1. N

    How are max circuit lengths calculated in table 7.1

    Something I'm not quite getting. In table 7.1(i) of onsite guide the max circuit length of (for example) a lighting circuit on 6 amps, with rcbo and wired in 1.5mm is 106 meters. Where does this 106 meters come from because if max volt drop allowed is only 3% for lighting, 106m works out to 8%...
  2. C

    underground ducting in short lengths

    Anyone know where I can get 32mm ID/37mm OD underground electric cable ducting from in shorter lengths, cheapest I found is amazon but everywhere seems to do minimum 50m, I only need 15m and rarely use it.
  3. Lip.82

    Some people just don't appreciate the lengths you go to

    Anyone else been in this situation, if so how did you handle it? Get called out to someone who has a living room light that isn't working. Turn up on time, put boot covers on, dust sheet down, I'm polite, the light fitting is class 1 (and also faulty) getting power to it but not working. The...
  4. C

    Telemecanique USED lighting trunking.

    Just removed the following from site , 19 x 2mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EA402 lighting trunking. 118 x 3mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EB403 lighting trunking 9 x Left hand Feed units Telemecanique KBA25AA4 105 x Telemecanique KBC 16CF21 Tap off boxes 36 x Telemecanique KBC16CF40...
  5. 2

    Conduit runs over 10 meters

    Hi, as my name says im just trying to do the project on my 2396, im looking into my options of cable management and on route i have stumbled across conduit rating factors p142 yellow osg (ive never worked with conduit) and the rating factors only go up to 10m, is this 10m maximum length or 10m...
  6. B

    Led rgb strip

    Hi, could be with some help please. I am looking to install led strip inside my ceiling coving. I need 13 and 11 meter lengths. I bought some off ebay but they came in 5 meter lengths and when I try to connect 2 lengths to 1 power adapter, the led strip just flickers as it seems there's not...
  7. M

    For Sale Underfloor Bus Bar trunking

    Ackerman / MK Underfloor Bus Bar trunking for sale 6 x 3.6m lengths 63 amp 18 X Tap off box assemblies Brand new never been used still in packaging. Over ordered from recent job.
  8. M

    QS nic assessment

    Dont know if I am using the right team of QS but basicly I am the chief inspection test electrician at the company I work for. I help and train two other electricians in the testing side of our work and I alone sort out the EICRs. Anyway running slightly off topic. Niciec assessment is coming...
  9. A

    Leftover Newlec Dado Trunking

    Hi I've just finished a big commercial refurb and have 15 lengths of Newlec 3 compartmental Dado trunking leftover. I've put it on eBay but would remove it for any sensible offers for local pickup in the slough area. Thanks Adam
  10. O

    Domestic Types of installation

    Does anybody out there recognise this type of installation. I have never come across anything like it before. I was doing some work on a flat yesterday that had a few problems. The incoming water pipe was not bonded and the earthing cable on the gas pipe was not attached. The installer had...
  11. D

    commercial time scale

    how long to make 3 trapeze brackets screw to wooden ceiling and fit 2 lengths four ince tray
  12. sythai

    32mm PVC conduit...?

    Think I may have used this years ago but not sure....? Anyone know if there is such a thing please? Probably be needing 4 lengths, few couplers and an angle box Got to run in a 10mm supply across an external wall but customer wont go for SWA ! Cant go inside either, ummmm. Next thing is...
  13. D

    12v blue led strip

    hi thier i want to make my own blue 12v led strip like this i want to be able to use it in my car and on the strip i would like about 36 led's i had a look on ebay for the leds and i have come across these PACK OF 50 ULTRA-BRIGHT 3mm BLUE LEDs 5000 MCD on eBay, also LEDs, Components Supplies...
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