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  1. C

    Separating lamp holder to rewire

    I'm looking to replace the cable on a lamp I bought but I am unable to separate the holder to access the connections. I have tried pushing in the black tabs to release the top but I haven't had any luck. Any advice on the best approach would be appreciated.
  2. A

    Led lamp still glowing

    Good morning. I’m a apprentice electrician and I have done a job in my house changing a light. It’s a loop in system. I’ve put led G7 lamps in the new light however when I turn it off the lights still have a slight glow on them. I understand that this could die to leakage but is there anything...
  3. The_apprentice2.0

    What lamp is this please??

    Hi All, My mate text me this picture asking what lamp this is? as I'm predominantly on the Industrial/ maintenance side and don't have access to a time machine .... I haven't got a clue. If there's anywhere to find out its gotta be on here, I've been lurking long enough to know that by now...
  4. N

    Lamp is not turning on

    Hi all, I am a bit new here. Just had a quick question. In my living room the lamp is not working any longer. I touched/turned it a bit and it went on again. Then it went off again. This time I tried turning it but when I let go the whole turned/spinned the other way around that I was turning...
  5. B

    Lamp holder getting hot

    Evening all, I changed the lamp in my dining room (ceiling light) for an LED one this evening. When I took the old bayonet out, I noticed the plastic around the outside of the lamp holder was very hot. Could this just be due to the fact it was an old incandescent lamp therefore giving off a...
  6. C

    Shortening Extension Cords / No Earth Wire On lamp? Advice Needed

    Hi there, I have been shortening some leads around my house so they look a bit nicer and tidier. I am about to to the same to my lamp cable but i notice it has no earth. Is it still OK for me to cut the cable and re wire the plug? Also why doesn't this one have an earth? Thank You.
  7. M

    Replacing ceiling lamp holder - which wire goes where?

    Hi all I've got a knackered ceiling lamp holder I want to change. It's the type with no flex - the lamp holder is directly on the ceiling mount. But the new one I want to put in will be rose-flex-lamp holder. There are no markings on the old one I'm replacing. So what's the easiest way to...
  8. Nightmer

    Attaching an earth tag to a vintage lamp holder

    I have several vintage lamp holders and would like to use them because they have a good look. I found these earth tags (Earth Tag For 10mm Allthread Rod [PLU95920] - and wondered how to attach them to my lamps for them to work. Is...
  9. H

    Can I charge this li ion battery in led lamp with 7.4V new charger? pics inside

    I really wanted to keep using my led lamp for my plants. So I bought a new charger. Altough I couldnt find a 8.4V charger, so I bought a universal charger. I tryed the setting on 7.5 Volt and I tested it for 5 min. But now I read on the internet that li ion batteries can explode and catch flames...
  10. J

    LED's - Selecting the correct driver for lamp

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what has happened and please advise: I recently modified a large 5x halogen bulb lamp bought from 'Next' to take G4 LED's. I selected appropriate 3W LED SMD bulbs and got a 20W LED driver to run the 5 bulbs. There is no dimmer, its just on a foot on/off switch...
  11. N

    Domestic Toggle Flick Switch 12V on Table Lamp?

    Hi All, First time poster here. I'm an ex-plumber and lamp making diyer. My question is this: Is it safe to wire a lamp like the one here (image 1 below): with a toggle switch as seen here (image 2 below): Switch type: toggle Contacts configuration: DPST Switching method: ON-OFF AC...
  12. M

    New flex for old metal lamp

    Hi everyone I inherited an old WW2 angle poise metal lamp recently. It works fine, but I'm not sure it's safe... the wire looks antique and is obviously just 2 cores. I've thought about putting a new cable in it, and I'm guessing that it needs earthing as it's a metal lamp. Can anyone advise...
  13. E

    Class 2 pendant to plug-in lamp

    Hi everyone, I hope this is a simple question! I have purchased a double insulated class 2 pendant light fitting. Is it safe to convert it to a plug-in lamp? I had originally planned to add a switch to the cable and finish with a plug, but am unsure if this is safe without an earth wire. I...
  14. Wilko

    Vintage Lamp CPC suggestions please

    Hi - been to fix a lamp today with a loose connection in the lovely terminal blocks. Then I noticed there's a brass lamp holder with no earth terminal and the earth is cut back in the wall. There's 4 of these fittings (8 lamps) in the room and they're probably all the same. Any suggestions for a...
  15. M

    Is this wiring in Denmark safe for a chandelier

    Hi, Appreciate any advice and help. I just moved from UK to an old house in Denmark and would like to install a large brass chandelier (1970s). There was no ceiling light when I moved here, but the wires are there. I attach here a photo. There is green/yellow wire that I presume is Earth, blue...
  16. K

    12v lamp above bath zone 1

    would this be acceptable we have a shelf above the bath 1400mm high wife would like a standard lamp on there would putting a 12 led driver in the loft to supply the lamp be a ok lamp would be secured to the shelf
  17. B

    DIYer has a lamp wiring question

    I’m a DIY’er. Or at least, if I have an electrical problem, I like to fix it myself. I couldn’t find an answer to my question after googling around a bit, and no electrician would give me an answer, so I thought I would try your forum. An answer would be greatly appreciated. I have a desk lamp...
  18. Andy5678

    Can anyone recommend a good lamp post key

    as the title. Tried cheap ones and a bacho multi type one wich is now broken. They always break or don’t fit correctly. It’s the triangular ones mostly that I see.
  19. Jim90

    Lamp post under mains pylon question

    Hi guys, We are replacing lamp post heads on a site and all is going well until we reached a set of 4 underneath 11/33kv pylons. We are getting a horrible ‘belt’ off the casing of the lamp post head. The post is coated so unable to receive a belt at low level. All we can think of is it’s the...
  20. B

    Is my lamp safe - testing earthing

    I have wired a lamp with a brass lamp holder and I don’t know how to test it with my multi meter that I bought. I want to test that it’s earthed and safe to use and also that it won’t blow my bulb. Any help would be great ! Bee
  21. N

    Making a 4 bulb lamp - Newbie

    Hi, I'm Rich I'm 39 and currently unemployed. I am a good ish DIYer and have basic knowledge of wiring. Love building things out of wood. I have been tasked with making a simple 4 bulb plug in lamp for my wife's 'art' project. I need wiring and safety help. It will basically be 4 23w bulbs in...
  22. E

    120W LED Corn lamp replacement

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to change Metal halide lamps for LED E40 Lamps in Floodlight fittings. The manufacturer recommends not to fit lamps above 60watt to enclosed fittings, due to overheating. Is there a fan or a way around this. These lights are used all over the garage warehouse & outside...
  23. E

    120W LED Corn Lamp Replacement

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to change Metal halide lamps for LED E40 Lamps in Floodlight fittings. The manufacturer recommends not to fit lamps above 60watt to enclosed fittings, due to overheating. Is there a fan or a way around this. These lights are used all over the garage warehouse & outside...
  24. S

    G24q-2 lamp led replacement or convert to ES

    Hi all I’ve got some outdoor lights, one of which stopped working recently. They take cfl G24q-2, 4 pin, 18w lamps, and have an electronic ballast inside. I tried replacing the lamp, to no success, so I checked for voltage at the lampholder, no voltage. I concluded the ballast is at fault, so...
  25. LewisM

    PL Lamp Identifcation

    Hi, does anybody know what the lamp needed for this fitting is? The fitting doesn't have any space for the retaining tabs that stick out of the side of the most common PL lamps, very odd.
  26. P

    guidelines for a lamp

    hi guys right looking for some help, im metal fab companys and looking making lamps from chain and other similar ,materials. thing the i need help with is what testing do i need to do to conform to regs???? also the buld holders i have bought don't seem to have a earth connection? is this...
  27. B

    Electrician Switched live connected to neutral on lamp

    Hi all, Newbie here after some advice. I’m in the process of replacing my landing light and when disconnecting the old one I noticed that the SW live was connected to neutral on the lamp and the circuit neutrals connected to live on the lamp. I am aware that normally the SW live would go...
  28. E

    Copper Pipe Lamp Earthing

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me. I am going to undertake a small project for my home which will be a copper pipe lamp for the living room. I bought a lampholder and wire and have a few questions before I start. The lamp holder is metal with a ceramic insert (see pictures). I have also...
  29. U

    Earthing an upcycled lamp with touch switch

    Hi all, I am upcycling a lamp which I've done before but this time I want to try and add a touch switch dimmer. The lamp has Earth live and neutral and I've taken it apart to swap the base over for an old fuel can. The lamps original metal base was earthed with the earth wire. My question is...
  30. A

    Completely baffled by a 3 lamp chandelier blowing fuses

    Hello Right I cannot get my head around this one. I have a 3 lamp chandelier - I have done a drawing of the connections below. It has been placed on the 1st floor 5amp lighting main in the existing ceiling rosette (which previously had a 80 watt filament bulb.) I bought a LED dimmer switch...
  31. Idpost

    Replacement LV lamp holder for Click LV450

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of some replacement lamp holders for Click LV540 12v down lights? The lamp holders are rectangular in shape and are fixed to the back of the fitting via 2 small screws. One of my customers has these lights throughout his house and quite a few...
  32. Electrical2go

    Save 10% on our best selling LED GU10 Lamp

    To celebrate a match made in heaven we are offering 10% off selected Enlite ICE lamps when bought in conjunction with an EFD downlight (A LITTLE SECRET FOR THE FORUM MEMBERS......YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE DOWNLIGHT TO GAIN THE DISCOUNT ON MULTIPLE LAMPS) Use Code GUTEN at the basket to activate...
  33. Robbyg

    Help needed for a touch lamp

    Hey :) I'm Rob and new to this forum. I have designed a wooden touch lamp using edison bulbs (incandescent) nothing new here I know. What I'm having trouble with is sorting out a problem where when the bulb fails the power surge takes out or blows the thyristor on the touch circuit. Normally...
  34. T

    Storage Yard Lighting - Supplier Reccomendations

    Hi guys, I've been asked to change an existing lighting setup in a large storage yard. Basically at the moment there are a number of lamp posts with a mixture of 250w and 400w metal halide lights (1 or 2 lights per post). I've been told from the main building contractor that the columns aren't...
  35. D

    12 volt metal table lamp for sale.

    Hi all. I am planning a metal table lamp. The light will be a 12 volt LED fed from a plug in transformer, so there will not be any 240 volt cable or connection to the table lamp. Do I need to earth the metal of the table lamp?
  36. Wilko

    How to modernise an old brass table lamp ?

    Hi All, the story so far : Customer has asked me to make her old brass table lamp work. How hard could it be? No earth, so first step was some new 3 core flex and a brass lamp holder that's got an earth point. An inline switch and I'm away. But no, the new flex won't fit up the stem of the lamp...
  37. R

    Wiring a lamp - advice please

    Hi, Please go easy on me, I'm not an electrician. I'm making an industrial pipe lamp using plumbing parts. The flex is 3 core, 0.75mm. It came with inline switch and molded plug. Because the flex wasn't long enough before the switch to go through the lamp I'm having to splice it at the base of...
  38. A

    Fridge Lamp 120V Replacment Anyone?

    Hi There. I've got a customer with an American huge fridge freezer. The interior lamp has gone and she can't find a replacment. It's a 120V 40W lamp, but the cap looks like something in between SES and ES. Has anyone got any idea of where to get one? I've googled it for hours with no luck...
  39. J

    Is it possible to power a single lamp from a double ballast?

    I need a ballast for a single lamp, but I only have access to a double ballast. Is it possible to use this to wire just one lamp?
  40. PLW

    Methods used to start a fluorescent tube

    Hi there, I am currently reading through the different methods used to start a fluorescent tube. I have come across the glow type starter and the thermal starter circuit. In my course book the glow type starter is described as follows "Contained within the starter can are a set of normally...
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