loft/garage conversions

  1. ionionascu

    UK Is an SPD required for a loft conversion?

    Hi. We live in an older house and we are doing a loft conversion. We do not have an SPD on the connection to the grid and the builder's electricians insist that we must have one, otherwise he can't sign the certificate, but he doesn't want to give me a reason. We have a few consumer units under...
  2. F

    Burned out loft wiring and overload?

    I could use some help and advice for this setup in a new house. No clue about electrics.. just want to identify if this is safe or a bodge job (I didn't do it). The loft has been converted and has the wiring as follows... It's at the end of wire, which I believe is called a 'spur'. Wire up from...
  3. JK-Electrical

    Pro Electrician Glasgow Renfrewshire Electricians -JK Electrical

    JK Electrical - Glasgow and surrounding areas I offer a friendly, reliable and professional service to customers in the Greater Glasgow area. SJIB approved electrician with 40 years experience. New builds, extensions, loft/garage conversions, sockets, lighting, security lighting, consumer unit...
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