1. happyhippydad

    Understanding what this means on the megger 1731

    I am in the process of hunting for another difficult fault (intermittent tripping RCD, absolutely no faults showing on any circuits and only 2mA fault current in Main earth). My question does indirectly relate to this... perhaps. When testing the RCD with my megger 1731 I am not getting a...
  2. D

    Hello, not a DIY cowboy by any means but need help!

    Hi guys, by no means an electrian but do a bit of my own work which I then get signed off by a mate who is a full qualified electrian ( I also leave the complex stuff to him) anyhow wondering if one of you could help me! I’ve on to second fit of my garage which I’ve turned into a bit of a work...
  3. Mr.Smith

    HEAT TRACE - What should be used as means of disconnect?

    Currently overseas and inside a small pumphouse heat trace is required. Wondering if I need double pole RCD protection for it? Thanks in advance.
  4. a-z electrics

    usb charger sockets

    Anyone fitted these new sockets with integral usb charger slots? I've found you have to disconnect a supply wire when doing IR test.. might seem obvious with hindsight but caught me out the first time :dunce2:
  5. D

    Domestic Old installation

    Hi, I went to go and look at a job replacing a consumer unit. It is a TT system, with an old Wylex board. It is protected by an old earth leakage device as described in the post I have attached. Would it be acceptable to leave this connected and then have a RCD protected board in series. It...
  6. R

    Megger multi function tester - error 22

    Hi, Megger multifuntion tester (i think 1800 series, can't exactly remember) - Error 22 has appeared I think when doing a loop test but i'll have to confirm this. Tester is fairly new (6 months). Any Ideas what it means? Google wasn't much help before anyone asks!! TIA Rich
  7. A

    Megger 1730 ZS problem on TT system

    Doing a test with my 1730 for NAPIT inspection. Meter came up with CON which means connection problem. Thought that meter was playing up. Polarity was correct and the Ze was 83 ohms. Got City's to send out a brand new inbox 1730 did the same test with the same result CON. Can't be two meters...
  8. S

    Non contact voltage indicator

    I'm looking for a voltage pen just to help trace cables, had a couple of cheapey ones and they either beep constantly or not at all. Anyone got an recommendations? I've seen the fluke, kewtech and meggers are all around the same price (£20ish)
  9. P

    Test switch for emergency light,

    Hi Guys, Been to do a pir today in an hmo house and all the emergency lights had test switches exept one,is it a problem?
  10. M

    fused isolation

    Hi guys Can a fused isolator be used at the origin of the installation as the sole means of isolation taking the place of the cu
  11. B

    Dummies Guide to the new PV Guide..

    Nice simple explanation with link to shading guide: At a glance: What the updated MCS PV guide means for installers | Solar Power Portal
  12. jason121

    New MCS Certificate

    Just been reading about the new MCS certificate update, interesting read. Any thoughts
  13. D

    Frequency of inspection

    I'm about to replace the consumer unit in an existing domestic installation. Can anyone point me to the correct rules in the 17th edition which advise on how regularly the installation should be inspected. I have to write it into the Installation Certificate and can't find the answer in either...
  14. C

    s type rcd

    Hi all, looking some advice on s type rcds. Basically can you use them on tt installations for earth fault protection on circuits that don't require additional protection? Know that on a tt installation disconnection times of either 0.2 sec or 1sec must be achieved depending on circuit, but with...
  15. R

    Trailing Sockets for Kitchen Appliances

    Firstly, I'm not an electrician - I've also not been on the forum for a while but I did receive a lot of helpful advice whilst rewiring my own home earlier in the year (and yes, it's now complete - my slightly esoteric lighting control system excluded ;)) Anyway, my neighbour (who has no...
  16. G

    2 FREE Panels when you buy ???

    Lol, looking through my personal sites and saw an advert in google adwords saying 2 free panels :D Surely this means overpriced in the first place as we all know nothing is FREE, So far I have seen "FREE IPAD", "NO VAT", "FREE INSTALLATION" and now "2 PANELS FREE" Do people still fall for...
  17. S

    Two roofs for arrays plugged into neigbouring 3 phase supply

    Customer wants to put 2 x 4kw arrays onto the properties he owns next to his business as they have the perfect roofs. He has a large electric demand so needs to plug into the business supply and get everything available. Apart from balancing the loads over 3 phase and accepting that it would be...
  18. Goody

    Few questions on the PIR form

    Hi, Please have a look at the sample PIR form - Report Sample 01.09.pdf. I would like to know what the following means: On page 4 of 4 What “Figure 8 check” means. Do we really have to do it? Under Insulation resistance, what is IR...
  19. P

    Updated PV Guide out for Consultation

    Hi all Please see the following link to download the DRAFT updated guide for comments Happy reading
  20. D

    Outside oil boiler - Rotary switch??????

    Hi, I'm currently wiring an outside oil boiler and have sited a FCU on the inside wall with a 2.5 t+e to an adapt box and from there, a braided flex to the boiler. Does it need a rotary switch instead of the adapt box?
  21. P

    Cooker Control/Isolation Switch is NOT required?

    Found this on the ESC 17th Ed Guidance site. Q35. Is a cooker switch or cooker control unit required to be provided as means of emergency switching for an electric cooker? Generally, cooker switches and cooker control units are provided as a local means of isolation and switching off for...
  22. S

    fused spur cable length???

    i recently had to add a spur from a ring to supply a item of fixed equipment. I took the supply from a socket into to a switched fused spur and placed the necessary fuse for the equipment directly after the socket then a 10 meter cable run to a flex outlet connection unit then a 0.5m flex cord...
  23. M

    err 4 on fluke tester

    Hi i did a loop test before and on my fluke tester is displayed err 4 anyone any ideas what this means?
  24. P

    insulation testing

    when doing insulation testing the reading starts climbing but then goes to "OR" with an arrow above it pointing up and a "1" beside. Have some instructions with it but they don't explain this reading. get the same thing no matter what the voltage is set at and with all the M.ohm settings(20, 200...
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