1. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  2. H

    Advice on pictures in the links

    Looking to buy a house and took some pictures of the electrics. They seem old so I am after some advice on if it needs a rewire. The last 2 pictures are of the additional installation of a downstairs shower room. Don't know which website allows the adding of photos. dig -
  3. G

    Honeywell Galazy LINKs question

    I have done some work for a security company . There is nobody at the office this week who can help me solve the following problem I am having, so I thought I would try this forum. I am trying to get a light to switch on only when it is dark (a light sensor is open) and a gate sensor is...
  4. kevyn

    Consumer Unit internal links

    Hi all, I am looking for somewhere that supplies internal consumer unit links, as my wholesalers say they cannot get them and I do not want to buy a whole consumer unit just for the links. I have thought about using meter tails but as the consumer unit I need them for is fairly busy they wont...
  5. S

    Red fuse carriers

    Enclosed is a picture of a mains incoming supply to a block of flats as you probably already know. Now ignoring the odvoius faults (no blank plates) i am assuming that the red fuse carriers should infact be replaced with actual fuses??!! Out of shot is the landlords dis. board of which i was...
  6. A

    Anyone know some info on this fuse?

    hi all can anyone help, I'm trying to fill in the 'characteristics of primary supply' box in on cert and need some more details. hopefully the picture will attach below, anywho so far i've got BS88 and 60A rating. any ideas on 'Type' and 'short circuit capacity'? I've tried dno and supplier...
  7. B

    Distribution board tails

    Hi all just a quick one may sound really stupid what is the name of the flexible meter tails inside a distribution board used to link busbar and main switch etc I need to purchase some in 6mm but can only find normal double insulated meter tails and was wondering what this cable is actually called?
  8. P

    DC ISOLATOR (faulty)

    Anyone had a DC isolator arc out on them? first time today switched on array and smoke poored out plus the conacts arching out big time!!!!all rated correctly replaced it and all was fine but (bit of a wake up call :) supplier said he supplied thousands and never had a prob so JUST ASKING out of...
  9. G

    Link leads in split load board

    Hi all. I have got a split load board but the link leads to feed the RCd are missing. Has anyone any views on using the blue and brown out of a 10mm twin and earth to do the links? The RCd it would be feeding is a 80amp RCd protecting a 32 amp, 16 amp and 6 amp mcb's
  10. T

    Industrial using metal trunking as earth

    Hello can anybody offer some advise. 3 phase lathe being moved in factory workshop . I have to extend 10mm singles in the trunking, upon investigation found the 10mm earthing conductor for the lathe has been taken from the metal trunking. I will probably rewire the earth back to the d.b. as...
  11. W

    Ring circuit problem

    hi can anyone give some advice on a problem with a ring circuit.when testing end to end everything fine,when testing r1 ,r2 everything fine,problem is with insulation test,live to neutral showing dead short.also if i disconnect all links i get a continuity reading on the sockets where i should...
  12. C

    Trunking copper links ?

    Are trunking copper links still a requirement on metal trunk joints in an industrial install? They used to come with the trunk but are now an optional extra. Anybody help ?
  13. S

    3 phase motor starting prob

    Hi just joined the forum,I am not too expierienced with motor installations hoping some one can help me out with what i hope is a minor problem.just connected 2 x 3 phase 15kw motors through star delta starters .first one works fine,second one starter contacters pull in fine and power goes...
  14. L

    connecting 415v 3 phase motor

    i have replaced a 415v 3 phase motor at work. The old one had 3 terminals in a line, each with one internal wire connected, and one terminal on other side with 3 internal wires connected. The new one has 6 terminals, each with one internal wire connected. It came with 3 bridging links which i...
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