1. W

    UK Landlord Trying to Deduct Deposit for Unnecessary Electrician Test.

    Hi everyone, I recently moved out of my rented property, and as expected, my landlord is attempting to withhold a significant portion of my deposit. One of the charges she's insisting on is £300 for an electrician to conduct an EICR test. Here's the situation: I'm a qualified electrician, and...
  2. KevinH

    Rogue Landlord Encounters

    Has anyone had encounters with rogue landlords? I will tell my short story (and keep it as short as possible) I had a call a few weeks back from a landlord to sort out an issue with an immersion heater following an "incident". It seemed an emergency so I arrived that afternoon and the tenant...
  3. R

    Split Metered Landlord Distribution Board

    Hi all, existing office building that is being refurbished. Existing DBs (single meter for small power & lighting) need to be replaced. Should split metered boards be installed for landlord areas in addition to tenant areas?
  4. S

    AFDD EICR - unsatisfactory report landlord

    We are new landlords and have just got an EICR done. The building is only 5 years old so I am shocked that remedial work has been noted as necessary/mandatory. Apparently AFDDs needs to be fitted as the building is over 6 story’s high (it’s a 4th floor one bed flat) due to a regulation that came...
  5. UnderstandingElectrics

    TN-C-S supply, shocks from earthed sink, latest test from landlord 200Mohm resistance between E/N

    TN-C-S supply, shocks/tingles from earthed sink. Latest NICEIC test (2017) from landlord shows 200Mohm resistance between E and N As above, do I have a floating neutral, is this causing a leak from N, via bonding on sink to true earth (solid kitchen floor)?
  6. R

    Losing a leg? What to replace in the house to justify to the landlord....

    Hey there, not totally new to electrical stuff but always stayed away from anything of a higher shock rating! :) So in a nutshell, a mid 90's mobile home, interior copper wiring, hooked via aluminum underground cables to a 1970's pedestal, aluminum wire again to the poco transformer. Over the...
  7. I

    Landlord EICR certificates

    In April I had 2 EICRs done on two properties both of which failed and required along with other things new consumer units. i had the same electrician fit these and paid him in full and now after much messaging to him he says he cannot issue them until he gets Buildind regulation certificates...
  8. B

    Landlord - EICR 'unsatisfactory'

    I have let a flat for a several years to the same person (not a new tenancy). Hall, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and lounge. All on one floor. Letting agent sent electrician to do EICR and it came back 'unsatisfactory': Part 6: Observations and recommendations (all are Code C2) 1. 4.9...
  9. S

    Landlord EICR's

    Hi all. I have recently issued a few unsatisfactory reports to different landlords, some of whom are electricians themselves (albeit not self employed/registered with CPS). My question is regarding the required remedial works. If said landlords/electricians carry out their own remedial works...
  10. N

    What does a landlord electrical inspection involve?

    My mum is due to have her five yearly landlord electrical inspection. She's a little worried about letting an electrician into her home due to covid. She has asked the electrical company what it involves but the guy on the phone didn't seem to know and just fobbed her off. Is there a minimum...
  11. I

    EICR - Landlord wants to change CU and retest after EICR

    I've done a few EICRs for a landlord and the latest one of his I've given an unsatisfactory, I've advised changing the CU - existing one is old and cracked, earthing needs upgrading and no RCD amongst other things. He has a "handyman" who I often work alongside with and seems a bit overly keen...
  12. C

    Landlord Cert

    Companies like chekatrade, homeserve , BG and other insurance products exist because of the fear that rogue traders exist I recently called an electrician for a landlord cert. His approach seemed genuine. What he said was I don’t just go in, fail a property and charge you for a certificate. Ill...
  13. S

    Shop units landlord supply

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a client who has a contract to build some shop units and part of their contract is to provide the landlords electrical installation which he has asked me to do. This is some external wall lights around the perimeter of the building and the car park lighting...
  14. Doomed

    problem landlord

    Im trying to keep up with paper work from my hospital bed just using my mobile, but I could do with a few pointers to do with a problem landlords inspection. Did the work via an estate agent (we do all thier work) but this particular landlord has kicked off and called us disreputable and trying...
  15. W

    Landlord consumer unit

    I have just had a rental property tested. The electrician says my consumer unit needs replacing as it is not split load.i am only using 5ways of the current consumer unit and all cct,s are rcd protected. Is this correct?
  16. J

    Another bad landlord

    Landlord has completely disregarded my EICR because it basically has resulted in multiple C1 and C2plus a plethora of fi c3 and general comments. He told me not to quote for remedial work as a friend would rewire it. Six weeks on and working next door the family came out assuming I was there to...
  17. L

    Electrician Jobs Electrician wanted for landlord EIC and EICR

    Just purchased a flat for letting out, If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  18. L

    Electrician Jobs Landlord needing Electrician to do landlord EIC and EICR in GLASGOW

    If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  19. J

    landlord supply responsibility

    Hi,can anyone tell me what is the minimum a landlord has to supply in a small industrial unit, does he have to supply emergency lighting, fire alarm,hot water? or is that the tenants responsibility, or does anyone know where this information can be found,Thanks
  20. B

    Landlord Slayer - Might need advice

    Hi there Yeap having got fed up of dealing with problem landlords - I now work to hit their pockets. Sorry not able to provide any further information about who I am. Incognito Billy


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