1. Pete999

    Living away from youre imediate family, and Mental health

    Just read an article regarding Mental Health and isolation, want to try living in a foreign location for 12 months first before you start whinging about solation and mental health. I must be a complete looney by now if that report is anything to go by, " SHUT UP TEL" 12 months on my own was soul...
  2. J

    Any New Yorkers living in Florida in need of a NY minded journeyman/Foreman?

    Any New Yorkers living in Florida need a New York minded journeyman/foreman?
  3. N

    Living in an RV, interested in solar panels and electric water heater

    Hello, I'm here to ask a few questions about how an electrician might do something. I might or might not learn to do things myself, depending on how much free time I have in the future. I'm living full time in an RV and reading a book about wiring from Lowe's Hardware. I just noticed this forum...
  4. J

    Living Room MCB breaker tripping

    Hi, The breaker for my living room has been tripping since Sunday. I have physically checked all the wiring in the sockets and they all seemed fine. I then checked them all with a socket tester and the read was fine. I have used all of the appliances on a different circuit and they are all...
  5. Gaz92552

    Returning to the UK

    Hi, I've been living in Australia for the past 5 years and have decided to return. I have 5 years experience in the uk before I come out here and have 2330 lvl 2 & 3, 2391,17th and NICEIC PV (expired after 5 years). Just want to know what's changed in the last 5 years? I notice a lot of talk...
  6. N

    Carbon Monoxide installation?

    Just after a bit of advice please. I need to install a carbon monoxide detector in a rented flat but not sure whether it needs 1 or 2. It's a small one bed flat with a kitchen and living room. The gas boiler is in a separate kitchen cupboard and there is a gas hob in the kitchen. There is also...
  7. Spoon

    Dating Beautiful Russians.

    Just spotted this on the forum. Yep shes good looking but her spine is buggered. No wonder she doesn't have a boyfriend. :)
  8. C

    Smoke Alarm in Porch

    Have a job to fit smoke alarms to 2 bed two storey house which is going to be rented out (Im in Scotland by the way). (Have tried to find some details for this online but failed!) Normally I would fit smoke alarm in downstairs hall, kitchen (Heat), living room and upstairs landing. This house...
  9. N

    So what did you do after work today

    Well what did you do after work , well after a day of chasing walls out in a room at 28degrees on the way home i popped to valley airfield and this is what i watched yep the red arrows did a display to about 100 people what an end to a hot and very dusty day one advantage of living so close to...
  10. V

    Domestic plug sockets

    Hello everyone new on here ,so be nice i have a large back outhouse at my property that was used back in the day for a coal bunker/toilet . this has all been removed now and made into a bedroom .the walls are solid and have all been plasterboarded . there are 2 x light switches but no...
  11. kingeri

    Domestic Joined circuits

    I'm currently working on some general improvements and fault rectifications on an unoccupied house, in my spare time. I've found that the living room ring and the kitchen radial are joined, so both remain live when one of the breakers is turned off. I've found the offending connection, problem...
  12. G

    Domestic Does a co2 meter work for me

    hi, i have been living side of the road , and i noticed that due to high traffic during the peak hours, my neighborhood is filled with pollution and then it stays for a longtime. the pollution created is causing high health problems like respiratory problems during nights and evenings and i was...
  13. L

    Pricing help required

    Hi, I have always worked for other people and have recently been asked by a builder to work direct for him. The job in question is a side single extension which is as follows: Small shower room leading into a small utility leading into a larger living area. Shower room is 4m long and 3m wide...
  14. S

    LED GU10s

    Hi All What are the better GU10 LED lamps to go for these days for normal living and kitchen areas? Thanks
  15. C

    Domestic Utility of 3 pin 2 Amp sockets

    Hello everyone, My flat has nine 13 Amp sockets in the combined dining and living room, and that number is more than enough to power all the devices I would need in that room. In addition, the dining and living rooms have halogen spotlights , and I also have a floor lamp in the living room...
  16. A

    Problem on job with bungalow

    Hi I have an issue at a bungalow im working at, there is a fault All the sockets are on a ring, when i plug something in the living room it trips the RCD plug it into any other sockets it dosent trip the RCD The board is MAIN SWITCH RCD Cheers
  17. F

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB card

    Can anyone tell me what type of JIB card you can get, if you have the following qualifications 236 level 2, 2330 level 2 & 3, 2382, 2391 and an ecs card, but no bloody nvq. Ta.
  18. C

    Domestic not getting 240v

    im a builder just finished refurbishing a house and had a call from the house owner saying hes only getting about 195 volts out of his living room sockets does anyone know why this could be?
  19. sythai

    PIR on pub....

    Hello chaps... Got a PIR on a pub coming up, in a right state !! Just want to make sure I've got this correct. It's recommended every 5 years for a commercial premises ? And part p will only apply to any domestic living quarters ? Anything else I should be aware of...? Many thanks, Sy
  20. M

    Domestic Extending Telephone cable

    Hi hopefully this is in the right place. I have been looking to extend the virgin phone line, from one end of our flat to the other. The main is in one of the bedrooms (office at time of installation) at the front of the house and I want it in the living room now. It looks like someone has...
  21. B

    have i blown my diimer switch

    hi everyone this is my first post and i have a serious problem with my lights i currently installed a 2 way dimmer switch in my living room the living room has 2 switches aswell 1 single in the living room that i put the dimmer switch on and another in the hallway that is a double gang with...
  22. L

    Requirement for domestic lighting only?

    What regs are there for a person to add/remove domestic lighting only ? New locations etc. cheers
  23. S

    Bad Workmanship?

    A neighbour of mine had a high level socket put in for a plasma tv a while back. He asked me to have a look at it the other day as it wasn't working. The problem was just a loose connection but whilst inspecting it I found out that the socket was a spur taken off the upstairs ring and this is in...
  24. S


    Hi everyone, I was emailed a job today, with a PIR attached. What I couldn't belive is that a ELECSA registed Electrician had written down as an observation. "INSUFFICIENT SOCKETS FOR MODERN DAY LIVING" Code 2 Any thoughts?? Andy
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