1. J

    Storage heater local timer

    I have 2 storage heaters in the flat I let out (in London). They are 3.5KW As far as I am aware there has never been a separate off peak supply for these heaters. Around 5 years ago the heaters were replaced and one timer was fitted to each heater in place of the switch - the model was Timeguard...
  2. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  3. C

    'local' pv manufacture?

    Hi all, I have a client who wants me to fit a pv system, but prefers panels made within the EU if possible. As it's a long time since I've done an installation I'm out of touch with recent progress in the industry, battery systems etc. I've been looking at some panels but very rarely do they...
  4. M

    Advice needed regarding part p and local authorities

    Hi all New here Looking for some advice! AM I JUST BEING THICK ? I’m fully qualified jib registered Electrician. Ive just done my part p with hopes of eventually going self employed But want to build up some work first as I’m still currently employed with a firm doing maintenance. From...
  5. C

    Those lovely fitting from local DIY store

    You know the ones,bolts attached to the back,fit the front,then fiddle with the dome nuts. Bottom entry,you don’t have achance &1.5 mm cables,I nearly smashed it to bits.
  6. rolyberkin

    Local wet pants company offering electrical services!

    :rage::rage::rage: So here I am perusing my favourite electrical forum and a local plumbing and heating company to me in Chelmsford comes up on a pop up advert offering their services for small electrical electrical jobs at a staggering £87.12 (inc vat per hour) for jobs from 1-4...
  7. S

    Providing a local earth to distant circuit

    Hi and thanks for reading and any helpful response. I need to wire up an 11kw sauna heater about 60m from the main fuse board in the house. I thought I could run live and neutral in 16 mm in 25mm conduit the 16mm allowing for voltage drop over such a long run. My main question is could I put in...
  8. J

    EICR - Anyone local to me?

    The time has now come to have an EICR on my property. I moved in two years ago and I have found some things which were obviously dangerous (e.g. bare live wires protruding from bathroom wall where a cabinet had been removed). I have fixed that problem (I used the cable to feed the Mira shower...
  9. rolyberkin

    Can you spot the issue with this consumer unit!?

    Fastest correct answer wins jack!:-)
  10. Dave Edwards

    How does exported PV power 'get past' the local supply Transformer?

    I was looking at how my electricity meter works with the PV panels I have, and specifically how the meter stops, and a little red light comes on solid when I'm exporting. I think I understand all of this, so I'm not looking for information about that, but when it is happening, when that red...
  11. Dave Edwards

    <Thread Deleted> How does exported PV power 'get past' the local supply Transformer?

    Thread Deleted (Sorry couldn't find another way of getting rid of it!)
  12. K

    Thinking of sending this to local sparks to get some hands on experience any thoughts

    Dear sir or madam I would like to offer my services on weekends on a voluntary basis to help with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment. I am currently working as a security engineer for an accredited company installing cctv, access control and fire alarms. The purpose of my...
  13. telectrix

    Met This Georgeous Female in Son's Local Pub.

    no kidding. she was all over me within 10 minutes of us getting in there.
  14. C

    Main isolation by local REC

    How come us electricians have to put in metal Db’s,they come along & put in a plastic isolater,for us to connect to.
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    British Gas Local Heroes

    I received an email today telling me about this 'scheme' from British Gas called local heroes, basically they advertise and customers ring up or contact them to get jobs done. The advantage is you are making use of the British Gas brand ( i know some of there service is down right poor mind)...
  16. Pete999

    Working with local engineers when working overseas

    I was working in Canada once and had to liaise / work with a local ADT chap, nice bloke but he was French Canadian, it was like working with Jean Claude Van Damn, thought he was going to kill me most of the time.:(:eek::oops:o_O
  17. Lou

    Websters Electrical Services

    Welcome to Websters Electrical Services Websters is an electrical services company based in the North East of England specialising in commercial, domestic and industrial jobs and contracts from the public and local authorities of the north east area. We are a dynamic, highly skilled...
  18. Lou

    M J Electrical Engineering

    Home As a well established family business, we take pride in our work and are pleased to offer a comprehensive electrical service. Large enough to undertake significant house build projects or shop/restaurant refits in the south-east and London, yet small enough to provide a flexible local...
  19. S

    24volt DC power supply for defibrillator

    Hi gents, I am after a bit of advice on sourcing a 24volt 70watt DC power supply for a public accessible defibrillator. Do you think either of these would be suitable; 1) http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/din-rail-panel-mount-power-supplies/0428445/ or 2)...
  20. C

    Code 2 or 3

    Hello guys I have an old 1960s flat i have carried out and EICR on, I have come across one issue i am unsure of: the consumer unit is located within the flat with the meter adjacent, the only point of isolation is the Ryefeild panel outside in the communal cupboard. Would the defect being no...
  21. C

    Getting additional labour / subbies for large jobs...

    Hi all, I have a some larger jobs coming up where 2 or 3 pairs of hand would be useful. For those of you who take on large intermittent contracts, how do you go about the extra labour provision? Local temp agencies have nothing on their books, and the national ones I have asked aren't cost...
  22. yellowvanman

    Shower isolator

    EICR observation - Electric shower does not have an isolator (pull cord or switch). Circuit can be isolated and locked off in the consumer unit which is in the nearby airing cupboard. (This is 1st floor flat). Is there a reg that says a shower should have a local isolator?
  23. H


    hi just wondering which brand of trunking do you guys generally use. would you say all trunking is the same? i usually get the stuff they have a tlc or screwfix and to be honest don't notice much difference (except tlc trunking is in 3m length whereas screwfix can be 2m) is there any trunking...
  24. C

    Abertillery Electricians

    Hello my name is Carl, I am a local electrician based in abertillery. My goal is to bring excellent service and top quality electrical work to all of my local residents
  25. T


    Hi, as you might not know I am looking to start a career change into becoming an electrician. I phoned a local college who said Level 2 part time 36-40 weeks 2x 3 hour classes at £1900 + vat I have also contacted a training place. 36 week 2 weekends on 2 off for £2995 all inc. they are...
  26. John Murphy

    Electrician Working Holiday in Malawi for Electrician

    We are small eco lodge on the shores of lake malawi. We have 3 large african style chalets a main house and a deck restaurant I would like an electrician to rewire the main house about 6 rooms and our deck kitchen and bar, give general advice and repair any minor faults. Work will consist of...
  27. L

    Where do people advertise etc.

    Hello guys, Just a quick one I was wondering where you guys advertise or more importantly get most of your from? A new guy here starting out with not many contacts just trying to get some ideas for getting some work through the door.. Thanks
  28. Andy C

    Wholesaler recommendation

    Which wholesaler do fellow forum users use? I am looking to start up again in the new year on a part time self employed basis and wondered which wholesaler had the best service. Also the ones to avoid please. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  29. Adie moore

    being mugged off by CEF

    £35.00 for 100M of 1mm t&e. and to make matters worse it's a real shite to strip. think it's time to find new wholesalers.
  30. GMES

    Staff Parties

    So have any of the bosses on here got the task of sorting anything out for their lads for an Xmas bash and if so what have you got planned. I've got three lads and upto now it looks like our bash is going to be: Paint balling in the morning Go Karting after Possibly finishing with the Bowling...
  31. Pete999

    Policing now and then

    Watched a documentary yesterday about Police Officers that had been murdered whilst on duty, and it got me thinking about the respect people have for their Constabulary. I know when I was a nipper back in the 1950s, most Youngsters were scared to death of the local Bobby, we had one around our...
  32. J

    Advice and experience.

    hi all. Main reason for this message is gain some help, advice etc and experience. Just finished an access course for a domestic electrician ( yes I know these intense courses are seen as not great, but being my age etc I was unable to go to college and my previous qualifications ruled me out...
  33. Dave301

    Smoke alarms withing a domestic property

    Ive been having a read in the electricians guide to the building regs with regards fire safety and a Grad D LD3 system, with regards the wiring of smoke and heat alarms it says on page 147 that alarms are required to: b) be permanently wired with an independent circuit to the dis board or...
  34. S

    Industrial Emergency Lighting

    Working on an EM lighting install in an existing warehouse premises which currently has none at all. The existing general lighting is a mix of FL and discharge lighting across 7 circuits. The EM lighting being fitted is a mix of Non maintained and maintained fittings. I have been told that...
  35. polo1

    EICR, opinions please...

    ....on a property rewired approx three years ago with no local isolation for the electric oven (using the cooker circuit) - Code 2 or 3? Regards.
  36. Lou

    Norwich Electrical Co. Ltd

    Norwich Electrical Co. Ltd was formed in 1993. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the largest electrical contracting firms in East Anglia with a vast amount of experience in the industry. We cover a wide range of electrical works from large mainstream commercial and industrial electrical...
  37. haptism

    Max distance of fcu from appliance

    Hi, is there a max distance an fcu can be from an appliance ? Im looking to fit a wall heater on a dedicated circuit; I know the fcu needs to be near to the heater for isolation and maintenance ? I cannot find anything to define "near", in Reg 537.3.2 at least. Anyone know ?
  38. O

    Business Skill Swap - SEO/Website for Electrical Help

    Hi, im just getting into this electrical game and have realised quite quickly that I will need some experience to go forward. I am wondering if anyone wants to help me out with some weekend jobs in Hastings in return for me building you a website and optimising it for google for your location...
  39. rolyberkin

    The Insurance Act 2015

    My brother in law made me aware of this act which is which is imminent and is currently being flagged to local local authority building control departments. In a nutshell you need to ensure that your insurance accurately describes and covers your business activities and risk. The article and...
  40. M

    testing codes

    Hi everybody, just wondering should i give a code C3 for a shower or bathroom fan having no local isolator.
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