1. W

    Queries on main bonding

    Just want to know everyone’s approach to testing bonding within houses. I do a lot of EICRs, and I would say more times than not I can never get access to the water bond as the stopcock isn’t accessible. Now in this instance what I’ve been taught since my times been out is to test at any exposed...
  2. Therey4u3

    My main pump is not turning in despite hearing the timer go off.

    Im sure it’s the wiring so what can I do to fix it myself the cheapest way possible.
  3. A

    Want to ad sub panel to outside house main disconnect panel

    m new here and want to learn. I have a project I want to tackle but if it is above my means I will call an electrician. I have a main disconnect panel on the outside of my house. I want to add from it a sub panel to feed my pool and shed and also an outlet. I did some searching but still not...
  4. J

    Main MCBs replacing incommer switches

    In this Youtube vid it shows an electrical CU on the French/Italian border. One comment says it was done to Italians ways. One comment say it is normal to have 30A supplies, as was this. They install 30A DP MCBs as the main incommer switch, so as not to blow the main fuse. Sounds a good idea...
  5. F

    Main Protective Bonding

    Evening all, Recently started working for a company carrying out electrical installations - I've found a job today that didn't have any bonding to the incoming water or gas supplies and both were in metal so do require bonding. Spoke with my boss to explain and said that I was popping out to...
  6. H

    Adding New Meter/Main Combo in front of existing Main.

    Looking for some assistance here as I have received different bids from different electricians. We live in Florida and have a Generator for emergency use, but have no way to power the house save for an extension cord currently. We are also remodeling our kitchen and are wanting to upgrade our...

    Main Switch twitch......

    Hi all. Is there any good reason why you shouldn't use an rcd as a main switch in a domestic installation thats tns/ tncs ?
  8. G

    Main fuse re-locating from house to garage, what cable to take supply back into house

    Firstly, just to re-assure professionals here, all tie-in and testing on this project will be undertaken by a qualified electrician. This post is just to improve my understanding. We are preparing to have solar and wind power generation facilities at our home and the first phase of this is to...
  9. gm1984

    UK 16a oven on 20a fused spur from Kitchen ring main

    Hi, I've just bought a new built-in 3.4kw oven = 14.8A @ 230v. I'm getting 245v so actually 13.8A. Existing oven plugs into single socket fed from 20A DP switched fused spur. Ring is small (3 double sockets) with 4 x 20A DP switched fused spur single sockets (oven, washer/dryer, dishwasher...
  10. Y

    Need to update main line through house.

    I have a new combo meter box and 200A main shut off installed outside professionally. It has 4/0 service line coming into it and I have confirmation from the electric company that I am good for 200A service supplied to the house. Previously, there had been no main shut off. The new...
  11. R

    Can I run a 50 amp subpanel directly from main metered panel

    1990s home. 100 amp main feed. Nevada. 15 years mechanical experience on cars + motorcycles. Previous electric exp: I ran the other 50 amp 4-wire setup directly from the interior subpanel. Now I was told by an electrician when I was shopping around to get the above job done, and a 30 amp plug...
  12. teneke

    UK Main breaker keeps tripping, any ideas welcomed

    Hi all, I really hope this is the correct place in the forum. tldr; Oven and boiler take turns to trip the breaker, but I don't think it's either of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically the main breaker keeps tripping in the house I'm renting. We've been living here for...
  13. J

    Uneven voltage on legs at main panel - troubleshooting?

    I have two main panels each 150amp breaker. House was built in 83 and lived here for 6 years no issues. About 6 months ago we had a power surge and our main ac fail (hard short) and tripped the breaker. Had the unit replaced but it seems since then we have had issues with lights diming and...
  14. txsmed

    Crouse-Hinds LW020PR Rainproof+ 200 amp main lug. Will it accept tandem 20 amp breakers?

    I need to free up space for a 50 amp breaker by combining 2 20 amp into a single tandom breaker. I can not find any information on this model number. Will this lug accept tandem breakers.
  15. E

    call out to ring main fault

    Called out to rental property i carried out an EICR on in March; this year to look at loss of power. Narrowed it down to the down stairs ring main, done end to ends and ring in tact, insulation resistance failed, dropped every socket and inspected the wiring and socket fronts which 2 i had to...
  16. The apprentice

    300 mA RCD main switch agricultural (tripping)

    Hi there thank-you for taking the time to read this! I have a 300mA Rcd in a grain shed on a farm now every time I try reset it won’t stay on there are 3 phases that go into the main switch And it isolates all 3 bar the neutral so when wen everything is turned off mcb rcbo in the board it...
  17. C

    Main earth bonding protective conductors

    EICR recently done, Swa sub mains armouring used for cpc & MEBPC. Installed 40 years ago, water/gas/structural bonding required, these are @ 10mm Tncs earthing system @ origin which is remote from buildings 120mm tails. The sub mains vary in sizes from 25mm to 50mm….what’s your thinking on...
  18. K

    Main electrical supply cable asbestos or other outer insulation?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what material the main supply cable is wrapped with (I believe this cable is owned by the DNO). My concern is whether it is Asbestos? The below photo of the cable taken just below my cut out shows the unpainted section facing the wall to be very fibrous. Also, another...
  19. T

    SWA Sub Main advice/comments

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice and confirmation on my proposed plans for a SWA sub main to a ISO metal storage container. I've calculated the max demand in the ISO will be about 20A (300w of led lighting and 2 double sockets for chargers etc) It will be fed from a 3ph DB in another...
  20. A

    Just removing the sheath on a ring main cable in a 3 terminal junction box.

    Over the years as a DIY-er I've used the old brown 30A circular junction boxes to add spurs to ring mains. I like them as they are strong, secure and visible. I've ALWAYS followed the rules on domestic electricity . Until earlier this year I've been able to check with a cousin who's a...