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  1. J

    advise needed on large rewire (smokes listed)

    start my largest rewire next monday -5bed over 4 stories 2 things I want to iron out before I start really.... 1) I have quoted for installing LD3 grade D fire in each hall/landing and heat in kitchen- but advised the client this likely may need to be a Grade A system and he needs to seek...
  2. D

    Thermodare Night Storage - asbestos?

    I am concerned that the attached night storage heater may contain asbestos, would anyone know 100% based on the attached picture of the model and serial number? I've checked the lists posted online and it looks like it isn't listed but it's a bit confusing as there are so many listed
  3. H

    Saccardo Motor Fault!

    hello, so basically the motor on my saccardo cut off saw has just stopped. how should i go ahead and diagnose such a motor? i have had a little fiddle with it taking the motor off the cut off saw. Connected it to power, when i press the trip switch it has on it, it makes a noise but dose not...
  4. B

    MCS NC - roofing advice please

    I would be grateful for some roofing advice. Just had my third MCS assessment after an 18 month gap and having got zero non-conformities on 3 technologies on previous assessments with two different inspectors have scored six NCs on this one with the third inspector. I showed him a PV...
  5. J

    Best deal found on Fluke 1652c

    Morning all, In case anyone is in the market for one, I found a good deal on the Fluke 1652C. £450 + VAT £550.80. Mine arrived this morning. Not old stock. Manufacturers calib was December. It's on the VFM website. It's listed as £590 on their main multifunction tester menu....but If you...
  6. S

    EICR on a church

    Hi guys got a EICR to do on a church, not done one on one before just wondering if there is any special regulations to consider Cheers David
  7. Y

    Buildings not requiring EPCs

    Effective yesterday (9/1/13) DCLG (Dept for Communities and Local Government), officially exempted a range of buildings from needing an EPC: Not sure if I can post a link - search for: "A guide to energy performance certificates for the construction, sale and let of dwellings", relevant bit is...
  8. S

    ECS Card (little confused)

    ECS Health & Safety – JIB CITB Electrical Installation Level A Full Scope 17th Edition C&G 2382-12. (Optional) Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations. C&G 2394. (Optional.) Qualifications stated by resettlement website, but when I go to the ECS card website none of...
  9. Top Cat

    VAT listed building

    A while back i had to do a job at a grade 2 listed building. The owner said the work was zero rated but could not show me the listed buildig zero rated certificate. To be safe i phoned the VAT office, after a bit of discussion she said get a coppy of cert and it would be ok to be zero rated if...
  10. I

    BS 3871 Type 2 30 A MCB (allowed installation method)

    hi guys after a little advice re a 30 A Type 2 BS 3871 MCB. Now i know they are old but still compliant , just checked the OSG p 49 Table 7.1 for maximum length and installation methods but there not listed. i have the maximum ZS of 0.88 from page 103 table 2d OSG where they are listed. can...
  11. R

    Bargain MFT1553 OnSite on ebay...

    It's not mine, but I've just seen an absolute bargain Megger MFT1553 with the Powersuite software on ebay - item 250781140611
  12. T


    Hi All Anyone ever seen a 33 page PIR, local shop asked to carry out some repairs after a PIR had been done, within a week of PIR the insurance company had increased the shops excess by £2500. The only code 1 was mcb on fan circuit fed by 1.00 cable was 15amp, that was on a urgent repair...
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