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light switch

  1. L

    Changing light switch faceplate, confused!??

    I’m changing all my light switch and plus sockets to metal from plastic. I went to change the light switch in my daughters room and behind the old plastic faceplate there there 3 brown wires, one wired into L1 and then two wires going into COM, I’ve changed the faceplate to metal and put the L1...
  2. Doomed

    Bathroom light switch

    So we are refitting the bathroom and the wife does not want a pull cord anymore. The only contact IP rated switches I can find are low voltage or battery wireless ones that are suitable for a bathroom both of which may be fine for the moment, but I just dont fancy the long term possible faults...
  3. R

    hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light

    Afternoon i have changed hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light. i have wired first switch for hallway second switch is for landing which works both ways upstairs and down so both work as normal. so I have a third switch I would like to use as outside light but...
  4. N

    How do I wire this confusing light switch?

    So I had a malfunctioning single gang switch in my garage and opened up the box to find 3 wires: 1 black red earth - seems to be providing power 2 yellow blue red - which is the circuit for the garage switches 3 yellow blue red - which is somehow sending power to the upstairs bathroom Not come...
  5. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  6. ajmayers

    2 gang and 1 gang switch change help

    Hi In our hall we have an old 2 gang switch which controls the downstairs and upstairs lights. There is also a 2nd 1 gang switch upstairs which just controls the upstairs light. I am struggling to figure the wiring on the new switches, can anyone help which wire goes where on the new...
  7. B

    All three neutral wires needed for a smart single gang light switch?

    Hi all, I'm wiring one of those smart switches which is a single gang and I have three live wires (x2 com) (x1 L1) and three neutral wires that are currently in a block. The original switch just use live (com and L1). I've wired up the new switch with the live wires but I am trying to attach...
  8. N

    Need help with donestic outdoor light switch wiring

    Hello, I am new to this forum- is my first time posting so I'd like say hi to everyone. Im stuck with extending an outdoor socket, so I need help please. I currently have working duo ( socket and switch) outside my home. I want to extend it to a ne2 oitdoor socket few metres away I ha e...
  9. G

    Domestic Smart light switch showing voltage when off

    Hi - went to a client tonight to wire a two way lightwave smart master and slave switch. When connected as stated on instructions the light was permanently on and when the switch was actually pressed on the bulb flickered. When I checked voltage across the live and switch live terminals it...
  10. D

    Light switch problem one on one off ?? Help pls tia

    Not an electrician ! Have changed most lights in the house no problem changed hallway light recently but now when we switch it on bathroom and kids bedroom lights go off if they are on halway bit confusing as to why if anyone could help me thx downstairs hall has double switch for upstairs spots...
  11. M

    Domestic No Earth in light circuit

    Hi, I have an looking to replace some plastic surface switches and I have noticed that there is no earth wire. So I don't think I am going to be able to any metal fixings. What are my options. Just leave it as it is. Look to get the circuit re-wired. Thanks
  12. B

    Distance fire call point to light switch

    Hello, I need to add a switch for an outside light. The obvious place is near the back door but that is where the fire call point will go. Is there a minimum distance in any regualtions between the two? E.g. to prevent someone from accidentally pressing the call point while trying to press...
  13. A

    Installing light switch

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum category but I am looking for help with changing light switch facings. I have completed all the plugs which were easy and stumped on these haha. Thanks in advance.
  14. R

    Replacing 2 gang 2 switch light switch help

    Hi guys I'm trying to replace this light switch 1 with light switch 2. But the setup is totally differentas you can see and I can't work out what wire goes where. Any help? Light switch 1 has a dodgy button loose switch so needs replacing but I can't find a switch plate which matches the...
  15. G

    Replacing a motion sensor light switch with five terminals??

    Hi, hoping someone can help with this. I have a bathroom light switch that's a ceiling mounted motion sensor. It's malfunctioning so I bought a replacement, but I've hit a snag. The existing switch has five terminals, all of which have wires going into them (see photo): green&yellow, grey...
  16. Thomas Connolly

    Two way light switch and feed question

    Hi Chaps, Re: The picture.... Is the Brown Wire that goes in to L1 on the second faceplate a permanent live? If so, could I change the faceplate to a 2 gang and add a link from the L1 to the Comm to feed another lamp? Thanks, T
  17. C

    Domestic Alexa light switch, switch lights up but lights don't work

    Hi Folks, I have changed a light switch which connects to alexa and an app looking at the wiring diagram it all looks pretty straight forward and standard, When I opened the old switch this is what I had to work with, When I connected as I thought was correct the lights on the switch came...
  18. M

    Back box depth for LAP flat plate light switch

    Following great advice on here about wiring my ceiling light I've now moved onto replacing the plastic light switches. Does anyone know if a 16mm back box will be OK to accommodate this switch...
  19. M

    Customer complaining about getting a shock from light switch

    I was wiring a new kitchen for a customer and they commented on how they kept getting a shock from light switch and had been for the last 10 years since they bought house. The lighting is wired in twin (no earth ) so had to explain that all metallic switches and lights would have to be changed...
  20. D

    IP67 Push Switch to replace plastic outdoor light switch and bell

    Hi Guys, Please can I have some advice on IP67 switches. I would like to use outside to replace bulky plastic switch boxes available on the market. One will be used for a light switch and another for a door bell. I plan to use a stainless steel push switch mounted on the face of a small sealed...
  21. HonkersTim

    Help with replacing light switch please

    I was hoping to replace a 4-gang light switch with 2 Koogeek smart 2-gang switches. I removed the front of my existing light switch and discovered there are 7 wires coming into it and what google tells me might be a 'loop in switch'? o_O I drew a picture: The two new light switches have...
  22. P

    Confusing light switch connections

    I am replacing an old 2 gang switch with a new one (photo attached). I know this is going to be a very simple question to answer, but; There are no screw terminals that I can see and I am trying to work out how I connect wiring. I have never come across a switch like this before. Anybody help?
  23. J

    Light switch wiring question

    Hi. In regards to a 1way light switch that has a loop installed at the switch can I simply install a new switch and put the loop wires in l2 and the switch in l1?

    Testing RCBO at Light Switch

    Is it acceptable, using a two-wire RCBO tester, to test at a light switch using the phase and earth wires? If it is acceptable are there any disadvantages?
  25. Ben Webster

    Help please for my bathroom light switch

    My bathroom light switch has broken. It has two brown and two blue wires and an earth wire. I think it also operates the fan. I have found the brand switch online but not sure if this is correct one to buy? The current light switch is an intermediate switch. UK Electrical Supplies -...
  26. D

    Smart light switch no neutral

    I purchased a smart light switch an when i went to install it i noticed i didn't have a neutral at the switch so i couldn't use it. We have some smart light bulbs but the family keep using the switches and get annoyed at the whole setup hence why i purchased a smart light switch. Is there a...
  27. C

    Replacing a light switch

    Hello. I want to replace an 82mm x 82mm wall light switch, but have read that the ampage is important when choosing a replacement. On the old switch it says: BS3676. 250V. 10 AX. Volex 1000 series. Can you advise? Thanks
  28. P

    Domestic Creating Neutral in 2-Gang Switch from Conventional T&E Wiring

    Hello all, New to this site but have been doing DIY electrics for about a year now. I'm looking to upgrade the lighting in my living room to incorporate a smart, 2-gang dimmer switch, which requires Neutral. I know this is a problem that many people have posted and discussed online before and...
  29. MarkytheSparky10

    Domestic Dual switch to porch light switch seperation help please

    Porch & Stairs separation? So I got a dual light switch at the bottom of the stairs & a single light switch at the top of the stairs. Another switch in the porch, which is somehow connected to the stairs switch. bit confused on how to undo & redo this. The porch light sometimes cant be...
  30. L

    New guy looking for advice on installing smart light switch.

    Hello everybody, Just needed some expert advice on installing some smart light switches. As you can see from the images it looks like I have a neutral at the switch but where does the 2 wires going into 1 go and where does the wire going into L go on the smart light switch?
  31. T

    Domestic Intermediate Light Switch Wiring - L1, L2, L3, L4 vs. L1, L1, L2, L2

    Hi all, New to the forum. Been around a little while viewing and can usually find the answers I need, but not on this occasion. Currently have an intermediate switch on the top of the landing and after decorating have purchased a new switch, though the terminals are labelled different. Could...
  32. G

    Domestic Smart light switch installation

    hi im currently looking in to smart lights for my alexa to control. My flat is about 6 years old and my current swich is a double that has two browns and two blues going in to separate bits of the switch with 2 earth wires connected at the back of the box. Can anyone tell me if the blues will be...
  33. D

    Mystery light switch?????

    Hi, Ive joined the forum to get some advice/answers on a light switch I have in a new home I've bought. Its a 4 way switch in my kitchen/diner, the first switch operates the under unit kitchen lights, the second operates the ceiling lights in the kitchen end of the room, the third does nothing...
  34. M

    smart light switch replacement

    Hi, apologies in advance, you must get a tonne of these questions. I wanted to replace my current dimmer switch with a smart dimmer switch, kids cant reach light socket so thought it would be fun for them. current wiring in the dimmer is yellow to L1 and I have a blue wire with a brown sleeve...
  35. D

    Someone replaced a light switch with a timer..

    Bit of a first for me. Looking around a house to tidy up as a buy to let and couldn't find the light switch in one of the bedrooms. Some searching later revealed the previous owners had replaced the switch with an analogue timer o_O It was the front bedroom so best guess is they had it to give...
  36. A

    Neutral at light switch

    hi guys I’m thinking of future prodding my lighting circuit if I ever want to go for smart switches. I understand I’ll need a 35mm back box and I believe a neutral is required at the switch. I’m and running a new circuit in my house for it and would prefer to run the feeds in and out at the...
  37. N

    Help with wiring new light switch

    Hi I'm replacing my light switches with new ones, but am a bit confused on the wiring. The current switch has three terminals labelled 1, 2 and 3, but the new switch has Com, 1 way and 2 way. Is there a straight 1 to 1 match for the 3 terminals? The earth is currently connected to the back...
  38. Vayerr

    Domestic Need Help with Light Switch Change

    Hello, I need some help changing a straight forward light switch in a UK new build house. I have no experience or knowledge of electrics what so ever. I know there's live, neutral and earth/ground and that's it. With that said, please explain anything in most basic baby English so I can...
  39. J

    Domestic When did neutral at the light switch become standard practice?

    Hello all, I am in the process of buying a house built in 2002 and I am trying to find out when it became standard practice to run neutral to light switches. The reason being I may look at having smart switched installed and having this already in place would make the job so much simpler. Thanks
  40. H

    Domestic Smar Light Switch Question (Yet another one)

    Hey Guys, Been struggling with this for a while, so thought where better to ask than here? So the gist is, I have a 3 gang light switch at home that I'm looking to replace with a smart light switch. The switch consists of 1 gang to control the living room light (as well as another switch that...
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