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  1. M

    Mains isolation

    we have a mains supply 400A from a switch room which is fed from a switch fuse to a old Bill red spot board which is approx 80M away,we are removing the fuse board and installing a bus bar chamber in its place,do we need to install another switch fuse isolator below the bus bar chamber or is the...
  2. J

    Sub mains

    Hi all, I’m about to pull a sub main to supply an annex 16mm SWA, my question is how to do use the earth as a 63amp fused isolator switch only takes a Line and Neutral? or if anyone has any tips or know of a bit of kit that can help? Cheers
  3. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  4. S

    110V mains into 240v rated inlet

    Hi all, I have a charger that is fitted with a 240v rated 2p+E male inlet and a matching 240v rated female plug. However it is connected to a charger that is rated for 110V as it will be operated in the US. Is there an issue (if any) with supplying 110v Ac mains paired with the 240v rated plug...
  5. K

    Connect plugged bar/pub light to mains

    hi guys Before to having my conservatory I had an external security light, which was turned on and off by a light switch in the kitchen (light switch still present and wired in). When my conservatory was built the external connection was covered by a blanking box as the external wall became...
  6. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius 900 WM61 keeps tripping out the mains can anyone help?

    I just put a wash into my machine 'Hotpoint Aquarius 900 WM61. It started OK then tripped the mains switch. I've checked the fuse in the plug that works.. I'm at a loss as there's a wash inside it with water. I'm just wondering what would be the best course of action? I've not had problems with...
  7. M

    Blew The Fuse Connecting NEST to Mains

    Hello. Hopefully someone can help. My underfloor heating died recently (due to the heating mesh rather than the wiring) and I can't fix it without lifting the floor in the bathroom. So I have a useless control panel on the wall that I no longer can use and wanted to mount my Nest there...
  8. R

    Mains or Low voltage garden lighting?

    Hi I am currently remodelling my garden and going to be installing some decking lights, spike lights and up/down lights on my fence. I just wondered what were peoples opinions on using either 12v or mains powered lights Was looking at switching it using the quinetic wireless switch Could...
  9. M

    Connecting mains to armoured

    Hi I currently have a normal mains cable from the house to the shed where a consumer unit is used to connect the shed and a 3 core armoured cable runs from there to the workshop and a second consumer unit. I need to move the shed. The armoured cable wont reach the house. How can I connect the...
  10. Devil7

    Sub mains / distribution circuits

    Hi all, new here, just looking for a few pointers. I'm not doing this, just keeping my brain active in these weird times with things i've not learnt yet. How do you calculate cables etc for a single phase sub main (to a garage for instance) - is it the same as a cooker? Ib> In> etc etc?? TIA
  11. Steve888

    Loss of mains without tripping any switch

    Hello Early in the morning I lost the mains without any signs of tripping. The mains fuses was OK The 100A switch was OK All RCBO ok The loads in the house very low maybe 100W. The smart meter was powered OK I had to switch off and back on again the 100A mains switch to bring the mains back...
  12. B

    100 A mains isolater to Garage unit.

    If a want to spilt the tails after a 100A isolation switch does the 2nd DB ( a new garage unit ) have to have a 100 a main switch or is a 40a RCD OK ? I’m assuming because there is a 100a isolation switch then I don’t need a main switch in the garage unit. The garage unit will only be powering a...
  13. H

    Wiring a table lamp direct to a mains light switch?

    Hi all, was wondering if is possible to wire a 3 amp table lamb directly to a mains light switch? The light switch is used for an outside light has two brown wires going to the switch and two blue wires in a chocy block going nowhere? Thanks. Steve.
  14. L

    UK Help with mains ASAP

    There I was, just cooking toast when out of nowhere the toaster popped and sparked. Now all of the eletricity in the house has gone out sans the lighting and I need a fix ASAP because my poor gecko will be getting cold! I'm not tech savy in the slightest, the most I think I managed to do was a...
  15. J

    UK Switch

    I have a switch that is with a rating voltage of AC 250V/ 1A – can I use this to turn a standard desk light that is plugged in to the mains??
  16. N

    Domestic Sub mains for extended distance from meter to CU

    As the user name states, I am not an electrician but I am trying to be an informed customer when dealing with a friendly local sparky and the DNO/supplier whilst undertaking some major electrical works on my property and some advise on the best solution would be welcome. The works to be...
  17. D

    supply to brick lights from mains electric gate?

    Hi all I have only recently qualified and would appreciate some advice re wiring PIR brick lights and surface mounted PIR lights on two electric gate posts on either side of sliding gate. My question is can I break into the incoming 230V supply to the gate controller if I use a fcu for lights...
  18. W

    Gym with lighting over 4/5 circuits and 2 mains

    Hello, currently working on a gym with 4/5 lighting circuits across two mains boards I’m wanting to put some emergency lighting in there and I’m wondering how I do that with this number of circuits across different rcds thanks in advance
  19. M

    Airlux Dishwasher mains cable plug

    Hi Guys The image is connected to the plug on my Airlux dishwasher. It's blows now. I can't find it on line to get it for my electrician. If possible I would [refer to replace this before getting new dishwasher. I have seen a replacement on Espares but it's not precisely the same. Any advice...
  20. Mike Johnson

    Fluke 1633 alternative mains cord

    I have been asked by a good friend to check out the electrical installation in their French holiday home, whilst I am there (free use for test) what is so special about the Fluke mains lead that they want £40.00 for the EU version? I know it has a special plug into the unit, but c'mon £40.00 for...
  21. Marcus Vaughan

    Can anyone recommend a cutable mains voltage LED tape?

    As above really. I've been trying to source a length of mains voltage LED tape to fit behind a purlin, not being keen to try and hide a transformer/driver for 12/24v. Distance is 4.5m but everything I have found at mains voltage is cut by the metre. I know I can do better than that because I...
  22. A

    Consumer unit heights and mains tailsnew build

    are the consumer unit heights for a new build 1350mm and 1450mm. The services to the new build property will be on the front outside wall of the house meaning the tails will have to be passed through the cavity wall. Can I pass the tails up through the cavity wall to a reasonable height and...
  23. V

    1960s Florescent light instantly trips mains RCD

    Hi all, first post! I'm currently restoring a Rockola jukebox from 1964 and I'm very nearly there, there's a problem with one of the florescent lights which I can't seem to get my head around, one of the three florescent lamps the entire house out as soon as you switch the thing on. The...
  24. J

    Commercial TT supply with TNS sub mains

    Would like your opinions on the following setup. 300A 3 phase TT incoming supply feeding 15 units with 50A TNS obviously some link somewhere between Neutral and earth but haven't found it yet. I would think that each unit should be TT not TNS thoughts please
  25. A

    240v LED Strip Light on Mains switch

    Hi all, Hoping for some guidance, which would be much appreciated. I currently have some Florescent Lights under my kitchen cabinets operated by a light switch and would like to replace with LED strip lighting. I have purchased some 1 Metre 240V LED strip which is fitted with a 3A UK plug...
  26. Sparky10

    Radials V Ring mains

    Hi all, This may be a common topic and may already have been spoken about 100s of times so forgive me in advance. I have always wired in ring mains for my sockets up until recently.. I came across an install where all sockets were wired in 2.5 radials protected by 20A RCBO they had wired 3...
  27. V

    Landlords EICR and t&e sub mains without RCD

    Hi All Been doing a lot of EICR for landlords recently due to new legislation and agents i guess. One common issue im finding even with relatively new (10 years) old installations is a T&E sub main. Now some of these have a 100mA rcd .. or no RCD .. some are even wired in concentric cable...
  28. B

    Non standard mains plug on washing machine

    Anyone seen a non-standard mains plug like this on a standard domestic washing machine? Why would you do it? Any reason not to replace with a standard 13A plug?
  29. B

    PME exported from mains

    Hi All Just finished an EICR on a big 7 bed property. The incoming supply is PME. They have got the incoming head located approx 30m away from the Consumer Units. There is a Henley block in the mains and a previous contractor has ran a split concentric to a solid link fuse and then done another...
  30. M

    Commercial 6 core flex mains and low voltage

    CP electricians supply a 6 core cable from their lighting control boxes that supplies a mains voltage emergency light,, 2 cores of this are 18v dimmable switching. A led lighting company have provided the led lights and drivers that connects to the 6 core flex however their emergency pack and...
  31. S

    Mains cable from supply to consumer unit

    Hi, have a metre box 4m away from consumer unit, there is going to be an extension on the side adding an extra 4m so the metre box is getting moved to end of house again. Total length will b 10-12m, at the min the 25mm tails are going from mains to fuse switch with an 25mm 3core swa supplying...
  32. M

    Problem with mains outside light, any help please?

    Hello! I've put up a mains outside light, Been working fine for about 2 weeks, Now it's not working! When I turn it on and off at the mains, the bulb flashes once like a camera, and doesn't light up. I've checked all wiring connections in the light and the plug, Everything is connected. Left it...
  33. T

    Converting Tube Heater Socket into Mains Socket

    We have a working tube heater in a cupboard which we do not use. We would like to put a tumble dryer in the cupboard but there is no mains socket, as the tube heater is wired directly into mains, and controlled by a fused switch on the wall. Is it okay to simply swap the tube heater...
  34. B

    Mains wired smoke / heat / CO detector question

    Hi Guys We're having work done to insert an open plan kitchen-diner and snug seating area plus wood burner into already existing extension. One load bearing wall is being knocked through. Electrician just bumped his quote up by £820 to cover replacing this consumer unit and moving it up the...
  35. jackhammerJIM

    Commercial sub mains exceed max zs of mccbs

    Thoughts required on todays scenario . Commercial premises fed from 100 amp 3 phase TNS supply ZE 0.40 feeds 80 amp 3 phase switch fuse (max zs 0.57) feeds 400 amp mainswitch protek panel in 35mm swa 16mm earth 125 amp mccb (0.24 max zs) submain exceeds max zs at 0.57 Had this down as a...
  36. K

    Remote mains switching/control options?

    Hello there, I have a property located in a very rural area that's only partly occupied, its also rented out for short periods. I live 2 hours drive from the property and the issue I have is that people keep leaving electrical items switched on which of course poses a huge fire risk. It can be...
  37. T

    30 Amps DP mains supply concern

    Note: I am not an electrician. I have a large house that has been divided into 4 flats with an additional landlord supply, so 5 meters in total (2 smart meters, 3 dump meters). I recently noticed that there was damage to one of the supply side fuses. I called UK Power Networks who came and...
  38. L

    Domestic To connect old turntable to mains earth or not?

    Hi Guys, I am renovating an old vinyl turntable (Thorens TD-150 mkII is anyone cares) It is fitted with a 2-core mains cable, but there are lots of metal parts including sub-chassis and a 240v motor! Normally this is all earthed via the amplifier (phono leads), but I have swapped the 2-core for...
  39. J

    Mains cable blown out on two products

    Hello, Could anyone please identify what has caused this kind of blow-out on a 3-core flex? One is from an electric blanket and one from a heated pillow type thing. I think both cables are the same though, probably the same factory. The 500mA fast-blow fuses inside the controllers and the 3A...
  40. adamfromayr

    Powder coat oven keeps tripping mains rcd all off a sudden?

    Hi Okay my powder coat oven i built was fine until today! I had it working kept on for more than an hour etc Pretty pleased with it all 2 x 2000w elements fitted and then wired into a 32a blue socket to the 42a isolator switch But today its started tripping i looked insid emy control panel...
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