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  1. K

    Remodeling location of dryer 4 prong outlet

    Relocated dryer vent. Old work 4 prong dryer outlet no longer attached to drywall. So I think I need to rewire dryer outlet to new work 4 prong receptacle. Any suggestions as to the location? I thought to attach a horizontal 2x4 under window and another horizontal 2x4 under the dryer vent...
  2. NellyManjaro

    Remote location Consumer unit

    I have recently been to a property and for love nor money couldnt find the consumer unit in the 1 bed flat. I eventually found out that it is in the cellar below the shop next door. Now my question is about the location of said unit. I have looked into it briefly and there doesn't seem to be...
  3. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's Heath-Robinson cable break location trick

    I mentioned on another thread about using a computer and VGA monitor as a kind of Heath-Robinson TDR setup to find a break in a run of cable. Here's the promised demo. The hacked VGA test cable has a pair of flying leads connected in parallel with the green channel coax: Connected to the...
  4. B

    UK Consumer board location next to a garage door

    Hi all I’m a self builder here looking for some technical details.... I’m fitting a consumer board next to my garage door and need to know if there is a minimum distance that the board needs to be fitted to the wall in relation to door opening???
  5. P

    Bathroom Extractor fan isolator location

    My client wants a wall fitted extractor fan for their bathroom. Normally i fit the isolator outside above the door but the client is against this. Is there any reason why it can not go above the fan at high level so zone 3. I can not find anything saying you can not but i can not find anything...
  6. M

    RCCB selection for 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters in horticultural location

    Hi There Trying to rectify a solar installation also containing a double socket in a horticultural location. Current setup does not have any RCD protection. Solar setup: 3 phase TNC-S supply - 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters - 50kW installation The problem I am having is selecting the...
  7. S

    Location of isolator switch - bathroom fan

    Just having a bathroom fan installed. It's an intelligent unit that runs continuously but thought it best to have an isolator switch. Have been told the isolator switch has to be outside the bathroom on the hall wall above the bathroom door. We would prefer to have it in the hall cupboard...
  8. C

    Domestic Consumer unit - new location

    Got a consumer unit which needs sticking on a sub main and moving due to current location meaning all the cables will need to go in the cavity and also it’s not most practical place presently. Moving it inside but can’t decide on best place for it, either just inside by street door in a...
  9. T

    Commercial DB location, client access to breakers

    What are your thoughts on letting customers access a fuseboard? I'm working for a company that rents out rooms by the hour for people to play musical instruments and they often trip the power. These are unmanned premises. I've been asked to place a fuseboard in the corridor with RCBOs for the...
  10. Automation ATO

    Introduce the time of your location

    Hey, gus, Good evening, 10:02 pm now in CA, Introduce the time of your location, Time is a very interesting thing. Also welcome to recommend interesting industrial forum.
  11. T

    Marine location specifically pontoon

    Been asked to look at a job on a pontoon. Haven't been there yet but I know it is a power supply to boat. Given there will be RCD per 709 I am wondering about the cable. There is a max movement of 1m. Any ideas as to the particular cable? H07RN-F I was thinking.
  12. A

    Socket location query

    I am looking to install a fused spur and double socket in a new place, but the new place is located on a wall which has the soil stack nicely boxed in. The question being is this acceptable???
  13. Leesparkykent

    Block of flats mains room location.

    I'm starting a block of 15 flats Wednesday, the building is being converted from an old care home. The original wooden staircase is staying in place throughout in the communal area. I've just received a revised set of drawings which shows the mains room mostly situated under the staircase...
  14. S

    Bonding required when alterations in special location

    hi guys Just a quick question as I’m being told I don’t have to Would I have to install bonding to water and gas services if I’m to install a fan in bathroom due to it being a special location
  15. Simong69

    Consumer Unit Query - Location Specifications

    Ive had a call from a customer who is in need of a CU upgrade - upon visitation and inspection i noticed that i couldn't gain access to the CU, this is due to the previous home owner having a new Gas boiler installed (im sorry i didnt take a picture, wish i had if now though) i could lift up the...
  16. D

    Location of Main Equipotential Bonding

    Evening All, Gone to look at a rewire of a flat. Communal cupboard is a 3 phase supply, with 3 cut outs for each of the flats one of which is split for the landlords CCU. TN-S system, each flat has an old KMF switch which in turn feeds a 16mm twin and earth cable, approx 1970's build. Main...
  17. S

    Shower Location Question

    Hi everybody, Will anybody be able to help me out with this question? Regarding locations containing a bath or shower, additional protection by RCDs to regulation 415.1.1 of the 17th edition regs states. The use of RCD with a current rating not exceeding 30 mA and an operating time not...
  18. Michaelwgroves

    Boiler Fused Connection Unit location

    I need to wire a new system boiler, the obvious place to put the supply is with the control unit which powers the boiler. But should the FCU be next to the boiler in the same way any isolation switch would be located close the load. This would still power control unit, but also need cable coming...
  19. Golden_Boy

    Can i assume NO PME at this location

    I noticed the link is not connected ??
  20. 7

    Special location - bathroom

    Quoting for new lights in bathroom along with adding extractor fan Reading into the regs, above 225cm is out of zone and therefore a swapout only requires minor cert. Fan motor will be in the loft with only the vent being in the location however out of zone. Am i right with the requirement to...
  21. D

    Conservatory Light FCU Switch Change of Location

    Hi all, I've looked at a job in a conservatory where there is a 3A FCU powering the light in the conservatory but the location of the FCU is as low down as a socket, under the window, making it difficult for the customer to reach down all the time. They want it moving to a standard height. Can...
  22. K

    Recommend ECS card exam location in London

    Hello, everyone. I am interesting where in London I can go to take ECS card exam. Please recommend me some place. Thank in advance.
  23. S

    Location of switches for fixed kitchen appliances.

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what reg's there are now, that dictate the requirements for, and the positions of, switching for fixed kitchen appliances? For example --- Is it now acceptable or prohibited -- according to the latest reg's --, to fit the cooker switch, the hob switch, and the...
  24. I

    Loft light - Boiler location - Building Regs

    Hi all, Can anyone point me in the direction of Building Regs reference for the requirement for a loft light when a boiler is installed in the loft. We have recently carried out a rewire and the plumber moved a boiler from the garage of the property (that has been converted by a builder) into...
  25. C

    Socket in airing cupboard

    Im currently doing a EICR report they have a socket in a airing cuoboard which used a to have a shower pump plugged now has the vacuum.charging. the distance from the bath is well within zone 2 but is in a seperate cupboard what C classification would you give this?
  26. Dan

    Update: Member Map Added - Find where our members are from!!

    User Map - You can get to this page by clicking the "Members" link in the main orange navigation bar.
  27. P


    I'm on a job that the previous sparks made a hash of and I'm sorting everything out and finishing the rewire. The client wants to put a sauna in next year and he requires a supply for it. Does anyone have any recommendations as to suppliers or know what size load I am best accounting for the...
  28. Dan

    EICR - Special Location Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Special Location Sheet - Editable Special Location Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  29. C

    Cable Fault Location Business

    Hi All I am hoping for some advice. I have saved up enough money to purchase a cable fault location machine and was hoping to start my own little business. Can anyone tell me whether this would be a good business opportunity? Is there a demand for such a service in the UK? Is there a lot of...
  30. VoltzElectrical

    Megger 1553

    I already read the thread on this but the answers didn't help. I need to get my !553 apart and have taken the 4 screws out. The unit will start to part but there appears to be something holding the two halves together at the top. Does anybody know how to open one of these up? I spoke to Megger...
  31. D

    Bathroom RCD's

    Installing a fan for a bathroom the other day resulted in an interesting discussion with the client,who is a now frail but mentally intact long retired sparky. I had fitted an RCD FCU at the DB to the associated lighting circuit to cover the only bathroom circuit,as there were no RCDs present or...
  32. 0

    Outdoor socket notifiable

    Sorry to go over old ground but just need clarification. I have extended the ring main in a kitchen and customer now wants an outdoor socket. Is this now notifiable? I believe not as ammended rules state notifiable for new DB, new circuit, work in special location? Thanks.
  33. driverman

    Eicr forms filling out

    Hi Guys. I'm not into EICR inspections on a regular basis so bear with me please. When filling out the schedule of circuits details top left hand box. Location of DB, is that the DB that is actually under test? Next box, Distribution board designation, is that for the next DB if in fact there is...
  34. 123

    Underfloor heating stat locations

    Been asked to look at an underfloor heating system which isn't working the best. It's only installed on the ground floor of the property, and has four zones. Is there any rule of thumb with regards the location of the stats - location and heights? Parts of the zones are open plan as well...
  35. J

    Wiring Aerials, BT/Internet and Alarms!

    Hi, I am a newly qualified electrician and I have just wired a 5 bedroom house. The clients had originally booked someone else to run the alarm cable (from the spur I installed), the BT outlets and the aerial coaxials. This has now changed and I have been asked to quote to additionally do this...
  36. J

    Commercial work based portfolio

    I have recently passed my 2330 level 3 and am working on my work based portfolio, I am finding this difficult as I am not yet working full time as an electrician, I am doing some work for other electricians in the halifax are (west yorkshire) which is where i live but this seems to be mainly...
  37. G

    EICR Code for wet room light

    Hi just carried out an EICR prior to a consumer unit change. The customer has a wet room with a normal baton type accessorie. The ceiling height is more than 2.25 mtrs but the shower head is less than 1.2 meters from the light in a straight line. There is no rcd at the minute but will be once...
  38. V

    Android app for live solar cell simulation and solar energy distribution on site

    We have just published SolarMeter app on Google Play, that simulates solar cell behavior based on your GPS location while moving your android device arounda and also makes calculation for the annual energy distribution at your location, based on panel orientation and tilt. So you basically can...
  39. A

    Hot tub for disabled adult - queries on zoning and ratings.

    I am being asked too install a local fuseboard within an outbuilding containing a hot tub, the proposed location for the fuseboard is about 1.4 metres from the edge of the hot tub and about 2 metres off the ground. Does this need any sort of enclosure surrounding it or is IPx4 sufficient enough...
  40. T

    Domestic 16th Edition Paperwork

    Hi Guys and Gals. Have been passed some 16th edition minor certs for an installation in feb 2008. 2 of these are for installs in a kitchen. one for the cooker and one for sockets. Question 1. Was a Minor adequate for a special location in the 16th? Question 2. What was the requirement for...
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