1. P

    Why are all the other cores becoming live??? (Video)

    Can someone please help me understand what the hell is going on here??? This 3c E was in flexi conduit and the same problem was happening as shown in the video. I have pulled it out to do it like this for testing purposes. I have tried with 3 different pieces of 3c E. all tested open between...
  2. L

    UK Exposed Live Wires Under Bedroom Floor?

    I was trying to fix a cold radiator when I came across some exposed cable and copper wire under the floor boards, a quick test with a voltage pen showed live. Not sure what kind of voltage they're putting out, wouldn't the RCD trip if they were dangerous? I covered the ends with electrical tape...
  3. J

    AC vs DC, live vs neutral

    Hi. I've read much about ac vs dc but can't find a 'simple' answer. If current alternates 50 times per second in a uk mains circuit, why do live and neutral not swap 50 time per second? On these forums, I've read that it does, so that copper does not migrate as it would in a dc circuit. I've...
  4. R

    most sockets show live neutral reverse

    just had a new meter fitted,tells me most sockets are faulty and not to use,all sockets apart from two show live neutral reverse. going to egypt for 2 weeks tomorrow,so can't get an electrician right now,must have been like this for years so assume it is still safe to use? any thoughts on the...
  5. A

    Live ground wire throughout the house

    I have a live ground throughout the house. Is this dangerous and what are the possible causes? Thank you for your time.
  6. E


    I have carried out home wiring for 60 years as a competent person, for the last 20 years, I employ a local electrician to check my work and sign it off. My new partner’s dimmer switch failed, the push button would not push, so I purchased a new unit. I turned off the MCB for First Floor Lights...
  7. B

    Fluke 1662 live testing

    Morning everyone I’ve recently bought a fluke 1662 as my megger 1741 broke on a site last week. Does the fluke have the same capability as the megger or do you just have to take the lead resistance off after the test ?
  8. Likelyhuff

    Trying to find live feed

    I’ve recently moved into house and had an electrician out to install some new lights and shaver point in an en-suite. Problem is that the house is 100 years old and has wiring all over the place (3 floors and 4 different consumer units). He was unable to find a live feed in the existing en-suite...
  9. A

    Electric shock off live steeltech shed!!

    Hello all, Looking for help here as I've come across a strange call-out today. Bare with me here: Got a call from a customer saying they had received an electric shock from their steeltech shed, not once but twice. To give a bit of a background, there are two sheds in their back garden. One...
  10. KelvinGaliny

    Can Live wire runs through the Neutral side of RCBO?

    So I had an inquiry to make an electric panel (single phase) with RCBO, but it seems like our customer uses type C and F power plug (I live in Indonesia). This plug doesn't have a guide to ensure the Neutral would always be in Neutral side & Live to always be in Live side. Can I still use RCBO...
  11. S

    Why did test lamps show 0V between live side and dead side?

    I removed a fuse and before reinserting did the following tests using test lamps. Live side - Neutral = 230V, Dead side - Neutral = 0V, Live side - Dead side = 0V. I then used a multimeter to check these results as I was expecting a potential difference of 230V between Supply side and dead side...
  12. K

    Terminating a live twin and earth inside a wall.

    Hi guys I'm looking for some advice. I have recently removed a wall socket that we no longer need, and have wrapped the individual Live, Earth and Neutral wires in electrician's insulating tape, and then wrapped the end of the whole cable in insulating tape, before cementing it back into the...
  13. KelvinGaliny

    Why live to ground voltage is only 0V (in a 220V AC power outlet, there is also electric shock)?

    Hello, my name is Kelvin. I'm a trainee hydraulic engineer in Indonesia. I apologize if this question has been answered before / if this question is too basic. So we have a problem with electric shock coming from an electric panel. This panel runs on 220V AC supply & is used to run an inverter...
  14. S

    Live & Neutral swapped on sockets?

    Hi Recently my son complained that he was getting shocks from his laptop when plugged into the mains in his room. I checked the socket and the others in his room and the wiring looked fine - red to live, black to neutral and firmly connected. I then used a plug-in Ring Main tester which...
  15. M

    Live incomer is earth cable wrapped in brown tape?

    Hi I wonder if anyone has any useful thoughts on this. Client wants me to redo consumer unit but doesn’t want disruption to fabric of building. I’ve attached pic - looks like original wiring was a 16mm earth to the live incomer . The meter box is >20m away. I guess cable is cable but 16mm...
  16. C

    Use neutral as switched live

    Hi: I have 5 lights in the ceiling in my living room. Currently all 5 go to a single box in the attic with some home automation dimmers in the box, and there is a single power in to that box. 6 wires to the box. I want to remove the 5 dimmers in the box, and replace with 5 lights switches in a...
  17. S

    Live or dead socket???

    How can you tell if 3 phase 5 pin plug is live and working or dead amd not working??
  18. S

    Smart Thermostat Recommendation - Live and Neutral Wires Only

    Good Evening Everyone Was looking to replace both my old Danfoss mechanical thermostats with a smart thermostat. Was wondering if anyone had recommendations for the following set-up (circuit is 240v). There are 2 solenoids, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and a thermostat each for...
  19. sythai

    ASHP - no switched live required ??

    Hi Guys.... Another ASHP coming up for us to hook up.... slowly getting my head round all the different variations of wiring them ! The next one is a full Bosch system 'compress 7000i.' Client seems to have paid for some helpful technical (Alto Energy) back up on this project for queries...


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