1. J

    Why do we use cartridge fuses and not MCBs?

    A customer asked me this today and I couldn't answer. Why, in LARGE switched fuses (60-100amp) do manufacturers use cartridge fuses and not MCBs?
  2. C

    X/R ratio of MCBs

    What is the max X/R ratio of your MCBs? What are they required to be tested to? As I understand it no one calcs the X/R ratio of the circuit they are installing or knows the X/R ratio from the DNO. Multi function tester only gives ohms instead of R+jX.
  3. A

    125A D Type MCB keeps tripping on a heater element circuit, i changed the MCBs to 100A C Type and it has not tripped again. I dont know why?

    I changed 3 x 125A fuses for 3 x 125A D type MCBs (ABB). They held for a day and then two started tripping, we didn't have any spare 125A, so we fitted 100A C type and the issue has disappeared, can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  4. C

    TT Supply MCBs

    Why doesn't the UK use 2 and 4 pole breakers on TT supplies?
  5. EbolaSideRoom

    Wylex MCBs then and now...

    A client has a Wylex NHRS RCD main switch CU with MCBs prefixed NSB. I don’t use or see a lot of Wylex kit; are the newer NHXL prefixed MCBs compatible with this ’board?
  6. P

    UK MCBs for Inverter-Supplied System

    My house is off-grid and supplied from an inverter. Max power output of the inverter is about 6kW (25A). Max fault current is 100A. The highest rated Type B MCB that can be tripped by this max fault current is 16A, so I cannot use MCBs with higher ratings than that. I cannot have a circuit with...
  7. Iain Stewart

    UK Inspection Report, Electric Shower, Merlin Gerin and Schneider MCBs

    Hello, We live in an old stone built ground floor flat, built in the 1880s. Obviously the consumer unit and cabling has been updated a number of times over the years by previous owners. One being the Local Authority who owned the property back in the 1960s -70s. We have lived here for 25 years...
  8. happyhippydad

    Will the new eaton mcbs fit the old eaton boards?

    As in the title. I have an old eaton board. Will new the new eatons fit? Cheers guys.
  9. C

    C Type MCB’s in domestic install.

    Recently completed a new install on an outbuilding using C type MCB’s to supply a lighting circuit for LED spotlights and soffit lights, some existing external decking lights etc and power for 5 sockets using C type MCB’s. A few weeks have passed since I have tested and signed off the job the...
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