1. M

    Sewing machine query - capacitor requirements

    Hi guys. Any advice greatly appreciated, please. I have a 1970 Bernina sewing machine. It works a treat, but has just popped loudly and emitted a puff of smoke. I gather that the motor suppressor/capacitor gives up the ghost on these old machines as a regular thing. Sadly, Bernina don’t...
  2. M

    Brand new washing machine tripping circuit

    Help please, we've had a brand new Bosch washing machine delivered twice now and both times it's tripping the circuit as soon as it starts the cycle (not when it's initially turned on). The old machine never had a similar problem. We've tried other appliances in the socket and it works. Using...
  3. P

    La Rocca coffee machine help

    A friend of mine got a 2nd hand coffee machine (OK, probably 3rd or 4th...) for use in a charity cafe and it has problems. First problem is no manual or any other useful information! The power cable is 4 core brown, black, blue, green & yellow so it looks as if intended for two of a 3-phase...
  4. J

    Washing Machine in bathroom?

    Hello everyone, I would like to put a washing machine in a cabinet in the bathroom, and run it's power cord through the wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and plug the washing machine into an electrical socket in the bedroom. Would this be permitted? If not, any suggestions?
  5. J

    Washing machine help

    Hj our washing machine tripped out electrics the other day. Everytime we switched it in the electrics cut out. We noticed a larger bend in the water pipe so straightened the fault remained for 1 day but now the machine is working fine . Any ideas why this happened please ? I still have a...
  6. T

    How to successfully rewire a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine?

    Hello hive mind, I have recently purchased a Rancilio Silvia coffee machine that has the Euro union ‘GICAR Energy Saver’ module (titled CPU in the diagram) in it. This means that the machine shuts down after 30 min of inactivity. I’m wondering if you lovely people might be able to give me...
  7. D

    Three phase circuit breaker - Utilising only one phase

    I have a scenario where there is a three phase DB in a commercial property where there are mixture of three phase and single phase washing machines. All the washing machines including those that are single phase have triple pole MCBs installed and wired in 5-core to 16A rotary isolator. from...
  8. R

    Conduit Bending Machine

    I’m looking to buy a Conduit Bender. Does this come with everything:
  9. C

    Help with a tripping washing machine

    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble diagnosing a fault on a customers downstairs socket ring, which only ever trips when the washing machine is used. The fuse board is an MEM Memera 2000 the downstairs ring is on a 32A 60898 MCB, protected by a 61008 RCD 100A 30mA there are 2 other circuits on the same...
  10. AminAmin

    Washing machine Wf106

    Hello, don't worry, I have a Samsung WF106 washing machine. It shuts off during operation and the motor rotates correctly at first, but it stops working in the middle and the time passes. The time returns from 28 to 32. The washing board gets very hot and makes a buzzing sound. The voltage is 4...
  11. Y

    watt monitor for a 20 amp machine

    I looking for a way to monitor the power usage of a 20 amp machine. i would love if there was something simple , just plugin device.i guess i need something stronger then an item designed for a lamp. any ideas? thanks guys i found on amazon Poniie PN2500 Professional NEMA 5-15 for $49.99 would...
  12. D

    Machine Safety Circuit: Fuse Integration Query

    Hello Everyone, I have a technical question that I hope someone can help clarify. We're currently facing an odd issue with a machine equipped with a safety relay and interlocks. The interlocks have been failing, seemingly due to an unstable or 'dirty' power supply. While the ideal solution...
  13. B

    wiring a toggle switch into homemade arcade machine?

    Hi guys I have a homemade arcade machine that houses a PC that I currently switch on from the mains - this is connected to an internal smart extension with the master socket conncted to a PC. Thus the PC controls the power to the lights/monitor/amp etc. (there is a secondary on/off switch...
  14. T

    Little League Baseball Pitching Machine Access

    Hi there...seeking some advice on an issue for our local little league. I run the facilities... (NOTE: I will not be performing the work here, the licensed electricians from the city will) We have pitching machines. I want to limit access to them. Locking doors and power boxes doesn't work...
  15. F

    ISE 10 washing machine doesn't finish cycle

    My 9 year old ISE 10 W256W (ASKO WM70.1) stops at 4 minutes from the end on the Everday-wash cycle. I've drained it with the tube (not much came out) and checked the drain pump is clear. The stop/start and open door buttons don't work. Turning it off and on it changes it to 12 minutes and it...
  16. anujbhargav

    Delta HMI write error in Biscuit Dropping Machine : showing com 3 station 3

    Delta HMI write error in Biscuit Dropping Machine : showing com 3 station 3
  17. W

    Best labelling machine for electricians

    Whats the best labeller to get for general labelling, plus I really want one that you can print the circuit label strip off for a consumer unit, as I usually hand write them, but my handwriting is s@*t and the stickers that come with the boards are always missing one or two I need which is so...
  18. F

    Convert washing machine isolation switch into a plug?

    Hi there, I have two isolation switches above a kitchen workcounter. They currently turn off the power to a pair of unswitched sockets which are hidden in a cupboard. They were previously used for a integrated washing machine and tumble drier we had plugged in, which we removed. As the plug is...
  19. G

    Adapting a 3 phase industrial machine to single phase

    Hello, I am hoping this is in the correct forum. To start, I acquired a film processing machine that runs on 3 phase. Now before getting the machine I fully understood it's power requirements and the cost of getting 3 phase installed at my house. I figured as processors are mostly a few...
  20. C

    Burnt Washing machine plug and wall socket

    Hello My dear old mother tried to clean the tiles in our utility room by using a damp rag and I think some water may have dripped into our plug socket which is connected to the washing machine. She removed the washing machine plug whilst she was cleaning the tiles and plugged it in afterwards...


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