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  1. stuarth

    Time limit on getting the 18th edition update

    Having just done the 17th edition in January I am in no hurry to sit through the torture all over again to do the 18th, a friend of mine has mentioned on his assessment he has told up to two years before he has to get the 18th as long as he works to the new regulations from January 2019 can any...
  2. gnuuser

    docs orders limit to spark work!

    after latest visit to cardiologist they put me in for surgery and implanted an internal heart monitor, and i may have to have an ICD (Implanted Cardioversion defibrillator) doc said i can do some electrical work but absolutely no live work at all(even low voltage) and i am limited to what...
  3. LeeH

    Aid package for Marvo?...still not fixed the limit then!

    Full on social breakdown possible here as Cape Town runs out of water. Cape Town is warned it faces riots amid water crisis | Daily Mail Online - Looks grim, hope it rains cats and dogs soon.
  4. Dave Jenkins

    Is there a time limit for upgrading to 18th edition

    I'm recently retired, but still qualified and pick up some of the smaller jobs others won't do. When the 18th edition is inflicted on us, how long before I need to pack in completely because I'm not doing any more f#*****ING exams....
  5. littlespark

    Limit to number of devices on BT Homehub 6 (infinity2)?

    After a lot of t-ing and fro-ing, I got a replacement HH6 from BT as the original was disconnecting devices at random. I was asked on the phone once about how many devices, and when I listed them, they said that was the problem. As my wife and I both work from home, with 3 kids, I probably have...
  6. J

    Wiring an Alpha 100 cooker + central heating into S plan system

    Hi all, Thanks for having a look at my post and many thanks in advance for any help you might offer. Called to a customers house to sort out an overflow issue - this has resulted in an extensive re-plumbing of a very bad job.... however the wiring is equally as terrible and needs redoing...
  7. S

    pir in garage

    customer wants 3 fluorescents in a garage to work off both a p.i.r (when door opens) and a switch can this be done or can he only have 1 or the other (existing power already there and all good)
  8. M

    Industrial roller shutter door help

    Hi guys iv got a indutrial roller shutter door at work which will only go up about 2 meters and stops in the same position everytime when you push the up but it will not go any higher but can be lowered n re hightened to the same position and cuts out. Does anybody have an idea what this could...
  9. Z

    Domestic Roof Blind motor faulty?

    I have been asked to repair a faulty roof blind. I have checked mains to the transformer, DC from the transformer to the switch and DC from the switch to the motor. The switch meters correctly when disconnected, ie. when pressed one way the contacts in a line become short and the other way...
  10. I

    Roller Shutter Limit Switches

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram of a typical roller shutter limit switch config. My shutter is working but I would like to see what the switches are actually telling the board. I could get a ladder out and measure the voltage on the screws but a nice diagram would be better ;-)
  11. M

    pm not working

    Hi guys my private messaging ain't working is says error post count too low. But I have posted around 8 times already how many do I have to post before I can use pm thanks in advance
  12. S

    How long does DNO approval last for?

    It looks like one of my customers may be having an electricity supply installed. If we ask now we can have single phase that will take 10kwp which seems sensible. The cost of getting the supply is expensive and so there's only enough to pay for 4kwp after installation at the minute. If we get...
  13. La Poste

    Timer relay question

    Greetings. I have a question about timer relays. Basically what I want is a Din rail mounted timer relay that operates from a trigger pulse from a garage door limit switch. As the door travels up it hits the limit switch and from this the coil of the relay is energised and hence the relay...
  14. SolarCity

    CRC energy efficiency scheme

    Has anyone had any experience of this scheme and considered how it affects the PV industry? My understanding is that companies will have to pay £12 for every tonne of CO2 that they use. It seems to me that this is not a fat lot at all and largely insignificant if you were factor it in to...
  15. T

    DNOs and G83 limit

    Guys, can I ask you all to reply to this thread with details for each DNO that you have had dealings with and their approach regarding the G83 16A limit - plus any info if you have seen that this has changed over time. The ENA have confirmed that the correct value to use for the G83 limit is...
  16. i=p/u

    single phase and 3 phase most domestics its 230v and 100A main fuse. is there a limit on how many amps can be drawn when on 230v??????? could there be 500A drawn if cables are large enough Q2. as with 3phase 400v is there a limit on how many amps can be drawn??? maybe stupid question but just thinking , yas...
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