1. Y

    UFH controlled by Home Assistant/Virtual Machine

    Hi all, It's our second winter in our new house and have been getting used to the electric underfloor heating. Still fixing some wiring issues (conductors/layouts) thanks to Marconi's help. Last winter we just used our log stove and A/C units in the bedrooms and it was not warm enough. Hard...
  2. C

    Washing Machine Pressure Switch

    Hi Guys Can anyone advise which way around the pressure switch should be wired. See the two photos, the oval switch is the existing one but I'm not sure how they should fit on the new switch? Thanks for any help Clive 1588607297
  3. D

    2 Washing Machine & 2 Tumble Dryers

    Hi all I would like your opinion on the set up my landlord is presenting me before he gets (his own) electrician in. we will be moving in soon and in the utility room we will be taking 2 tumble dryers and 2 washing machines. (At the moment in our current house we can only use a max of 2...
  4. L

    radial circuit to power washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

    Now chaps, Will a radial circuit on a 20amp rcbo be enough to power a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and fridge freezer? At the moment the radial has a 2 gang to power 2 appliances and a 1 gang to power fridge freezer, possibility of spuring of this circuit to power an extra appliance...
  5. J

    Washing machine parts nr need for AWG 5122

    Hi Im looking for bearing partss number for Whirpool AWG 5122
  6. D

    Draw a start/stop/retain relay control circuit for a 3 phase drill machine

    Hey, I'm just wonder if I can get some feedback on this drawing that I've made? any feedback will be very appreciated thanks in advance.
  7. F

    ISE 10 W256W (ASKO WM70.1) washing machine won't turn on

    Can anybody please offer any guidance with the following problem. The power button doesn't work but when turned off at the socket, left a few seconds and turned back on, the lights briefly come on. The history so far is here.
  8. E

    380v Machine in the UK

    Hi there, I have purchased a machine from Europe. It is 380v. Our usual electrician is unsure how to install and whether we need a transformer. Can anyone help? If we do need a transformer can someone please point me in the right direction as, so far, layman's googling has failed me. Thank you...
  9. R

    UK Three Phase wired machine ohms law calculation

    I have a machine which is wired as 3 phase neutral and earth and is 15.1KW, there are no 415v components and all components are 230v, so effectively it is using 3 single phase circuits, however I have always carried out the circuit breaker calculation based on the 415V potential, I.E> 15120W...
  10. FatAlan

    The question is...are Wagos usable after at trip through the washing machine?

    As title. Based on wagos recovered from my washing machine. :)
  11. S

    Shock from unplugged sewing machine lead

    Two of us have had a shock from a lead that had been disconnected from a Singer sewing machine several hours earlier. The machine is fairly new and not been heavily used. The shock was definitely stronger than just static. My concern particularly is that this is a machine being used with...
  12. J

    Running Coffee Machine off Generator

    Hi I run a mobile coffee hut and have just bought a new coffee machine and new 7.5 KW Generator. The coffee machine is on 13 amp plug but requires 32 amp feed. I used it on weekend on 16 amp feed off Genny. My question is can I connect machine direct to Genny (ie not through hits fuse box) and...
  13. M

    Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine - Lid Lock Issue

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone could take an educated guess as to the source of the issue. My suspicion is that the switch/contact that registers a closed lid is faulty, or perhaps the controller circuit has failed somehow. But I have zero experience with washing machines, so my opinion counts for...
  14. Jamie'

    Label Machine thoughts

    just wondering what are people’s recommendation on labelling machines? I’ve been looking at the following from screwfix: Aside from that one they jump to £80 and then to £170
  15. B

    2-way 13a block plug for dishwasher and washing machine

    I'm sure its been asked a thousand times but I can't seem to find it. Just moved into new house and plan on installing a compact dishwasher. Unfortunately there is only one socket available which currently has the washing machine plugged in. How awful would it be to plug a 2-way 13A block plug...
  16. M

    Washing Machine and Dishwasher turning off and on when both switched on at the same time

    I have a Dishwasher and Washing Machine (both several years old) both plugged into a 4 way gang. They are on a 16Amp RCD with other appliances also on the same circuit. When both are turned on at about the same time, about 5 mins after turning on they will both turn off completely, as if they...
  17. ElectroChem

    Machine wiring standards

    Hoping some of you industrial gentlemen can help me with an enquiry. My company (based in Sydney, Australia) has been asked to design and build the electrical controls for a CNC machine destined for European customers. The programming is being handled by our client, we're just building it. If...
  18. A

    Commercial industrial washing machine

    Hi Guys, we are a charity and we have have been donated a washing machine it is a industrial washer. In our premises we have both 3 phase and single phase. the machine can work on both phases, with some adjustments. this machine has been converted to single phase. was working perfectly...
  19. sibbits

    machine wiring help ..............

    im trying to add an emergency stop to this machine i am thinkin break between terminal 2 on the crabtree starter to drop the coil out ... can someone confirm please?
  20. S

    Washing machine trip the breaker.

    When my washing machine (7 year old ) was running yesterday it trip the breaker ( that one ,first on the left , RCD i guess?!) and no power in home. We reset the trip and the same happened twice more (took me a ittle while to realise it was the washing machine!). The socket is OK, and I presume...
  21. C

    Interesting fault on machine.

    Had an interesting fault today. Don’t know if any of you like working out problems, but anyway. A traveling saw, Lenze servo controlled travel, Servo speed is controlled by encoder. Saw blade is controlled by VFD. Problem: Servo travels to over travel limit very jerkily when turned on & saw...
  22. J

    Extension of Washing Machine Power Cable

    Our new washing machine came with a power cable that is not long enough to reach the power socket which has been installed under the kitchen sink (that's where it was when we first moved in.) I called Indesit and they told me they come like that because regulations state that the power socket...
  23. SteUK

    Washing machine and dishwasher on same double socket - solution?

    Hi, Currently having to plug swap when wanting to use the either appliance (for safety as they both draw appox 10amp each). Looking for advice on what to ask a sparky to fit. Can I ask for a single socket to be spurred off the current double socket, and plug one of the appliances into that...
  24. A

    Washing machine off boiler circuit?

    Bonjour I'm a level 3 apprentice at the moment and have a side job to fit a double socket for a washing machine, only power is off a fuse spur supplying a gas boiler, which is also protected by a 13a, is this okay?
  25. S

    Learn AC current and voltage by every electric machine or electronic circuit you know

    I want to learn how AC works and I have no idea what I should use as an AC source since I never used one.I only know of inverters but that's not really helping me in understanding RLC circuits....Are AC sources real?Are they batteries?I'm new in this and I can't think of a device or something...
  26. T

    Recommendations for PAT machine anyone?

    Hi just wondering if anyone on here uses a PAT tester and feel any particular brand or particular PAT tester is better than any other? I use a Seaward Primetest 50 at the moment.
  27. F

    Washing Machine broken wire.

    Hi. I'd be grateful if anyone can offer me some friendly advice please. My washer stopped spinning and I discovered the fault to be a broken wire on the motor connector block on the washer side connector. Here's a picture. I took the motor out a while ago and cut the tiewrap that secured...
  28. 2

    Glass washing machine 3 phase 63a per phase

    good evening, just looked at a job where a glass washing machine is to be installed in a factory. 3 phase crabree board already there. plenty of spare ways and only load on the ccu is power and lighting and alarm system. job request from customer, need a commando socket adjacent to drain to...
  29. A

    Washing machine blowing electrics

    Hello Useless female here.... I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but I have a quick question I'm hoping an expert can help me with! My washing machine keeps blowing the electrics, I've managed to empty it of the clothes but drum is full of water. Does this mean I have a faulty washing...
  30. littlespark

    Hotpoint washing machine with a couple of issues

    Fairly new washing machine with 2 problems. 1. When starting up a new wash, the motor turns the drum slightly. Repeats a few times, then runs as normal. Some form of starter on the motor failing? 2. The washing comes out after the program still wet. There's no puddles on the floor under the...
  31. Electron

    Washing machine and dryer supply

    A washing machine (Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF 641 P) and a tumble dryer (Candy GCC 590NB-80), which are well used in a hair salon, have a problem that the RCD regularly trips. The machines are plugged into a double socket which is supplied as a spur through 1.5mm flex cable in mini trunking...
  32. M

    Hit a brick wall with resetting Bosch Washing machine classixx 1200 express. After changing brushes.

    hi, I qualified as a sparks in 2008 and after doing many maintenance contracts mainly with the NHS, I only have time to do private jobs and my own. It’s currentely my own that I’m in a tiswas with. I just changed my brushes on my Bosch machine WAE 24162uk/08. They were worn right down to the...
  33. Olwen Horrigan

    Domestic I can smell burning electrics when I turn my Ionic Cleanse Machine on, powers up fine & beeps

    Hi everyone, A newbie here requiring advice .... here goes. I have an Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine as my Lymphatic Systems gets blocked up. First time I used it I had NO problems with it but his time when I flick on the power switch it's lights up and beeps as it should but then I can smell...
  34. C

    Electrician co2 laser cutter machine/engraver

    hi I'm in need of a little advice, I bought a k40 laser cutter/engraver machine, it has come from china on the machine it has a fixture for grounding the case/machine, its power supply is the normal 3 pin plug, do I still need to ground it?, if so I'm on the second floor, any advice as to what I...
  35. M

    Best copper stripping machine.

    Hi looking for a copper stripping machine (motorized) but open to manual ideas, any ideas whats the best one please. for domestic house hold cable.
  36. S

    Advice Needed - CNC Machine Tripping

    As you know I have been out of the "game" for a while so not up to speed with current regs, work practices, testing etc etc as the last test I did was clipping the leads to the apprentices ears and winding up the Megger, I can't remember the reading as the screaming made me loose concentration...
  37. Lucien Nunes

    A week on the tools - including a nice little job with a puzzle for you

    Well it's not often that I get to do a solid week of electrical work these days. Most of my time is office/lab/workshop based, in the field it's mostly electronics. But last week I did Monday to Saturday, six days and two nights, about 100 hours of non-stop-sparking. The main job saw the core...
  38. dlt27

    Grain loading machine wiring

    Please could someone help! When in manual this grain loading machine works if start button is held in. Ie when start button is released hold in contact not keeping contactor held in. I am only your basic everyday spark so could do with some advice if possible. Also could someone explain what a...
  39. A

    Espresso Machine with Neutral Switching?

    Hi, I recently purchased an espresso machine that the previous owner said he couldnt remember how to wire after taking it apart for cleaning. So after a few days of not finding much relevant information on the machine or the control board, I spent the next few looking at datasheets and visual...
  40. DPG

    UPS spec - help required.

    Morning all, and happy Friday! I've been asked my advice on what UPS would be suitable to run an ICT machine (ICT=In Circuit Test, it's machine that tests electronic PCB assemblies). Now it is fed from a standard 3 phase supply, but I am confused a little by the rating plate - I've attached a...
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