is a NEMA 1-15P two-wire plug. Here are the installation instructions that came with it: I heard that NEC...
  16. Tommy10toes

    Pls advise on this lamp wiring

    Hello, I’m adding an in-line foot switch for this interesting italian floor lamp. It has 2 bulbs, max 60w each according to sticker on lamp. The footswitch I bought recommends max 2amp. But I notice the plug has been fitted with a 13amp fuse. (This seems too high to me?) I know how to...
  17. S

    Safely split ceiling lamp for three bulbs.

    Hey all. New here and new to 3 phase. I had some electric experience on set in Los Angeles as a gaffer for a couple of years, but it was mainly single-phase - counting amps and avoiding blowing circuits type deal. Also did basic wiring in my old 73 chevy truck as well. So nothing huge. But...
  18. D

    Oven lamp glass covers

    My parents and my oven both need new oven lamps but both mine and their glass lamp covers are completely stuck / cross threaded and won't come undone to get to the lamp. Is there a dang secret to get these glass covers off ? I don't want to force it and end up breaking the glass
  19. W

    How do we sort this one?

    I've got a 3w LED fitting (shower light, and fan combined), but a replacement lamp flashes. Why? What can I do to get a new one to work ok? Thanks. Colin
  20. G

    18W electronic ballast for a LED lamp

    Hello gents I'm just after some clarification, I have a kitchen light fitting that uses a 2D 28W compact fluoresent lamp that I'd like to convert to a LED 2D lamp that I've bought because I thought it would work with the existing control gear. I realise now that I have a magnetic rather...


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