1. Lou

    Helpful Forum Links For Americans

    We have got some other sections of the forum that I thought might be useful to you guys! They are for all countries but we have new tags that you can select before your title to mark it as USA. So please get involved all over the forum! Electrical Tools Electrical Engineering Lighting Forum...
  2. littlespark

    Back box spacers or links

    I know I’ve seen them before…. But I can’t think of a name. I’m needing a line of metal back boxes in a kitchen… 2 lots of 2x 2 gang and a 1 gang. I just want them to look evenly spaced. I could do it with a couple of brass bushes and a steel conduit coupling, but I’m sure I’ve seen a plastic...
  3. happysteve

    Links to The IET website stripped by fourm

    Noticed when I tried to put a link to the IET Electrical website (about an update/corrigendum to the Wiring Regs) that the forum strips/anonymises the URL. I can (sort of, reluctantly), understand the reasons for not wanting links to certain commercial/competing/spammy websites, but surely a...
  4. T

    Need reliable wireless repeaters or Powerline data links?

    Hi, We are installing electrical equipment into domestic houses. This equipment needs to be monitored 24/7 by an internet connection, back to our office. An ethernet port on the equipment allows this internet connection to be made. The equipment is not usually installed near the household...
  5. spud1

    Should internal links in consumer units be double insulated where TT earthing is present

    Hi, So I was reading the notes on regulation 531. (Page 156) today and noticed Note 1 that consideration should be given (Where TT earthing is present) to the manufacturer's internal line cable links on the supply side of an RCD being insulated AND sheathed! Does anyone know of any...
  6. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  7. H

    Advice on pictures in the links

    Looking to buy a house and took some pictures of the electrics. They seem old so I am after some advice on if it needs a rewire. The last 2 pictures are of the additional installation of a downstairs shower room. Don't know which website allows the adding of photos. dig -
  8. G

    Honeywell Galazy LINKs question

    I have done some work for a security company . There is nobody at the office this week who can help me solve the following problem I am having, so I thought I would try this forum. I am trying to get a light to switch on only when it is dark (a light sensor is open) and a gate sensor is...
  9. kevyn

    Consumer Unit internal links

    Hi all, I am looking for somewhere that supplies internal consumer unit links, as my wholesalers say they cannot get them and I do not want to buy a whole consumer unit just for the links. I have thought about using meter tails but as the consumer unit I need them for is fairly busy they wont...
  10. Dan

    Find An Electrician Links

    Some links from the homepage. Just need more people to add their businesses now.
  11. Dan

    ECA links up with CIBSE for major conference

    ‘Working Together for Resilient, Efficient and Healthy Buildings’ is the theme for the event Read the full news article
  12. C

    Links to products appearing in my recent post - why has this happened ?

    "Hello All", I noticed tonight that a couple of Links to products appeared in a message that I posted - How / Why would this be happening ? For example I wrote `28mm Diamond Core bit` and `bathroom Vent Axia` in a message earlier to Member gnselectrical about Diamond Core bits - this...
  13. J

    Can some give me some links for Part P Exams

    I have these exams to complete and stuck on finding information on them: ELTD3-01 - Health & Safety Legislation, Practices & Procedures - 35 Questions ELTD3-02 - Understand & Apply Environmental Legislation, Working Practices and the Principles of Environmental Technology - 35 Questions...
  14. S

    Red fuse carriers

    Enclosed is a picture of a mains incoming supply to a block of flats as you probably already know. Now ignoring the odvoius faults (no blank plates) i am assuming that the red fuse carriers should infact be replaced with actual fuses??!! Out of shot is the landlords dis. board of which i was...
  15. M

    Location of PME Links

    Hey pepes. I'm a bit new to Ryefield boards, so maybe an obvious one. While installing the Ryefield boards in the risers to feed the flats in a tower block (40 floors), we were told to remove the PME links from within the boards. Should there only be a link at the supply, as it is a PME system...
  16. danf1966

    useful links / books

    Hello every one, my first post. a bit slow I know but have been amused over the past year reading the many topical and sometimes very funny replies, albeit some very sarky ones aswell I will not mention any names!. I have been asked to install internet and sky to every room in a couple of one of...
  17. A

    Anyone know some info on this fuse?

    hi all can anyone help, I'm trying to fill in the 'characteristics of primary supply' box in on cert and need some more details. hopefully the picture will attach below, anywho so far i've got BS88 and 60A rating. any ideas on 'Type' and 'short circuit capacity'? I've tried dno and supplier...
  18. M

    SMA Sunnyboy Webconnect with TP Links

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have experience of successfully setting up Sunny Portal monitoring via SMA Web Connect and TP Links? We install mostly SMA & Solaredge inverters and like to give our customers monitoring capabilities where possible, for both the SMA and Solaredge we have had no problems...
  19. C

    Fault finding publications and links for Cat 5/6, alarm systems, telephone systems

    As the title suggests, can anyone recommend any publications or Internet links relating to elv systems. Most of my work is on large commercial systems and the company I subby to contract out for data/tv/alarm etc. I'd like to be able to learn as much as I can about these systems from recommended...
  20. B

    Distribution board tails

    Hi all just a quick one may sound really stupid what is the name of the flexible meter tails inside a distribution board used to link busbar and main switch etc I need to purchase some in 6mm but can only find normal double insulated meter tails and was wondering what this cable is actually called?


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