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  1. Pete999

    Who amongst the membership loves a decent Chinese?

    I was working in Beijing many moons ago for an ex Pat, asked me where I would like to eat tonight? well I had my fair share of Chinese taKaways, so I replied, an ethnic Chinese eatery. Well after about 45 mIns of bone shaking travel, we arrived at one of our workers Homes, what a meal that was...
  2. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Terminate NIC EIC membership

    HI - I am currently registered with the NIC EIC - Domestic installer, which also includes the Part P certification. I am muling over the idea of terminating the membership, but I wish to remain Part P registered in order to still practice legally. Is this possible and how do i go about it...
  3. happyhippydad

    Does anyone have IET membership?

    I find the IET membership page offers a bit too much detail and I'm not really sure what they offer or how much it would cost? Is anyone here a member? Do you feel its worthwhile, what do you get? How much does it cost? Cheers guys :)
  4. Z

    Trainee Has anyone joined a student membership scheme?

    I was wondering if anyone has joined a student membership program for networking and study support such as NICEIC? Does being a member provide you with much help with NVQ training? And do they help you to get a job with a company, or is it just for self employed electricians? Thanks, Zane
  5. Zdb

    IET membership - ECS fast track

    Has anyone signed up for IET membership via the ECS fast track route? Fast Track your Application - https://www.------.org/membership/becoming-a-member/join-the-iet/miet-and-tmiet-membership/fast-track-your-application-with-your-ecs-card/ I am trying but can't make heads or tails out of their...
  6. A

    Checkatrade,Mybuilder, Myhammer ratedpeople etc etc.. Your views?

    Are they amu good as I am thinking if joining and one of their reps is coming next week!! Keep the cash and have xmas or spend it and have a bonanza Xmas next year?!?!!?
  7. Midwest

    Scheme Membership & Certification Dissemination

    Having just paid another 10,000 shillings (a nod to telectrix) to my scam provider, I was thinking about a more concerted way of passing this on to my customers (sorry customers, but I'm doing this for a living). And there's the cost of certification, talking MEIWC & EIC, i.e. time taken to...
  8. Pete999


    For the Admin, seem to have lost all my bits on my Avatar Arm membership trusted Advisor etc, have I been a naughty boy? Got trusted advisor but no Arms membership. Can I have them back please?
  9. Sintra

    Miet Or Tmiet

    Was thinking about applying for membership of the IET but their online form isn't working. Always fancied a few letters after my name lol. Any of you guys got membership?
  10. B

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Part P Approved Contractor Elecsa

    Since when have Elecsa stopped sending out certificates with a start and end date. An estate agent customer has asked if the open ended certificate is correct
  11. S

    Start up testing

    Quick intro guys, Been working for an electrical testing firm for almost 10 years now. I've progressed through to QS with registration to NICEIC. I would like to start completing my own EICR's in spare time and weekends. I have a couple of questions with regard the set up and where I stand...
  12. O

    Let me reach for my cheque book - NOT

    Who would do this?? NICEIC | Training | Accessory Replacement
  13. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic

    Would you say that niceic is the most recognized and acceptable scheme in the industry? Why is it that some corporate companies specify, that work be carried out by niceic registered firms?
  14. P

    Rogue Traders

    Morning all, Just wondered if any customers or professionals on this site have any shocking stories or photographs they can share with me? We have done a piece on our blog "Solar PV Rogue Traders" and I'd like to continue it. Would be grateful for anything you could share.
  15. timbobelfast

    IET Membership

    Anybody a 'Member' of the IET? What are the benefits? I was on the ECS site and noticed that they have teamed up ECS Card
  16. P

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit - Just 8

    Anyone using this - and how is it for you? Cheers.
  17. E

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib Membership

    Anyone know how to get jib membership if self employed? according to website you need a qualifying supervisor to sign you off? costs involved to join ect... and what grading would you get with following: 2356nvq3 2330 l3 2391 2382 2377 not sure if i would ever need it, only ever lost one...
  18. S

    Joining a trade body

    I'm starting a 2330 level 2 tomorrow, can I join a trade body like NICEIC or NAPIT as an apprentice sort of thing? Thanks
  19. M


    Has anyone with niceic been emailed by napit to try and get you to join? is it right its only £300+vat and it entitles you to do periodics and commercial too? makes me wonder why i payed all the money to nic when the competition are much cheaper:mad:
  20. D

    Signing work off

    Do you need to be 2391 qualified to legally sign your work off?
  21. M

    NICEIC bogus contractor...why bother !

    Hi , We recently reported an electrician trading as **** Electrical in the Poole area to the NICEIC for misrepresentation..... ie claiming he is a member when he is not. We have sent photos of his van to the NICEIC ( customer services - Ms Sam Cook ) and copies of his business cards and...
  22. K

    How long do jib cards take to get to you ?

    Hi all Just wondered how long the JIB cards take ? applied for mine 3-4weeks ago now and cant get through when i phone or they havent replied to emails ! just wondered as if they get a years membership it would be good to get a years membership & not say 11mths etc ! How long did you wait ...
  23. H

    niceic or part p?

    if i join the nic does it allow me to sign off work in domestic properties or do i need to join a part p scheme as well. can anyone give me a rough idea how much nic or part p costs to join and how much to stay in per year
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