light switch

  1. Marvo

    Light Switch Help Please

    I'm in the UK at the moment and I've already been roped into helping family out. I've got 3 light switches to replace and I'm hoping maybe someone might have something very similar in a junk box in their shed and might be willing to swap them for a couple of beer tokens. The switches are very...
  2. K

    2 Way Light Switch - Old to New wiring help

    Hi All I am trying to replace a 2 way light switch. The photo on the left is of the current light switch and the wiring. New switches look different and I don’t want to guess which wire goes where. Wondering if you can help? I would assume that COM (left with the red wire) should go to COM1 /...
  3. J

    replacing a dimmer light switch with a regular one

    Hello, I am trying to replace a non-working dimmer light switch with a regular single light switch. Did I do it right? I put the wires in the same place they were on the dimmer switch, but I don't know what the white wire is for. This is for a ceiling fan with a light kit. Blue switch on...
  4. 7029 dave

    Rearrangement of light switch

    Job that was on the to do list, got round to it the other day. Three gang switch with a few lights connected together in the same switch. Surveyed the job lucky all wiring went back to the switch LN in there too. Got double dry lined box 6 gang switch linked all commons up and gave SL to each...
  5. B

    Unusual light switch

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me with this unusual one-way light switch. I have changed light switches before as a DIYer but have never seen one with these markings. As you can see in the photos, there is no L1, COM etc, just 1, 2 & 4. Each number has two places for a wire. So, what goes...
  6. D

    Adding a new feed from a single light switch

    I have a single wall switch powering 1 light and I want to add a separate light and change to wall switch to a double to power them both separel;y, how do i do this please?
  7. A

    Weird Wiring, light switch, is this safe?

    Hi, I was ironing and lost power to the bedroom and bathroom. All outlets and lights. I checked the box and reset breakers still no power. I called out the guy who comes to do electrical "new home still under warranty " and he came in bedroom opened light switch, i took these pics. He did...
  8. Z

    Changing, single to double switch and adding a new light

    Hi, I have a single light switch, wired like this.. the 2 wires in com, with a always live wire coming to the switch, and then wire going out to the light. (earth is in choc block at switch and light fixture) I want to add a second switch like this Does this look ok? Thanks, Derek.
  9. J

    Increase clearance of light switch

    I have a rocker type light switch the sticks out bit too far and interferes with a drawer, as in the picture. The switch seems properly installed, and I don't want to move it and the drawers are in a built in unit in a walk-in closet. As I need only about 1/4 more clearance, I wondered whether...
  10. W

    2 way light switch wired incorrectly (by myself)

    Hi everyone I've moved into a flat and I've decided to replace the original electric switches and sockets with white ones. I've done them all however I'm having problems getting the last 2 switches to work correctly: There is a double light switch in the entrance hallway of my flat, the left...
  11. mattgriff88

    Changing light switch

    Hi I want to add a light to my attic. There is a single switch on the landing that I want to change to a double switch and then use it to still operate the landing light but also the new light in the attic. I can easily run a cable from the attic to this switch but I am a little confused on...
  12. K

    Light switch swap please help

    As you can see what I have is a right mess, IAM wanting to put a new switch on , but every thing I try either leaves one or two light not working. Any help would be appreciated
  13. vladfi

    UK Light Switch Screw Spacing

    I live in the UK and have a switch box that I'd like to replace, but it seems to have non-standard screws, closer to the center than what I can find online. I'd like to know what standard this is so I can search for the right thing. Thanks!
  14. Dave Babb

    Converting 2 way switch to 1 way light switch, but removing the master switch.

    Hi, I am looking to convert a 2 way light into just control by single switch. I have searched and looked for similar questions here, and found a perfect similar thread, even down to the reason for wanting to remove the switch due to using smart switches and automations. The thread is here...
  15. P

    2 Way Light Switch - Smart Relay - Wiring Question

    Hi folks, I’m new to the forum and it’s this issue that lead me here. So first things first. I was looking to wire in a Smart Relay at the rose of my hallway light. It’s got two switches. Now I thought I had “ok” knowledge when it came to wiring a socket / light switch / rose. However...
  16. Ricyteach

    Where to put unused neutral wire for light switch

    Howdy DIY soldiers, first post here. My question comes down to whether it would be particularly unsafe for me to temporarily wire nut and tape a neutral wire connected to an active knob and tube circuit and leave it in a wall behind a plastic box. I know that the "correct" answer per the NEC...
  17. P

    Light switch conundrum

    I threw away an old knackered light switch and now need to replace it. It had 4 terminals (L1, L2, L3, L4) and is fed by two blue and two red wires. It has a single rocker. I assume this is a 1 gang 3 way switch? If not what is it? Where can I get one?
  18. S

    Wanted - Vintage Mk Electric Light Switch 4 Gang

    Wanted - Vintage Mk Electric Light Switch 4 Gang 2 Way - need of 3 these longer type of switches - 3 or 4 gang would be ok
  19. Scott smit

    UK Looking for help - Trying to move a light switch but I think the cable I’ve bought is defective

    Looking for a little advise as I’m not sure what’s happening So I’m looking at moving a two way light switch probably about 100cm away from its current location as it’s obstructed So I bought PRYSMIAN 6243YH three core and bare earth wire When I wired the existing switch connections up to...
  20. A

    help - im stuck changing a light switch for my bathroom (with fan)

    hello all, pardon my ignorance in not employing an electrician, however, im a diy'er whos changing the light switches in my house and came across this unusual wiring for my downstairs loo. its a single light which has a fan which can be isolated as necessary. I ordered all the new chrome light...


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