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  1. sham

    Letter from CSCS is this just them trying to make money from us?

    Hello fellow sparks, I've received this letter last week. It is frustrating. Do I still need an CSCS card as I have an JIB gold card ? This seems to be them trying to keep their money cycle going.
  2. G

    Electrical mate job needed cover letter

    Hi , I'm seeking for advise. As I joined course of Electrical engineering at college recently and now I'm thinking of getting some experience as a electrical mate. Could somebody please tell me what they think of my cover letter any advice would be much appreciated. ELECTRICIANS...
  3. I

    Letter in Professional Electrician Magazine

    Read a letter about the failings of Part P in Professional Electrician magazine today. It was written by a "Pete" who uses an electrical forum and has over 50 years experience.... I wonder if it's who I think it is??? Anyway, a very well written letter, thank you Pete! :)
  4. Pete999

    N.Power and Smart Meters letter today

    Got a letter today from my energy supplier, saying that they are in the process of installing Smart meters to all of their Customers, and will be informing me within the next couple of weeks, when they will be coming to change my Meters over, question is can I refuse? Your thoughts and answer...
  5. Vortigern

    Calculate this. Just got this letter emailed to me...

    Errr I am going to contact the guy in the letter. This is not a new supply they have been supplying the place for 30 years to my knowledge. But do they really expect me to calculate the load on maybe 70 DBs and then apply diversity to 66 different businesses??? Bit of a tall order unless I am...
  6. S


    Hey guys Looking to go self employed in the near future and need to get a good cv in order. What do people look for on a CV? My english is terrible if I'm honest so could do with a good template to go off if any one knows any good ones? Thanks for the help guys
  7. P

    What to issue, a visual inspection?

    I was called to a job that had a dryer blow up and cause smoke damage to a launderette. Machie. Had failed due to age etc. To Keep it brief there was no visual damage whatsoever apart from the machine that has been scrapped anyway and taken before id even seen it. i did usual tests on switch...
  8. J

    Trades to Site - a Warning

    Just thought I would post a warning about this company, They are a facilities management company based in Oxfordshire and I got a call out of the blue from someone called Will Simmonds a couple of months ago. He wanted me to do a couple of jobs at an opticians in Bath, it actually fitted in with...
  9. N

    Passed my di niceic assesment

    Had my assesment this morning couldnt gone any better over the moon with it. Anyone know how long it will be before i recieve my registration no and when can i use the online notification? all he said was i would recieve a letter and email if its anything like when i paid untill i received the...
  10. M

    Part P For Solar?

    A friend of mine is starting up his own solar panel installation company. He has asked me to wire up the installs for him. I am not part P registered but am a time served maintenance electrician with 17th edition. I would like to get my part P in order to do this job and hopefully more. As I...
  11. E


    Hello, I had 3 phone calls from 3 different companies today trying to sell me Ad space in their monthly booklet highlighting the risk of rogue traders. They also told me that if I was to take out an Ad the would only refer me to anyone in my area as a competent electrician. Oh yeah, they also...
  12. rustynails

    no cpc customer wants metal fittings etc....

    This has been posted about a lot but I wanted to ask a really stupid question. I can only run 4mm single g/y to each metal fitting from the board which is dual rcd 30ma. I cannot touch the drops, stipulated by the landlord. Is it acceptable to issue a mwc for this, write a safety letter and...
  13. Murdoch

    Mandatory insurance - is this legal?

    Just had a letter from elecsa stating that the new notification system is about to be implemented AND that the notification fee is doubling which now includes the mandatory insurance. The letter is implying that the Government are mandating this change. Is is this for real. when I buy a...
  14. E

    Commercial Customer not paying, hanged up on me.

    Hi, everyone. If this is in wrong section, please move. I need advice on what I should do. Basically I installed a 4 core 25mm, 20 meters swa cable for a shop. The run was from a 3 phase supply to a single phase shop. The other 2 phases were being used for shops next door. As this...
  15. M

    Getty images my website - help!!!!!!!!

    Great - just got a letter from a company called Getty images saying I owe them £879 for one poxy small image that they claim to own that is on my website. They say going to take it to court. WTF? Is this a scam? Anyone else experienced this? :90:
  16. R

    Still waiting for niceic

    Happy new year everyone, just a quick question, iv been waiting for my assessment from niciec since september. just wanted to know how long it normally takes for them to send someone out, losing jobs because of it
  17. K

    Searching for apprenticeship by phone!

    So far I've rung 10 firms in the Surrey area asking "are you taking on any apprentices at the moment" and they've all said no. I'm 31. Should I continue?
  18. D

    Domestic My last job! retired now,

    Hi guys, as above retired now, But having problems with the customer trying to baffle me with science! witholding money on the pretext of what her DIY enthusiast boyfriend says, The installation is 16th Edition, He is quoting 17th Ed. and Bonding, etc, This is not about a lot of money,it is...
  19. L

    Customer won't pay.

    Hello, Can anyone suggest the best possible way of getting the money back off a customer who won't pay? It's a conservatory company we worked for installing all the power for it. It's been ongoing since February and I have took a very down to earth approach about claiming the money back.I...
  20. P

    Advice on an Introduction Letter to find more work.

    Hello every one Im greg. I have recently turned self-employed and am looking for some advice as to how to write an introduction letter to buisness/companys to try and gain more electrical work? What things do i need to include in the letter? Is it best to keep it plain and simply but to the...
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