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  1. John Matrix

    Public liability insurance? Do I need it?

    Hello lads. I’m just wondering if I need Public liability insurance if I’m subbing to companies or working for agencies? I’m getting some stupid quotes. Don’t really know what I need to include. thanks
  2. P

    UK Liability period in new builds

    Some clever Sparks will be able to tell me from experience, how long after the original install in a new build (NHBC) should I still be liable to replace any items (led light fittings, extractor fans, etc) without charging for replacements ?
  3. K

    Public liability insurance for mates?

    Hi all, I'm a newly qualified sparky and I'm starting to look for work through agencies. I have been asked for public liability insurance and I haven't been made aware of the need for me for having one. Do you need this kind of insurance if you are looking for Electrical Improver/Mate work and...
  4. R

    Public Liability Insurance

    I’m looking at getting my Public Liability sorted, whilst I wait to get a Mates job. Can anyone recommend a company please?
  5. W

    insurance public liability temp

    hello im a final year apprentice doing my portfolio.i do electrics for the council.I know a electrician who's doing alot of commercial work and my company has allowed me to go with him for the next few weeks as i asked for my portfolio.All i need is to be insured when i looked around its only...
  6. C

    Public liability insurance stories

    Hello chaps I am renewing my insurance and would like to know of any stories which ended well with regards to any claims... if so can tell me your insurer. touch wood none so far on my front but there will be a day, i am skeptical as £60 notes for 2 million i find very hard to believe if things...
  7. N

    insurance tax increase prompting money grab by money grabbing insurers

    yeah so the liability insurance went up, not by much, but i didnt expect it to go up at all given that i never claimed etc. My insurance only cover public liability and it also cover legal fee up to 100k. its £159 year Where do you get your insurance? and how much should insurance cost? Im...
  8. S

    What's needed for self certification

    hi guys hope some one on here can help me out in looking to be able to self certify my foreigners. I have my 2330 Nvq lvl3 17th edition 3rd amendment Is there anything else I need? Do I need to be registered with the nic? Do I need liability insurance? Been looking round on google but the...
  9. I

    Tax rebate on tools and testing equipment

    I've just got into the self employed/self assessment loop. I don't know which way is up after reading so much bumph. HMRC site just takes you round in circles. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I shall be using Cash basis tax format. So does anyone know :- what I can claim for, how much...
  10. L

    Public and Employee liability insurance and running a business from home. Help!

    Alright People, So I've been working for an installation company for the last 5 years and I've decided to go out on my own. I need some help setting up. I'm wondering who you guys use for your public and employee liability insurance, what extra cover you might have found appropriate and how...
  11. T

    check a trade is it worth it

    check a trade is it worth it? is it waste of 500 quid, do u have to bid on jobs or as you listed you get them, asgot person coming round next thursday to pressure sale to get us to join
  12. J

    Do I need to be ECA/NIC approved contractor to do work?

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone could possibly guide me on the right track. Ok, been in the trade for over 5 years now, got levels 2, 3, 2391, regs My own business is registered with Elecsa as domestic is my main work load. My old employer carried out work mainly on commercial and some...
  13. C

    Indemnity insurance

    Hi all I'm setting up on my own on the side of my current employment. I understand that public liability insurance is a must, but what about indemnity insurance? Is this a must or just wise to have? What does it actually cover you for? If anybody could give me any advice on this would be...
  14. N6rul

    liabilty insurance

    Hello, I want some advice regarding liability insurance. I went to NICEIC to register and they told me ill need insurance and they can sort it out. I stopped and thougbt ill get some advice if I may get it elsewhere cheaper. Please advise. Thanks.
  15. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi quite new to forum just wondered if anyone out there knows where i can get decent public liability insurance ( £2 mill + ) at a comprehensive price, many thanks
  16. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa public liability dilio!

    Hi everyone I was thinking of joining either elecsa or napit .... £372 and £472 first annual fee then roughly the same every year afterwards.but what is strange is the public liability thing with napit it roughly cost £175 per year where as with elecsa they say that all you have to do is sign...
  17. L


    Can anyone advise me i need to know what liability cover i need does liability cover me for designing installations like wiring methods etc Also do i need pro indem insurance for EICR's and how much do in need it for if doing domestic/commercial ? Thanks
  18. M

    New player in the Business Insurance Market

    I thought this would be of interest to all who are renewing their insurance in the next couple of months: The Post Office says it will guarantee to beat business insurance renewal quotes for self-employed electricians. The business insurance policy, which can be accessed from any one of over...
  19. B

    Part P, Domestic Installer Schem Provider.

    Hi i have been wondering who to join, can any one give me some advice. Advice on cost and every thing i will need to be compliant. Testers. Insurance. Books. ? ? ? ? ? My location is London, i travel to the Middlands quite a bit as well. Thanks for reading through the post, and for any useful...
  20. sythai

    Indemnity insurance...

    Just another one.... Seem to be carrying out quite a lot of PIR's lately and have read before that it advisable to have indemnity insurance for this ? Any thoughts/advice/prices please ? Surley though if I test/date/certify a installation then it is only as good as when i tested it on that...
  21. S

    Can i carry out a periodic inspection without 2391

    The title of this thread pretty much says it all. i was asked to carry out a periodic inspection of a commercial building. i have got my 2330 levels 2 & 3, as well as 17th edition, and am also part P registered. however im not sure weather these qualifications cover it, or you would have to have...
  22. R

    Self Assessment

    URGH well I have one more thing to ring them up about tomorrow but then my tax return for 09-10 is DONE! Thanks mainly to my brilliant missus who explained all the stuff I didn't understand (most of it) and also made me a sweet spreadsheet with macros and buttons and everything (which I PROMISE...
  23. P

    Help with building notices/reporting procedures

    Hello all, I've been asked by a neighbour friend to change a consumer unit and was going to do it on a building notice. Question is do I need insurance cover or are the LABC liable because I'll go down the proper route and declare the job and provide PIR EIC etc? Got 2391, 2330 all you need to...
  24. P

    pv liability insurance

  25. stef

    Cheap PI insurance

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a cheap PI insurance so that I can do PIRs. All the quotes (for 2m cover) I get are about £400 a year:eek: The quotes for liability insurance (2m) range from £60.- to £100.- Sometimes even with the same company. All the details are the same, why is there so much...
  26. stef

    Quote for PI insurance

    Hi guys, may I ask how much p.a. your paying for PI insurance? I have a quote for £440 which is a bit steep. :eek:
  27. S

    Do I need Indemnity insurance ?

    Hi All, If I start doing periodic inspections, will I need indemnity insurance ? Cheers Steve
  28. K

    What Insurance???

    Hi, I am starting up my own business and wanted to consult the oracle about what insurance I need. I know I need public liability but what else? What can I do to cover my income in case of sickness/ accident etc? Cheers for any info. K.:confused:
  29. D

    Professional indemnity insurance (NOT Public liability)

    Just wondering where you guys get your PI (Professional Indemnity) insurance from (NOT Public liability). I’ve had the same policy with AXA for years that covered both PI & PL this year they sent through a renewal for just Public Liability. When I rang and queried why I hadn’t received a renewal...
  30. W

    Insurances renewal - need a recommendation

    Afternoon all. My Public Liability and Indemnity insurances are up for renewal at the end of this month and as I'm looking for the best deal, can anyone recommend a good agent/company for a quote? Thanks
  31. S

    insurance at events

    Hi all, Ive been asked to be the site electrician at an annual in event in a public park, what additioanl insurance should i have? I have public liability to 2 million, the event itself has its own public liability insurance. Thank you
  32. tuckermot

    public liability insurance

    HI I am a new spark and would like to get public liability i am a sole trader can any one recomend a insurer ?? i am joining elecsa and i beleive they require 2million cover can any one help ?? i want policy to start next week any rough price ?? thanks Rich:)
  33. S


    Hi all, Is it required anywhere in Law to make available your public liability insurance to clients, or is it best practice to do so, Feel I want to get something out of it even if its just to show a client for peice of mind, any thoughts thanks.
  34. A

    Commercial certification

    Hi guys, Soon I will have to carry out the installation of two new ring circuits in commercial premises(restaurant), I am a JIB aproved electrician1&2,nvq3,2381/2, 2391, as this job is a privat job I wondering if: - for issue of an EIC, I need to be registered with i.e. NIC or ELECSA, - to...
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