1. G

    Leeds or surrounding area's electrician

    Hi all, Shot in the dark but I'm looking to try find an electrician in or around the Leeds area, I'm 54 yrs young lol and been studying from home on line to hopefully take exams this year, I've been self employed for 30yrs and always done various electrical work but had to pay a third party to...
  2. L

    Qualified Electrician looking for work in Leeds

    New to the site, Qualified Electrician looking for work in Leeds, happy to go for less money and be a improv electrician, don't know anyone and not really fancying the agency :)
  3. 2

    24-7 Electrical Services Leeds

    24-7 Electrical Services are a fully insured, NICEIC certified Leeds Electrician based in Morley,and serving the surrounding areas. Our work is fully certified and guaranteed and in line with IEE wiring regulations. Our staff are fully trained and experienced electricians with over 20 years of...
  4. B

    anyone know what this is found it in leeds

    its in Armly mills now will post more pictures if no one guesses
  5. Paul.M

    Leeds Vs Castleford Wembley

    Picked up my tickets yesterday, shirt ironed, car fueled up and WE ARE OFF TO WEMBLEY :willy_nilly: Should be a great game and maybe a modern day classic. Both teams will give it 100% just to have the bragging rights within our local area, Cas fans will be drowning their sorrows tonight though...
  6. dan86


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-27099905 hope any of our members in/around Leeds aren't being affected by this
  7. C

    Quality PV Installer Leeds

    Hope you dont mind me posting as a non-sparky! We are trying to source a supply and install of a 4kw PV system at our house in Pudsey, Leeds but are struggling to get anyone to reply to us (we think its because our house is not on google earth yet as a new build). Are there any members on here...
  8. N

    Quote and questions help pv installation

    Hi guys new here had rolec round tonight to give me a quote for a pv installation using 14 panels south facing,they get supplied from germany through solarworld,all in all after the calculations had been done the system should be around 3400kwH, i dont have the funds up front so looking at a...
  9. X

    installations in Tyne & Wear

    Hello, I'm looking for advice about pv installations in Tyne & wear, ie costs and decent installation company's,
  10. Test-Meter

    Work in Leeds area, West Yorkshire

    Hi Guys, I've got somebody interested in having some electrical work undertaken in Leeds if anyone is interested? British Gas have been out to do a check on a boiler and given the customer (land lady) some things that need checking: 1) Earth to Gas/Water (concrete ground floor) 2) Possible...
  11. I

    Can I do this to get on the FIT rate? Leeds Suppliers welcome to contact me.

    Right guys, Heres the story, Back ground :D I have a semi detached property, which will be getting a hip to gable end conversion. I am currently waiting afew different departments and the builders. I dont want to miss out on the FIT tarriff and want to know if I can do the following, What I...
  12. S

    25 yr Male Looking for an electrical apprenticeship in Harrogate/Leeds/York area

    Hello, Im Stuart Hubbert, I live in Harrogate and I've trained as a lightning protection test engineer for the past two years. Im now looking for a company to employ me as an apprentice so that I may become licensed electrician. I am starting college this September at Harrogate College on...
  13. W

    sparks in around leeds

    alright, any sparks in or around the leeds area that carry out periodics on weekends want hand? totally free not gunna cost u a penny, Ive got my 2391 in june and just want abit more hands on testing experience, its been a while since i did much testing, and want to sharpen up ready for the...
  14. J

    Skip hire leeds

    Hi guys, For those that live in the Leeds area, who's the cheapest skip company around. I've used BWS before but they are a bit expensive. Who do u guys use if you need a skip. We're gonna need a 20/40yd Thanks
  15. E

    Nice Pv Jobs

    We all love posting pictures of ugly jobs so i thought I would start apost for us installers to post some NICE pictures of installs on here. Here mine 15 x yingli panda 265w & sunny boy 3600TL !!!! keep em coming
  16. Archy Styrigg

    Leeds United...

    This of course would never happen at Elland Road... BBC Sport - Post-match brawl at Valley Parade
  17. Paul.M

    Leeds v Saints Grand Final

    Here we go again, 4th Super League grand final in 5 years (leeds won the last 3 times btw :)). Anyone got a prediction? I'll go for Rhinos 18-12. It will be a good game, I can't wait until kick off.
  18. Paul.M

    Wembley Wigan V Leeds

    Well Leeds rhino's some how won the semi final against Castleford (unlucky Cas, you were the better team imho) and we are off to Wembley to face Wigan in the challenge cup final. I know there are a few RL fans on here, are any of you going to the final on the 27th August? Since 1999 I've been to...
  19. T

    looking for job in leeds area

    Hi Everybody, I was wondering if anyone is looking for a qualified electrician. I have may 17th edition, C&G 2392 which is test and inspection, PAT test which is C&G 2377, ECS card plus part P and some other qualifications as well and I have done second fix about 8 month and I also have got my...
  20. S

    Thieving scum in Leeds.

    Hi all, Just a warning for anyone in the Leeds and surrounding areas. 2 vans i know of in my street in Morley were screwed last week. I know of someone who knows of another that got done in Tingley recently, and my mates was cleared out on Saturday night in Aberford. So keep your gear safe...