1. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  2. Z

    Suitable Ballast For Osram G23 HNS S 9 Watt Puritec Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps

    I am trying to design an emergency prototype opensource air purification unit for use in hospitals. I bought 4 Osram G23 HNS S 9 Watt Puritec Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps bulbs and bulb holders Vossloh Schwabe 35006 PL 5,7,9,11W G23 TCS 2pin lampholder - bulb and lamps fit, but I can not find a...
  3. MarkRibbands

    What colour panel lamps to indicate phases?

    I’m making breakout (‘Distro’) boxes to distribute power from three phase sockets in my workshop to clients’ temporarily-installed single phase equipment. My question, given that I want to have pilot lights on the boxes to both confirm supply and to indicate from across the room which sockets...
  4. R

    Fluorescent lamps flickering after installing new dimmer switch.

    As the title says today I replaced a simple 1 way 2 gang switch with a a 1 way 2 gang dimmer switch. The first switch controls 2 ceiling lights with gu10 fittings which dim fine. The second switch controls under cupboard lights which are fluorescent lamps, they originally come on and work...
  5. F

    UK Retrofit Led lamps

    Im quoting a job where they want retro fitting led lamps into some 6ft fluorescent fittings, access is a pain so couldnt really get up to them to inspect them, i believe they are T12 magnetic ballast fittings. The problem comes with the emergency fittings, what are people doing when it comes...
  6. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  7. B

    LED Gu10s to replace Halogen lamps not working

    Hi, In the past I've replaced MR16 halogen spots with LEDs and had issues getting them to work. I understand this is driver related. This time, I'm having problems switching GU10s halogen with LED. I can't understand this as my understanding is there will not be a driver involved and this...
  8. A

    Combing two lamps using 1 Plug

    Hi all, My wife has purchased two vanity mirror lights from Ikea (Musik) which are both fitted with a 3a plug. Each of the lights has an on/off toggle switch like most lamps. Is it possible to have both light comes on using the one switch/plug? I had thought it would be straight forward...
  9. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  10. M

    Using low voltage lamps and Selv power supplies in domestic livghting

    Hi, I have a ceiling rose which doesn't have an earth wire and I want to connect a light fitting which requires an earth connection. It's not possible to rewire the ceiling rose at the moment so I am considering the possibility of using a low voltage (12 - 85 volt DC) E27 led lamp connected to a...
  11. D

    Dimmable LED Candle Lamps

    Recently replaced a single pendent (Dimmable LED GLS lamp) with a 5 arm chandelier style fitting which client wants candle lamps (No shades and would agree, candle lamps would look best). Existing dimmer is an Aurora LED (Green) but the dimmable lamps he (client) supplied (off the shelf at a...
  12. S

    E14 lamps, some working, some not.

    This one's mostly just a matter of curiosity as the light in question is probably going to be replaced, but I attended an old-fassioned E14 3-spot fitting with one lamp broken off inside. Successfully extracted that with some long-nose pliers, but the new lamps the occupant had bought did not...
  13. J

    Domestic Earthing Copper Pipe Lamps Query

    Hi, I build lamps from copper piping and various other bits and bobs (including the occasional trumpet!!). The lamps are made from sections of copper pipe connected to elbow joints and other copper plumbing connectors. The lamp terminates at a brass lampholder at one end and a plastic clamp at...
  14. B

    Dimmable LED lamps buzzing

    Hi all, Hoping someone wouldn’t mind answering a quick question for me. I have 2 dimmable touch lamps in the bedrooom. I have fitted them both with LEDs which are dimmable. The dimming function works fine and there is no flickering, however there is a buzzing noise from the lamp when not on...
  15. Nick Willder

    Mains domestic LED lamps on 3-way switch glow faintly in one 'off' arrangement

    On my landing are three connected lights. They have 230v LED bulbs. There are three switches - one obviously an intermediate switch. In one of the four 'off' arrangements of the switches, the LEDs glow faintly. Does anyone have a theory on where this current might be leaking to? Thanks.
  16. L

    110v site lamps at 240v domestic

    Hello, I have bought some site lighting with 110v plugs to rig up in my shed workshop which has a 240v domestic supply. Obviously I can use a site inverter but I would like to avoid this. Is it just a case of rewiring and fitting 240v halogen bulbs? Some help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  17. andysparkfree

    swapping 12v lamps to l.e.d 12v lamps and lack of load issue

    Hi a friend ordered some 12v led lamps to replace his conventional 12v halogen lamps now obviously the new lamps are not causing enough load for the transformers to kick in can i simply change the transformers to a led driver thats rated at a low wattage? ive only felt with this 15 ish years...
  18. andysparkfree

    buzzing when LED lamps dimming

    hi all a couple of weeks ago i installed some new LED down lights to a friends house (in his new extension) anyhow last week he said that theres a buzzing noise happening when he twiddles the dimmer , i assumed that i simply need to change the dimmer from conventional to a LED type. so this...
  19. T


    All, I have a question which is in two parts :- 1 From the information that I can see 2D lamps all have the same cap/base GR10q although due to the control gear putting a higher wattage lamp will not work in a lower wattage fitting does all different lamps fit in different fittings eg a 28watt...
  20. A

    30 x G9 4w LED warm white lamps

    Hello all, I'm selling 30 x warm white G9 lamps which I have swapped out for cool white at a customers house. He didn't like the warm white I put in first time around! All working and packaged in Knightsbridge boxes (these aren't Knightsbridge, just rehoused them in the boxes from new lamps)...
  21. L

    Emergency lighting fault

    Hi All, New to the forum and was seeking some advice. I have arrived at a site to complete yearly 3 hour emgencey lighting test. Once completed I switched the power back on and half the emergency lamps haven't turned back on. When you turn the power off, the lamp lights up in emergency mode...
  22. Dannyg8810

    80w led e40 corn lamps

    If using these to replace a 250w hit in a low bay light fitting would you just simply snip the Line and neutral from the ballast leave in the lamp holder and connect these direct to the supply ? Reason I ask is what amps would these be pulling and Would the exsisting cable from the holders ok...
  23. T


    Has anyone installed GU10 LED lamps in replacement for halogen GU10 lamps in fire ratted downlights did installing them cause the GU10 LED's to fail sooner than should of done.
  24. Uheat – Jake

    Surplus Integral LED Lamps

    Hi guys, We've got surplus stock of Integral LED Lamps, we've got a wide range listed below, can be purchased in either box quantity or singlar. Prices below are box quantity, which included FOC delivery to UK Mainland. Any questions please give me a call on 01394 593305.
  25. 1Justin

    Green OK light in emergency bulkhead lamps.

    To speed me along with a quote since this is all taking too long and I haven't taken a penny yet. Q) Would a modern LED bulkhead emergency light have a green indicator LED for any reason other than proving that it's a "self test" type in working condition? (In other words do non-self-test EM...
  26. A

    best place to buy lamps & fittings

    I'm wanting to buy some 100W equivalent LED GL/BC lamps and also LED down lights and wondering where is a good place to look? cheers
  27. O

    Buzzing GU10 LED's

    So I changed 10 x halogen MR16's for 10 x Megaman dimmable 5.5w LED's along with a VPro dimmer (rated up to 10 LED's) When the lights are switched on, they are silent but after 10 -15 minutes they start buzzing - the lamps, not the dimmer. I swapped the dimmer for a standard switch today, and...
  28. S

    LED volt drop- maximum LEDS on 6amp??

    First post all so go easy lads.... What's people's views on maximum amount of LEDS on a 6amp mcb lighting circuits?? 6w LED GU10s throughout. Wired in 1mm twin and earth. Maximum cable runs??? Nearly every spark I speak to has a different verdict. Should we still be considering if 50w halogens...
  29. simpson93

    Dimmable flood light

    Afternoon all, looking if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a dimmmable 10w flood light (integrated) Well aware I could use older style with dimmable lamp but looking for something that looks a little better. Cheers
  30. N

    Need help with dimming large chandelier

    My friend has a two gang dimmer it's the size that fits a 2 gang box also in brushed chrome they changed from a 250watt per dimmer to a 1500watt per dimmer as the first one wasn't dimming the lights One side does two wall lights with 8 x 3 watt dimmable lamps The other side does a massive...
  31. Davisonp

    What LED failure rate is acceptable?

    Hi, What do people consider is an acceptable failure level for LED bulbs? I have two examples, both from TLC "LEDLite" home brand lights. 1st, I fitted 6 of their 8W filament LED bulbs with 2 years guarantee in my parents house, and 3 have failed within the first year. (50% failure in...
  32. U

    microwave light bulb, what is Z187?

    Hi there, I have a Russell Hobbs microwave. I have to replace a light bulb on it. The bulb comes with the base on which it says 250v 2a Z187 20w. Is Z187 compatible with T170 base? I spent a few hours googling and searching this Z187 and I can't find anything. The only place I can get a light...
  33. B

    Just joined

    Now that filament lamps are no more and the energy saving lamps are dull, what is the best alternative?
  34. E

    Kitchen LED transformer requirement

    Got a string of 12v led bulbs with a total of 30w which I want to use one transformer. What size/type of transformer to power these would you suggest. cheers
  35. N

    Help with faulty fluorescent light.

    Hi guys, first post on here. I've recently fitted 4 new high frequency control gears into 4 old fittings. I've removed all the old gear out of the fitting with the exception of the lamp holders and fitted 4 new 70 watt twin electronic ballasts. Completed necessary wiring within the fitting, new...
  36. L

    Emergency Lighting - Adding extra lights to circuit

    Hi, Hoping someone can give me some insight into emergency lighting circuits. I've never had to install an emergency lighting circuit, only testing of the circuit. We have an emergency lighting circuit in place but I've been asked to add a couple of additional emergency lights to an area that...
  37. B

    Dimmer switch

    Can anyone recommend a dimmer switch compatible with a light fitting which has a transformer and led G4 lamps The light fitting is from next Cheers
  38. exdevonboy

    LV Transformers & Radio Interference

    Hi all, A customer has recently replaced some of his 12V MR16 down-lighter bulbs with LED bulbs instead. One of the transformers (which were old) failed a month or so after he installed the new bulbs and I was asked to replace both of his existing LV transformers. They supply 4 No downlighters...
  39. HandySparks

    Noisy LED lamps

    Just installed 12 light fittings an a new house. Most using several G9 LED lamps. I was surprised to find that there was a distinctly audible hum from many of the fittings. These were ceiling lights consisting of a large thin chromed steel disc fixed via a bracket to the ceiling and supporting...
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