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  1. AlmondSauce

    Dodgy Legrand switches

    We seem to have a spate of Legrand light switches in our house that have failed in a rather "interesting" (read: dangerous) way - the plastic switch covers seem to get loose over time and then eventually just fall off, exposing the live contacts underneath: I've since gone through and...
  2. N

    Domestic Replacing a Legrand grid switch

    I have a bank of DP Legrand grid switches and one has become faulty. Is it easy to replace? Thanks.
  3. O

    6A RCBO for this Legrand?

    Hoping to save some time on this! Need a 6A RCBO to fit this Tenby / Legrand board - anyone know if they are readily available? Thanks
  4. H

    Legrand grid switch

    Evening chaps anybody know if you can get the legrand synergy grid switch marked with wine cooler ? Or it'll have to be a blank one. Cheers chaps
  5. eNigMar

    Anybody recognise this brand of switch?

    I didn't get a chance to take it off the wall to see if it's branded inside and only had half a second to get the photo. They were late to pick up the kids from school or something. I need to source another one. If no one recognises it I'll take it off the wall the next time I'm on site. I can...
  6. S

    How many watts can a 300w rated Legrand dimmer really handle?

    I've got some Legrand dimmer modues, 7354-46. They are rated at 300w but with the setup that I have I'd really like to use one of them on a circuit with a load of 420w. I've read before that MK dimmers can handle 200% of their rated load. Anyone know how much these Legrand dimmers can handle...
  7. P

    shower mcb question

    hi, just needed a bit of advice. ive bought a 10.5kw shower installed it with 10mm cable and a 45a pull cord. I cant seem to find a 45a legrand mcb anyway will it be okay to use a 50a legrand one? thanks paul
  8. N

    No RCD for bathroom

    Hi I have been asked to install downlights in a bathroom and have checked the CU which is split but must be 16th as all the sockets and immersion are RCD protected and all the lights separate smokes and the cooker are not . I have one spare way. Easy option is RCBO's for unprotected circuits. It...
  9. W

    Tenby double pole grid kitchen switches

    Hi does anyoneknow where I can purchase Tenby 20a dp switches - need at least 2 labelled as washing machine. Part No. 2023 DP, example taken from Barretts build circa 2004. Thanks Richard
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