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  1. G

    Megger tester PAT 420

    Selling my a Megger PAT420 pat tester with barcode scanner and printer. Bought new last year, used twice. Can’t justify having it. 2 cases for all the leads s as be accessories. Additional test leads made up. All cost about 1400. £650 ovno contact me for more info
  2. J

    Has anyone used a Megger DCM 305E

    I would like any advice on weather the Megger DCM305E will measure normal current as well as earth leakage current and if its a good tool.
  3. N

    For Sale Megger Dielectric Oil Tester OTS60AF

    Megger Dielectric Oil Tester OTS60AF. Condition is used . Like new , comes with set of probes and different agitators. If your looking at this you know the price to buy new. Still in excellent working condition. Asking £2800 = 3,440.77 USD. PM for more info. Thanks for looking!
  4. D

    Megger 1552 (Hi current test not tripping 30ma rcd)

    Hi guys, I own 2 megger mft 1552 testers. I recently found that loop readings on both testers give me high Zs readings on final circuits protected by 30ma rcds on low current. If I select the hi current setting I get a reading I expect to achieve, but the hi current test never trips the rcd...
  5. C

    Megger not working

    Hello Hoping somebody can help. I have a Megger MFT1552, whenever I turn it on it beeps and flashes 138v (detecting voltage) Even with no leads attached. Has anybody came across this before?
  6. M

    Megger 1711 issues

    Evening - I went to turn on the megger today and was instantly met with a battery flashing symbol and it turned off. So I replaced the batteries with 1.5V Alkaline batteries that were new and the same thing happened! Before I loose it for a week to get repaired has anyone else experienced this?
  7. M

    Megger mft1711 for sale

    I have a megger mft1711 tester for sale, in decent condition, still got the plasticky bit on the screen, comes with all leads and original case, it's just not getting used anymore, plus I could do with the moolah. Not calibrated though, in macclesfield, cheshire £300
  8. D

    Megger loop impedance irregularity

    Hi, I have a Megger mft1720 and the low current loop test isn’t working properly. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues? Readings are stupidly high compared to the high current test, and this can be made even worse if there’s an rcd in line......

    Megger MTB 7671 CHECK BOX

    Are these items worth the price? Is the Megger MTB 7671 the best choice?
  10. C

    Testing 300mA RCD with Megger 1552

    Hi, am I right in thinking that a Megger 1552 can’t test RCD’s at more than 1000mA? Therefore a 5x test on s 300mA RCD can’t happen?
  11. telectrix

    Bridge Megger.

    just acquired one just like this, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-Evershed-VAIGNOLES-BRIDGE-MEG-megger-tester-man-cave-shed-prop/153223291170?hash=item23acd1e122:g:mo8AAOSwZtRbyDjT but ain't got a scooby how much of it works except for the basic 500V IR test. any of the other older gen...
  12. gazdkw82

    Megger MFT PFC error message

    I used a friends Megger today and we both came up with an error he hasn't seen before. We was performing a PFC test at the imcoming of a new DB. Leads were in line and neutral ports and tester set to L-N, 2 lead test, Zmax. As soon as you make the connection the tester beeped and flashed <PE>...
  13. happyhippydad

    Understanding what this means on the megger 1731

    I am in the process of hunting for another difficult fault (intermittent tripping RCD, absolutely no faults showing on any circuits and only 2mA fault current in Main earth). My question does indirectly relate to this... perhaps. When testing the RCD with my megger 1731 I am not getting a...
  14. C

    PAT Tester broken but i can use megger?

    Hello guys my seaward PAT tester has given up the ghost, i have some small PAT jobs coming up and was thinking short term of being able to just use my multi function meter. R2 test on class 1 equipment using low voltage ohm meter Insulation resistance testing with leads Trying to think what...
  15. PJH2903

    For Sale Megger MFT1730, Just calibrated.

    I have an MFT1730 available for sale. it is in pristine condition and has just come back from being calibrated. Open to sensible offers from the group before it goes on eBay next week.
  16. PJH2903

    Megger 1730 calibrate or not before sale?

    I have an MFT1730 which I will be selling (have upgraded) and would value the groups opinion. The calibration certificate has expired so is it worth me spending the money to have it recalibrated before I sell it? What would you all pay for a meter that is in excellent condition calibrated v’s...
  17. L

    Megger new style lead crocs

    hi Guys has any of you got a damaged set of the new style red,blue and green megger test leads I’m only after the crock clip ends as I’ve misplaced mine. Anyone who’s got a set for sale let me know Many thanks Lee
  18. G

    Looking for mft 500mA fuses

    Hi guys , does anyone know anywhere that stocks mft 500mA 600v fuses ? Cheers
  19. A

    Megger 1552 rcd type testing

    Hi guys, just wondering with new regs and use of different types of rcd, I noticed on my bosses megger 1700 series tester there is scope for changing between different types of rcd for example type a and type ac On my megger 1552 I can change between ac and DC but wondering if this is...
  20. alban moffitt

    Megger 1552 MFT continuity testing????

    hi I have recently bought a megger 1552 tester. it is in very good condition as it was just used as a back up. i have a slight problem with it though when trying to use it for testing continuity. basically i can only carry out one continuity test and then i have to turn the tester completely...
  21. sjhall

    Megger DCM305E earth leakage clamp meter

    As above New in box £165 POSTED £160 collected No offers thanks Located in Formby Mersyside
  22. sjhall

    Megger 1730 for sale..........

    Like new, this is / was my apprentices Hard case All leads are as new Only issue is one of the croc clips was lost and replaced with the wrong colour new one. It's like new, my old apprentice barley got passed turning it on. needs cal as that's out of date. £450 POSTED
  23. P

    Megger Pat 4D/3 Barcode printer

    Hi everyone I have a megger pat tester and want to print barcodes but the printer for the above is both rare and expensive. I have tried a couple of thermal printers one is a serial by epson TM-T88111 and does print but just prints a block of question Mark's ? The would seem to be caused...
  24. PJH2903

    Megger MFT1730 software for Windows 10

    I have recently got a Megger MFT1730 and wanted to give the Bluetooth download feature a try. The PowerSuite trial software that came with the tester will not load onto my windows 10 computer and looking online it would appear that the software will only work up to Windows 7. I have tried...
  25. Bubatronic

    Megger tester repair

    Hi all My Megger 1720 tester failed its calibration, can anyone recommend somewhere I can get it fixed? The place I had it calibrated were quoting £300 + vat and they’d have to send it away, I had to buy a new tester because I had my part p assessment so didn’t have time to get it repaired so...
  26. The_apprentice2.0

    Electrician Megger MFT 1552 problems ... advice please

    Hopefully someone who has had previous experience can advise. My MFT 1552 has not been calibrated in a while (as I only use it for fault basic finding in industrial sector) However it has started playing up .... it is absolutely fine on voltage continuity etc .... but giving spurious readings...
  27. Rpa07

    Webinar from Megger information

    This came through by email. May be interesting to some to know how initial injection testing on LV circuit breakers is carried out. Obviously I don’t know all about the webinar so don’t beat the messenger. You’ll have to register with Megger to be able to take part. Do NOT press the register...
  28. Moley

    Download format for Seaward SuperNova & Megger PAT420

    I'm planning a little project so that we can access all our PAT records online and create PDF files for the info/certificates. If any of us are working away and the site engineer wants copies we can just log in, select the records, create online PDFs and download them. It'll be a PHP program...
  29. Marti

    Megger 1730 MFT. Not tripping on any RCD tests on known good circuit.

    G'd Evening Lads an' Lasses, I've got a Megger 1730 MFT; lovely bit of kit normally. Ex-demo - not had a hard life and was calibrated about eight weeks ago. I normally run it over a Cal-Card and a captive test RCD about once a month and this time it failed to trip the 30ma RCD on 1x, 5x and...
  30. M

    Is Megger 1502/2 still actual?

    Hi there everybody. I have a question. I have a Megger 1502/2 . Is it still good for testing electrial installations in Uk or is too old?
  31. B

    fluctuating resistants reading megger met 1710

    Hello I'm getting fluctuating resistants readings when using a megger mft 1710 meter, Does anyone know whats causing this / how to mend it. Ive tried taking it apart to have a look inside but can't even take it apart does anyone know how too (ps its not the same as the older testers)
  32. T

    Megger PAT 150

    Does anyone own or used one what do they think of it constructive reviews, please.
  33. Loki

    Seen cheap Megger 1721 on ebay

    Hi everyone, Just seen a cheap Megger MFT 1721 on ebay with calibration until 6/7/19 if anyone is looking to get one? £450 & no its not me selling mine lol Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Tester/calibrated. | eBay -...
  34. T

    Wanted - Megger MMC 850 Multicore Clamp Meter

    Megger MMC 850 multicore clamp meter wanted. Anybody have one for sale, willing to sell? Thanks Dave
  35. MFS Electrical

    Megger MFT 1720 R1+R2 setting

    anyone else got one? Ever used the R1+R2 setting? Was testing a socket circuit for a minor works yesterday fed from a 36 way TP&N DB Everything except the fire alarm was wired in singles through trunking absolutely none of the earths were remotely near the terminals that they should have been...
  36. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger MIT 320 Ins & Cont Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £210.
  37. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger RCDT 320 RCD Tester

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £190.
  38. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger LTW 325 Loop Tester (2 wire)

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £225. :)
  39. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Megger MTB 7671 Test Box

    In full working order, excellent condition, all booklets & CD. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, will post. Offers around £200 :) PM if interested.
  40. H

    Megger MFT1730 FORSALE

    Megger MFT1730 with Bluetooth. Calibrated until sept 2018: Used, but great condition. Comes with all accessories. Wanting £600 Ono Some spec info below (taken from Tester.com) Insulation testing at 100V, 250V, 500V and 1kV with adjustable alarms 200mA and 15mA Continuity tests 2-wire...
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