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  1. J

    Another bad landlord

    Landlord has completely disregarded my EICR because it basically has resulted in multiple C1 and C2plus a plethora of fi c3 and general comments. He told me not to quote for remedial work as a friend would rewire it. Six weeks on and working next door the family came out assuming I was there to...
  2. L

    Electrician wanted for landlord EIC and EICR

    Just purchased a flat for letting out, If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  3. L

    Landlord needing Electrician to do landlord EIC and EICR in GLASGOW

    If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  4. J

    landlord supply responsibility

    Hi,can anyone tell me what is the minimum a landlord has to supply in a small industrial unit, does he have to supply emergency lighting, fire alarm,hot water? or is that the tenants responsibility, or does anyone know where this information can be found,Thanks
  5. B

    Landlord Slayer - Might need advice

    Hi there Yeap having got fed up of dealing with problem landlords - I now work to hit their pockets. Sorry not able to provide any further information about who I am. Incognito Billy
  6. E

    CU change, submitted EIC but landlord wants eicr too?

    i was under the impression that a board change requires a eic as that is all that was altered and to be taken responsibility for? im thinking the landlord is trying for a free eicr out of my boss, i certainly dont want the liability of the existing installation.
  7. D

    Landlord - Electrical Safety Certificate

    Hi all, I am a tenant in my sister's flat. She is my landlord. She has her official 'Landlord Gas Certificate', which we get checked annually. As far as a 'Landlords Electrical Certificate' goes, she did not have one. So we decided to get a registered, reputable local electrician in, to issue...
  8. Gazthesparky

    Bit of advice landlord testing in scotland

    Need a bit of advice I have my 2391, apprenticeship and 17th edition which i did back in 2006/7 I am based in Scotland so looking for a bit of advice. I have had a private landlord contact me asking if i will do a EIRC one of his properties. I use to do them years ago when i used to work for...
  9. H

    Please help - I feel like I'm being ripped off

    Hi everyone, First off, sorry if this is the wrong section - I'm not sure where to post it. I recently had my wall plug charger explode, and now the wall plug is damaged and my landlord wants me to pay £200 for electrical testing - he wants to test the whole apartment complex because of this...
  10. B

    Advice on RCD please

    Hi, any idea how long RCD protection has been legal req for installations in let out flats. i am savage to find out, my builder did not install CU with RCD , now i cant get a landlord certificate, i did not put him under cost pressure. Thanks. G.
  11. M

    Domestic Should I report it???

    Just stayed in a B&B overnight. Woke up to find no electricity so went downstairs to find out what was happening to find the "manager" under the stairs replacing the wire in a very old fuse. The fusebox was full of old wired fuses and there was no evidence of a modern consumer unit anywhere and...
  12. M

    Access to Distribution boards

    Hi Guys its been a while since my last post. Here goes. My client, a large office on one floor of a complex, are responsible for a three phase supply to their office. EICR carried out 2 years ago. They are not allowed access to the distribution board to operate MCBs RCBOs etc but they are...
  13. charlie76

    No CPC in lighting circuit

    Evening all. I have been asked to quote a landlord for a replacement bathroom light as the old ones bayonet fitting was broken, new pull cord as it was one from 1702 which had finally given up and replace the hallway light fitting as it was hanging off the ceiling. On inspection there are no...
  14. S

    Customer not paying advice please

    I have completed work for a letting agency for a few years now. One of my recent jobs I carried out an EICR on a rented property which then failed on a number of inspections also a number of code 3 inspects. I then emailed an estimate to the letting company to then forward on to the landlord...
  15. M

    Duration of EICR

    Hi, I have been asked to complete an EICR on an HMO property (6 room, student rental). I have done previous installation works at the property and the electrics are in VERY GOOD condition. This is confirmed on the last EICR (which I didn't complete). The Previous electrician has only given...
  16. S

    Commercial Unbalanced 3 Phase Loads

    Had an enquiry from a customer who recently moved premises to a similar sized building 100 meters from the old one. Their electricity bills trebled immediately. I have data logged 4 DBs for 2 weeks and nothing sticks out other than wildly unbalanced loads on 3 phase DBs i.e. L1=38A L2=18A L3=8A...
  17. B

    hortsman economy 7 quartz system faulty

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any help. I live in a all electric flat and we have a hortsman econmy 7 quartz hot water system, recently the off peak immersion went and we have been stuck using the boost for a few days as and when we need hot water. we are in the middle of trying to contact...
  18. M

    Industrial unit suply

    Hi guys im just wondering my building supply for my buisness is shared with next door but recently they have been isolating my side of the building which is turning the whole unit side down of my buisness. I cannot gain access to next door regarding me turning it on or stopping them turning it...
  19. L

    Domestic Customer needs advise

    Hi All Just been to a domestic property for reports of the tenants having electric shocks from the toilet, shower, bath, taps, radiators, etc, etc. Voltage = LN 241v LE 214v NE 23v Long story short - Main Earth was removed in the CU Customer had a EICR back in December from Company...
  20. darkwood

    Facepalm .... job I went to.

    Got called out to wire in a compressor 11kw for a guy just rented out a new build so agreed to meet on sight. I met him there and after expressing the compressor requires a Star/Delta starter and a ball park figure £300 for the unit just to give him cost idea he said he'd he had seen one in B&Q...
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