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meter tails

  1. E

    UK What would you suggest?

    Hi guys, got a job that tested out lovely so that's good, my issue is the Cu has been moved previously, the tails (25mm) are in the wall less than 50mm (from incoming to cu) with no rcd protection, I suggested downgrading 100a main fuse to 60a, and running a 16mm swa along the same route...
  2. D

    16mm meter tails, long run

    Hello all, I am working on a property & they need the consumer unit changed. The slight problem i have is the tails are on 16mm. But the meter is approx 10-12m (tail length) from consumer unit location. Is this length permissible. There is a KMF at the meter but the customer does not want the...
  3. J

    commercial meter tails

    bit of reassurance on coding I have 3 phase 3x150a (checked with supplier) incomer feeding meter in 50mm tails- 5omm tails to 3x blocks from meter from each block tails to various isolators all not exceeding 1m in the same cupboard, the highest fused isolator at 60a being fed with 16mm and...
  4. P

    Domestic E7 boards and meter tails

    ok a couple of questions ill keep it simple its been ages since I had anything to do with E7, is an E7 board supplying storage heaters still ok on a non rcd board ie classed as fixed equip ? who is responsible for the tails? from head to meter and meter to board thanks
  5. mattg4321

    Meter tails in cavity

    Ok own up who's done this? I try my hardest to never do this but have, on very rare occasion installed meter tails in a cavity as the lesser of evils. Would be interesting to hear real world thoughts on this and potential work arounds so you don't have to. I know someone on here posted a while...
  6. haptism

    Meter tails over 3 meters

    Hello, anyone know when the regs recommending a switch fuse for meter tails greater than 3m long was introduced ? On older installations (about 20 years ago) was a switch fuse required on tails over 3m ? Thanks
  7. M

    SWA For meter tails?

    I need to upgrade my meter tails to 25mm. The existing tails pass along under the pebble dash in plastic conduit (which would be too small), then apparently at an angle through the porch structure (unprotected) then turn sideways into a void & up the void to CU. I have seen other posts where...
  8. 8

    Max length of meter tails

    Ive been asked to look at the electrical installation at a large 5 bed property with an attached annexe that the owners are converting into a 2 bed holiday let. There's one supply cable that comes into the annexe for the entire property . This is currently routed via a single meter to a CU . 2...
  9. R

    Meter tails & Protection

    Had a look at a job last night and the customer had another electrician bury the cables with a bodge method of protection (they were planning on plastering over them as they are) (image attached). The tails run from the meter (out of view at bottom floor level), up into the ceiling and to the...
  10. G

    Pyro meter tails, can they stay or need replacing?

    hi all , im having a new consumer unit fitted ,but my meter tails are in pyro its a 1970's 2 bed terraced house.. im just waiting for my electrician to confirm if he can re use the pyro tails or they have to be replaced with something more modern. can anyone confirm yes or no have they got to...
  11. I

    New here... and here is a an interesting DB I've come across... need some help with EICR for it!

    Hello, I've got a question that I thought I throw out to the crowd and see what comes back... I am a little stuck with a recent EICR that followed a change of occupier. The home is 30 ish years old and has been extended several times. It is a fairly large home with swimming pool, multiple...
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