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  1. S

    Mains Powered Medical Headlamp repair query

    Dear Electricians, I am a veterinary surgeon and need help from someone in the know as to how to bring an old bit of equipment back to life. It is a headmounted lamp with a special mirror to allow examination of the retinas of dogs and cats, however my query relates to the power supply for the...
  2. Z

    Help advice needed please, testing medical devices

    Hi I’m hoping someone could point me into the right direction. Thank you in advance for my many questions. To give you my background I currently work as an IT consultant / trainer and look after approximately 70 GP practices. I am freelance and have been asked on a few occasions about PAT...
  3. edexlab

    India advice - entering the country with tools, test meters etc and customs officials

    Evening gents I've a short term job in mid May in Bangalore should only be a few weeks And I'm looking for advice from people who have worked in India Innoculations , medical, malaria ,food issues and insurance etc all in hand Any general advice would be very welcome I'm particularly...
  4. mrloy99

    medical locations query

    excuse the paraphrasing .I'm trying to figure out if lighting circuits in group 1 /2 locations HAVE to be on rcd.or if it depends cables in a metal stud wall ...or if it is in a room containing shower 710.411.3.2.5 says medical locations of group 1 & group 2...WHERE...
  5. T

    RCD Protecion is hospital

    Hi people. Picked up a little job to move and rewire some lights, sockets and data points in a hospital. The room was used before as a casualty operating room. And is being converted into a low level operating room. The whole install is in metal conduit, metal trunking and singles. How ever...
  6. D

    Working offshore?

    Hey guys! been time served for nearly 2 years now, and im slowly bit surely warming to the idea of maybe working offshore! What i want to know is what courses do i need exactly for it? Been told a mixture of different things but hopefully you guys can perhaps put my mind at ease and give me a...
  7. A

    working on a cruise ship?

    Hi there, I am coming out of my apprenticeship very soon, which will leave me too do my am2 to become qualified , where do i stand if I was wanting to have a gap year working among the ships, would i have to be qualified even to go on as some sort of electrical mate? eg doing the cabin lighting...
  8. J

    2365 303 Task A

    off all questions this one has misinterpreted totally weird in my head. can anyone shed some light. Describe the possible implications for the occupants of the sheltered accommodation whilst fault diagnosis work is carried out?
  9. A

    EICR Medical Centre

    I do a few small commercial PIR/EICRS including a dentist surgery & a day centre, but mostly just domestic. I have been asked to look into doing an EICR on a fair sized medical centre ( am guessing approx 10-12 rooms per floor, 2 story building) . Its a pretty new build & hopefully installation...
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