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  1. M

    Microwave leakage testing

    Hi guys I have been instructed to carry out leakage testing on the 3 microwave we have on site as I am the only person on site with 2377 but I'm unsure if the microwave leakage testing req a different qualification as this wasn't on the course or I'm my notes. any guidance welcome.
  2. A

    Kenmore freezer KIF60W4 leaking rusty water from the evaporator

    Hello everyone. Kenmore undercounter freezer - Model KIF60W4 After smelling something funky, I inspected behind my freezer and discovered rust and signs of a leak above the compressor. I've attached some photos. To me it looks like a serious fault and I'm swaying towards binning the freezer...
  3. S

    leakage clamp meter accuracy

    hello. I'm using leakage clamp meter to investigate nuisance tripping in my house. It is a MULTICOMP PRO MP780050 that I bought early 2021. However, once I bought it the nuisance tripping stopped, so I put it down to damp in garage at the time. This looks just like the Dilog6518 (just without...
  4. S

    leakage clamp meter accuracy

    hello. I'm using leakage clamp meter to investigate nuisance tripping in my house. It is a MULTICOMP PRO MP780050 that I bought early 2021. However, once I bought it the nuisance tripping stopped, so I put it down to damp in garage at the time. This looks just like the Dilog6518 (just without...
  5. A

    Earth leakage from unknown source.

    I'm new to this but stuck with an issue, so I'm looking for some help wherever possible. I have just completed a rewire, which I have a potential difference of 60v between MET and disconnected mains earth. It's an RCBO board with type 2 SPD. I have fully tested the installation and have greater...
  6. admiral-ackbar

    Receiving 120VAC from frame of double insulated TV, is this normal?

    Got a jolt from the metal frame of my 2020 Sony KD-65X9000H TV. Measuring 120VAC at all times unit is plugged in. Now I know there's often some leakage with double insulated items but I thought that 120v seemed fairly high. Is that somewhere around the expected amount to leak? Contacted Sony...
  7. newfutile

    High leakage equipment?

    I have been asked to remove a 3 ph rcd from a vehicle entry gate, because they state it has an inverter power supply that can leak up to 160 ma . this does not seem correct to me and i wonder of the implications of having no rcd if this leakage is to earth on touchable large metal gates. any...
  8. R

    Earth leakage high on oven but no trip?

    Morning, Customer has a intermittent trip which I am trying to locate. 4 circuits on rcd. Two rings , cooker and hob and one I cannot find actually powers anything as yet. Rings test fine and cooker circuit is okay continuity and I/r. I have put my earth leakage clamp on tails and when I go...
  9. C

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Hi everyone, Any suggestion for an Earth Leakage Clamp Meter within a reasonable price?
  10. S

    Earth leakage

    We have measured 50mA earth leakage from an oven.but during we touch the metal surface we do not receive shock :D how?
  11. J

    Earth leakage

    Is there any guides on how much earth leakage is acceptable in an industrial setting ie MCC. The reason i ask is it seems to be most sites have a degree of leakage which I’m not sure is due to many VSDs being used but recently a panel I saw had 0.6amps leakage but the motor starter was all good...
  12. Rob Plant

    Why do mA and A settings on multimeter give different result?

    With apologies in advance for the newbie question... I'm using a multimeter to figure out the source of my battery drain, so attempting to measure the leakage current between my battery terminal and its lead. When taking the readings shown below, they are quite steady, but as you can see, on...
  13. T

    What household items need a 6mA DC leakage current detector?

    Hi, Electric car charge points need a 6mA DC leakage current detector. This is supposedly needed since the EV contains a high voltage DC battery....and the insulation between the high voltage battery and the mains line and neutral may fail. Document showing Why 6mA DC leakage detectors are...
  14. L

    Earth leakage meter.. Do I really need one?

    While waiting for a reasonably priced earth leakage clamp meter that will do both AC and DC leakage, I find myself asking the question which is the title of this post.And so tonight (been prompted by "Listers" Post) I thought "why not ask the forum? I have to date never not solved any faults to...
  15. L

    Intentional earth leakage

    Just thinking out loud. IEL (intentional earth leakage) is already having a significant impact on domestic socket circuit design. It's impact is going to continue to increase as virtually every apiance incorporates electronics. RCBO populated DB, s will become increasing necessary to cope with...
  16. E


    So after inspection and testing of a domestic property iv identified some remedial works one being the replacement of RCD s to A type from AC due to possibility of dc leakage blocking device from operating. My question is that on a shower priority unit the RCBO is also a AC type and I'm sure...
  17. S

    RCD earth leakage meter.

    Hi all, looking for recommendations for an earth leakage test meter for RCD work that doesnt cost a fortune. Thanks in advance.
  18. G

    Earth leakage circuit breaker

    From a brief bit of Internet research my understanding is earth leakage circuit breakers monitor voltage on the CPC rather than an inbalance in current between L &N as an RCD does. Is this correct?
  19. P

    Earth leakage problem with Karcher pressure washer

    Hi all. Talented amateur here, stage electrician at school 1971 - 74 and have done much DIY electrical work iover the years, including central heating systems. I worked for several years for the residential division of Honeywell Control Systems and wrote many installation and user instructions...
  20. spud1

    Can I measure the level DC 'leakage' current piggy backing on an AC supply?

    Hi ! Much talk of the use of type A, type B and Type F RCDs recently. As we know all are specified at varying levels to ignore the blinding effects of transient DC currents, that are being superimposed on our AC circuits by modern technology. But is there a means to measure the level of this...
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