1. J

    IMMIGRATE (uk->nz)

    Hi there folks, names Jimmy, new to the forum. Am just after any advice anybody has or any contacts anybody has regarding resettlement in NZ from UK on the overhead distribution networks. My self and my family have discussed about immigrating to New Zealand for some time now and it’s time to...
  2. E

    Hooking two 120V hot lines in parallel?

    We are trying to use a 5000 watt generator to run a ULT cascade freezer in the event of a power outage utilizing an extension cord. The generator has two 5-20 duplex receptacles, rated at 2500 watts each, and one L14-30 receptacle rated at 5000 watts. The freezer runs at 120V/16A according to...
  3. N

    Advice please- changing from overhead lines to installer

    Due to a change in my circumstances I want to requalify as a domestic installer and don’t know if it’s worth paying to do a crammer course (installation and test, part p and 18th edition) in a hope to get a electricians mate or trainee electrician job so I can learn the ropes and get properly...
  4. V

    Wiring Advice - Multiple supply lines into fuse box

    All, Usually a bit more prudent with this stuff, however I find myself unable to wire up a fuse box controlling a light. I'm also fairly sure a motion sensor light on the landing outside my front door is contolled by this box. Photo attached. 3 supply cables from the wall and the wiring up to...
  5. E

    2 phases and neutral

    went to look at a job this evening and the supply into the building is 2 phase and neutral. They property is a shop ground floor and a flat on the first floor, one phase for each unit, my guess this is the reason for the two phases, but why not bring in all 3? I haven't come across this before
  6. R

    telephone problem

    ok if this is in the wrong place please move. trying to get 2 phones to work in tandem .but only 1 will.only have 1 socket in the house and running 2 lines out.1 is just for a telephone and the other has the internet out of it as well. now i presume it is something to do with the filters but if...
  7. C

    220v Amps vs 110v Amps

    hi I been trying to read online but I cant find what I want what I wanna know is I asked a few electricans but each one gives me different answers what I wanna know is at 30AMp 220v is that 15amps one line and 15amps on the 2nd line right? as then someone else told me 30amps at 220v...
  8. richy3333

    BGB - Strange lines in the book?

    Has anyone else noticed the strange vertical lines in their book? For example on page 164/165 in the right hand side there are various short vertical lines. These appear to lesser or greater extents on many other pages. Does anyone know what these are for?
  9. sythai

    10 pair phone BT cable.... help please

    Looking at possible job tomorrow and the architect I'm meeting mentioned that it may also need a 10 pair phone cable run in... New one for me, just a few questions please....: 1/Can you get this in SWA as it will be running underground? 2/If so is it the same to make off as a standard SWA...
  10. D

    FCUs as circuit protection for part of circuit

    I'm sure we've all come across these scenarios: 16A supply to garage from consumer unit to a socket and an FCU feeding the lights with a 5A BS1362 fuse. 32A ringmain extended to feed conservatory with FCU with 3A BS1362 fuse feeding garden/patio lighting. Central heating supply from...
  11. MarkRibbands

    Non-standard lighting cabling: single neutral plus multiple switch lines - is it OK?

    I’m upgrading some lighting circuits to a programmable ‘Futronix’ system (similar to Lutron). The 16 x 5A channels Futronix panel is fed from a single-phase 40A 30mA RCBO. It’s in a listed timber-frame building with very difficult cable runs. I need to transfer the switching of four lighting...
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