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  1. Electrokids

    Trainee I'am studying Electrical engineering major and Business major

    hi everybody, i'am new in here and the purpose of me joining this because i want to learn everything about electricity and mastering it. Electricity has been my passion since i'am a kid, i think i have electron current running on my blood haha. So right now i'm doing study in two different...
  2. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NIC assessment major worries

    Hi Guys, I've got my NIC Domestic Installer assessment coming up in a few weeks and am a little concerned about it. I signed up over the phone, signed and returned the forms, but after re-reading them, I'm a little (lot) concerned. As I don't hold an NVQ L3, the form mentions I require a...
  3. A

    Major domestic electrical problem

    Hi - looking for some expert help please. I recently had the following problem. Water heater digital timer burnt out, fridge/freezer, extractor fan and cooker hood all blown and will not restart (fuses all checked). It's the second time the water timer has burnt out in a matter of weeks - and...
  4. MDJ

    Major Campaign .

    To get Buzz to re-instate his Avatar, I just cannot get used to the new version lol.
  5. M

    New spurs stadium having major problems

    Ok without any football team references... Mace are the managing contactor and spurs have nominated contactors. So mace wont be liable to any delay clauses due to this. I read in construction manager journal approx 500 sparks ( including supervision ) but not sure. Anyway my point is with that...
  6. J

    Have a major problem

    Hi guys, i'm not an electrician ,I'm a builder. a month ago we had an electrician in first fixing, after he left some capping fell off and i put it back on with a nail. turns out i nicked the cable but it wasnt live until yesterday when he second fixed the outside light and powered on and left...
  7. O

    Overload Protection - Major Renovation

    Hi All, First post on this forum, but I've been reading the great questions and answers for years, so I hope someone can help me out? I've renovated a few houses in my time and done some of the basic wiring myself, but my latest 1940's house is a real project and needs a professional's...
  8. L

    Compex Instrument Installation resit advice please?

    Hi I'm going back to Hota in Hull to resist my I.S installation, I failed on a major and very little else that's all I know, was wondering if anyone could share any pointers or tips on what to look out for on the I.S installation , hoping to get my compex qualification after this resit any help...
  9. S

    AM2 Question

    Does anyone know if i'll have failed my AM2 because i forgot to put brown sleeving on the strappers in one of my two way switches? Its the only fault i had with my installation and so i'm hoping its not considered to be a major fault? Can anyone put my mind at rest?
  10. M

    Notifiable work advice

    I am just starting to do electrical work after doing home learning course about a year ago. I have my EAL domestic installers LVL 2, 17th edition regs 2382 and Fundamentals of testing and inspection 2392. I have been doing a few small none notifiable jobs through rated people but find it very...
  11. L

    We are a new MCS accredited firm that desperately needs leads before 12/12 HELP Pleez

    Hi guys, maybe a bit of a stab in the dark. Spent 6 months forming our company passing our MCS etc and only receiving our certificate last week. We are based in the Worcestershire area and are willing to travel within 20-30 miles radius. At the moment we have no jobs lined up before the 12/12...
  12. F

    Initial assessment

    Just had my initial assessment with the niceic I had David colley who is the area engineer for Manchester/Stockport. It went really well and he was a really nice bloke who answered any of my questions and gave me bits of advice. Just got to wait for my site assessment which is seven weeks away...
  13. A

    Advice on working for yourself

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on starting up on my own. Can you register with part P bodies even though you have not started trading yet?
  14. J

    Joining NICEIC

    Does any one know the minimum no of jobs required to join NICEIC, what they are, and whether or not they can ALL be covered under the self-certification scheme if assessment is approved? Input appreciated... Jabbajaws :confused:
  15. S

    sorry, another niceic thread!!!

    sorry people, another thread about application for the nic! so i'm finally guna go for my domestic installer, just wanted to ask a couple of questions about the assessment. 1. minor and major job, can both jobs be in my house, e.g. a loft light and a c.u. change? if not most of my work i get...
  16. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic ?

    As an approved electrician I have been in touch with niceic regarding setting up on my own, they require me to inform them of two pieces of work to inspect one minor one major, I assume for the major as im not certified I will have to inform building control of the major, or will niceic cover...
  17. S

    minor job for assesment

    hi guys n gals, ive got my nic domestic installer assesment next froday and just wanna make sure all is ok. the major job is fine so dont need out confirming on that one. the minor job is an extra socket a coupla doors down from the major job, the customer didnt have an rcd protected...
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