light switch

  1. timhoward

    Creative light switch wiring

    I was working with a builder I know well today and he'd 2nd fixed some light switches. All of them were spot on until I came to the switch either end of the kitchen to control the downlights. My first reaction was "wrong switch - that's an intermediate - it won't work." He said "Oh - I got it...
  2. O

    DIY two gang light switch LED issue,

    I have an electrical problem. I've a two gang switch and have just replaced some old 70s lights. I've matched the wiring but has an issue. Switch two works and switches light two on and off. Switch one however only dimly lights the first light. I've no idea why. I've not touched the switch in...
  3. bluewhale

    DIY - Wiring extractor fan with no timer to light switch.

    Hi there. Recently our bathroom extractor fan broke, so I got a new one but I'm having difficulty wiring it (homeowner DIY guy here). So... there are 3 wires coming from bathroom wall: brown (Live) blue (Neutral) yellow/green (Ground). Previously, old extractor fan used all 3 of those wires...
  4. J

    UK smart light switch wiring question

    I purchased a no neutral smart switch to replace my current light switch, but I’m not sure if I’m able to wire it up safely... The existing switch has 3 wires: L1, COM and Earth. The new switch only seems to have 2 wire slots: L and L1. (photos attached) Am I able to safely wire up the new...
  5. B

    How to connect exhaust fan switch to bathroom light switch?

    Hi, how to connect the exhaust fan switch to the light switch? I have opened the exhaust fan before, there are: 2 permanent live wires 1 blue wire connected to neutral 1 black wire connected to switched live As I am new to electrical, can anyone advise me what can I do to connect the wires...
  6. S

    PIR Light Switch on LED Spot Lights

    Hi, I have a downstairs toilet with two spotlights. I have recently replaced the MR16s with two GU10 LEDs. This has meant that my PIR makes the lights flash repeatedly. I have another PIR in the utility which has 6 spotlights on (all GU10 LEDs) and this one works fine. I have tried swapping...
  7. D

    Light switch in toilet

    Been asked for a light switch to go in a small room with a toilet and no basin, there is a door but you have to go through the bathroom to get there, hence no basin. I’ve said I don’t think this is best and am trying to find other solutions but I’m not sure it’s actually against any regs...
  8. J

    Domestic Mains electric shock from plastic light switch - no fault found by electrician - what next?

    Hi all! This is my first post and I have registered to ask for some help with troubleshooting an electric shock I got from a plastic light switch outside a bathroom today. I turned the switch off with my left hand and got what felt like a mains electric shock through the switch into my left...
  9. P

    UK - Socket light switch combo

    New house has wall light wired into double socket nearby. Can I replace with socket/switch combo? If so I can only find cooker switch + socket combo - will this work.
  10. Anthony Deakin

    Single Gang Light Switch

    Hi all, I have a 1.5mm twin and earth cable. Fitting a loft light. I have connected the cable to the original lighting cable in the loft with no issues. I have looked at the single gang light switch and has L1 L2 L1 L2. So how do I connect the feed into the light switch and the cable again twin...
  11. Z

    Wiring for wireless light switch

    Hi, I need help wiring a new switch. The new switch has 2 black wires, a white wire and a ground wire. It's a wireless switch, btw. So I want my outside light to be on a wireless switch so I can time it on or turn it on when I'm not home. The existing switch are 2 switches, one that serves...
  12. saddleworthian

    DIY - help with a double light switch.

    We’ve just had plastering done in our living room. We told the plasterer we’d be replacing the light switch, so he removed it and now we just have wires. There are two twin and earth cables (brown, blue and earth). One cable is live, feeding the main light, the second is a piggy back circuit...
  13. M

    Domestic Can 12v ac be used through a light switch within 1 meter of a swimming pool.

    I need 6 switching light circuits to control 12V LED light in Zone 1 of a pool, the problem is that Zone 1 is as you open the door to the building. I been thinking about using a 230v to 12v transformer in the plant room to a grid switch near the pool. This could switch 12v to a 230v contactor...
  14. Jtg123

    Why do i have 3 red wires (one with brown tape)

    So I recently changed my light switch and thought it was OK but in the evening the lights started flickers and when I switched on one light it turned another one off in the bathroom so I presume I have done something wrong even though I though I matched it up in the same way as my old
  15. D

    Unknown Light Switch

    Hello. I know there are a ton of posts on this subject but I still can't figure it out... I have two three-pole light switches (one in the garage and one in the living room) that I can't figure out... When checked with a multimeter, they both show only 10volts... When checked with a circuit...
  16. I

    How do I rewire this old double light switch?

    I have a double light switch that controls the kitchen and the outside lights. I want to replace it with a new switch but the new switch looks very different to the old one. I tried to post photos but couldn't for some reason. Any able to help me - I can send phots if required.
  17. B

    2 gang light switch old to new

    Hi my old switch has L1 L2 but new is just 1&2 way so how do I wire the new from the old please.
  18. Z

    Help identify wires - Need help with a light switch install

    Hi, I want to install a smart light switch and when I took the cover off my existing light switch I was very confused by what I saw. New lights switch that I want to install: here is my existing lights switch. I see the white neutral wires in the back (not in use) but what do I do with the...
  19. D

    USA Installing New Wall Light Switch with 2 Black and 1 Red Wire?

    Trying to install new switch to turn on a ceiling light. There are 2 black, 1 red, and ground (bare copper) wire. How do I wire this to a single pole switch? Or do I need double/3-way switch? The switch should be the only one to on/off the ceiling light.
  20. D

    Adding a dimmer to light switch controlled by two circuits

    I have a light switch in the island in my kitchen which powers two chandeliers located above the island. In order to cut the power on/off for this light switch I must cut off two circuit breakers (numbers 25 and 29) located in the breaker box. Also controlled by breakers 25 & 29 is the front...