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  1. N

    Lightning Protection Certificate

    I would like to have sample of the lightning protection certificate. Please assist me. Regards Thanda
  2. Strima

    Lightning Strike

    Never stand next to a metal fence when there's a risk of lightning: Lightning kills 23 cows as disturbing footage captures aftermath - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7459711/Lightning-strike-kills-23-cows-instantly-bolt-struck-metal-fence.html
  3. E

    Lightning protection in Africa

    I have a problem with lighting protection in a charity in Zambia. The earthing is TT, i.e. earth pits or rods are provided for almost every building. I have measured the resistance of these and some are half to one ohm. But others are 100 ohm which is is dreadful and we are redigging these...
  4. mydigitalhome

    Lightning Protection Certificate

    Hello Guys, Hope you can help do any of you have a sample lightning protection certificate that you can send me? I'm working on a site away from home not back for a few weeks and need to refresh my memory on things I need to do. Just had the client make this request so was not prepared for it...
  5. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  6. V

    Lightning Protection

    I have a Liquid Nitrogen tank getting installed on site, its 16m high adjacent to a taller building and I'm providing the power to it. There are plenty of earth spike locations near it but, purely from observation other sites don't appear to have any means of protection so, how do I know if it...
  7. D

    Lightning r1r2 testing advice

    Hello all, I have replaced fuse board for nic eic assessment. Discovered few issues with current wiring (no bonding, supplementary bonding connected to socket earth, r1r2 0.01ohm.. .) but my question is for light testing do I need to measure r1r2 at light fitting (wall light) or switch is...
  8. I

    Hello from me and quick Lightning question

    I recently purchased a kinetic light switch with two buttons and two receivers like this one Kinetic Light Switch and Receiver Kit - Double | Kinetic Self-Powered Wireless Switches - https://wireless-switches.com/product/kinetic-light-switch-and-receiver-kit-double/ (if links are not...
  9. LeeH

    Lightning Protection.

    Does anybody know of a good read to basic lighting protection requirements? Anybody worked in the industry?
  10. Sintra

    Lightning Protection Guide

    Sintra submitted a new resource: Lightning Protection - Lightning Protection Read more about this resource...
  11. L

    DC fuse blowout

    I was asked earlier this week to look at a solar system on an office/warehouse that had stopped working (not my install). The strings all come into a Fronius DC box on the roof. When I opened it up it was pretty clear why the system had stopped producing: I'm looking for opinions on what may...
  12. bigspark17

    Commercial Hospital and large commercial earthing arrangements

    Just pondering why hospitals and large commercial sites have many many earth pits sited 1 or 2 meters away from outer walls on corners and on pillars.? Is it to do with lightning protection or are the earthing arrangements tns or tt for these installs.?
  13. L

    Earth Electrode Testing

    Hi, How to test an earth electrode resistance for Lightning Protection System in the middle of large concrete pad? I cannot not find a soft ground for spikes to drive in for testing. Is there any other ways of measuring the earth electrode resistance value? Thanks Laxi
  14. G

    Installation of Lightning Protection

    Hi, I own a top floor apartment in Swansea. The lightning conductor above the roof of the apartment block runs through a channel along the edge of the roof which is permanently flooded with rain water (except after long dry periods) to a depth of 25-75mm. This doesn't seem safe to me. I would be...
  15. C

    Phone line hit by lightning

    Customer phoned on Friday looking for a few jobs done, he says his BT line has been struck by lightning twice this year wiping out phones and routers etc. Is there anything can be done to protect his gear other than maybe one of those surge protection extension thingys??
  16. T

    Effect of Lightning Strikes on a Building

    Good evening guys, I have just had a call to go and have a look at a hotel tomorrow that was hit by lightning yesterday morning. All i know is that its a 2 story building and was hit and now has a hole in the roof and that there is no lightning protection system in place. They are worried that...
  17. K

    Lightning protection testing

    Hi all, was hoping someone could explain to me how I test/verify the lightning protection bonding. im generally a domestic electrician as I work for myself, and I've never come across a property with this type of bonding. I'm subcontracting to a local electrician and do all his testing for...
  18. D

    EICR in a church

    Well lads some advice if you please Looked for Quoting to do an EICR in a church with the following items from a PIR done 14 months ago. 1) Lightning conductor box on PIR cert was ✓ N/A. (It has a lightning conductor) my question is does the lightning conductor require connection to the MET...
  19. E

    PIR on a Church

    Hi guys and girls, Been asked to quote to carry out an inspection on a local church's electrical system, is there anything special to look out for? Haven't done anything on very old buildings, and would lightning protection come into it? Thanks in advance. Ed
  20. L

    testing of lightning protection system - advice please

    Hi all. Im an NIC registered self employed spark and Ive been asked by a contact of mine to test the lightning protection system at the local church. Ive researched this on the internet as Ive never done this and am I right in thinking you get an earthrod tester and test the system all...
  21. S

    Lightning Protection Testing

    Hi all, Hope this is inthe right section, I have been asked to quote for testing the lightning protection on a small sized building, i have read about testing across the joints and needing to get a certain reading etc but other than that im not sure what is required. Is it that difficult a...
  22. M

    800amp main switch

    hi,folks i need some help i have a 800amp main incomming over current switch with a bolt on earth leakage current relay,that seem to be tripping in bad weather ie when lightning is around,the site has 12 other sub boards none of which have the same device. my question is does anyone else think...
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