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  1. P

    smet2 meters are they compatible with solar and battery systems

    Recently ive heard of several complaints regarding the smet2 meters presently being installed in homes are not compatible with solar pv and battery systems leading to householders' being overcharged always thought the smet 2 would sort this out.
  2. N

    Testing Electricity Meters

    I have been asked by the owner of a caravan site to go round and check all the meters onsite to make sure they are working properly. Has anybody been asked to do this before? What is the best way to test them? I was thinking to plug something in which has a big load and watch the numbers going...
  3. M

    Electricity meters E10 to E7

    Hi all, please help ! Sorry if posted in the wrong section but I am new to this forum....At the moment we are on an economy 10 complex meter that has two MPAN numbers for our electricity, what I would like to know is how hard would it be to change over to an economy 7 meter . I have been told we...
  4. C

    Changing from Related Meters to Combined

    I'm reaching out to try and figure out a best way forward to update the metering in my flat. From the looks of things, we've got two totally separate supply & metering systems - one with what I think is an old timer and that meter is on an economy 10 tariff for storage heaters (on the RHS) and...
  5. L

    Meters and boards Question

    I work for a company who installs electric heaters. Usually we remove old storage heaters and replace them with our heaters using the same point with a new switched fcu. The fuse board is usually just an old Wylex type with just an on off switch and non switched fuses. The board is powered...
  6. P

    Domestic One main electrical feed and two separate meters

    Hi All and thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I am hoping that someone can help. I refurbish property but have never had to deal with this situation before. I have bought a house that was converted to 2 flats and I am now putting it back to one dwelling. It has one main electric feed...
  7. T

    Can anyone help on mutiple meter standing charges

    Hi Im totally confused and wondered if there any electricians who could explain and if there any way out of it. Im trying to switch electrical suppliers and been told that on the national database there are two meters showing at the address and that if I was to switch I would be charged 2...
  8. T

    Smart meters yes or no?

    Been an electrician for around 10 years and always get asked about my view on smart meters. Which every time I’m asked I say that I’m unsure on the whole matter.... Recently moved house and in the middle of renovating it. Just had a letter through about changing over to smart meters for Gas &...
  9. Andrew Beveridge

    Domestic E7 with 2 meters (on/off peak), but current only goes through one?

    Hi folks, We moved into a new flat about 6 months ago and have realised we're being billed for all of our electricity at the expensive "all day" rate - despite having a very large "Thermaflow" electric boiler which is designed to draw tons of power heating up water overnight to use throughout...
  10. J

    Load from two meters

    Hello, I live in jordan. We have a 380Vp-p, star, 4-wire, earthed neutral connection to the building. We get 220V to the apartment. I have recently installed an EV charging station for my car. The electrician got the station’s hot wire from one of the building phases. But, for some reason, he...
  11. Murdoch

    Smart Meters .............................................

    a vaguely interesting read.......................... wonder how they are going to force having Smart Meters on me? Smart metering - making your operations smart - Gas Training, Electrical Courses, Renewable Training Courses -...
  12. N

    Accuracy of test meters

    Hi there, would anyone have a template for an accuracy of test results log? I can get the online template from NICEIC but was looking to see if anyone had anything else?
  13. M

    Power Meters for domestic ventilation testing

    Hi all, It’s been a long time (what with career change and all). We have just started doing domestic ventilation systems testing and I have been caught a little short, I think. The first system I have been testing is a de-centralised MEV system and I have found out that I need to do a...
  14. haptism

    Meter tails over 3 meters

    Hello, anyone know when the regs recommending a switch fuse for meter tails greater than 3m long was introduced ? On older installations (about 20 years ago) was a switch fuse required on tails over 3m ? Thanks
  15. Murdoch

    BBC Money Box - Smart Meters ....

    The first half of this program is definitely worth listening to! BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Energy firms turn up the heat on smart meters - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09z06z7
  16. J

    meters for indivuual rooms- domestic

    Asked to price a job where a house is getting extended/reno The owner is going to live in it- and then rent out 2/3 of the rooms She wants most of the house to be under her meter Then 2 or 3 of the rooms to be monitored/metered seperately -by sounds of it she wants them to phyically have to...
  17. P

    Private AMR electric meters

    I am considering installing private AMR electric meters in a building with several flats fed by submains off a common supply. If possible I would like to read the meters via a wired comms network e.g. "M-Bus" as used for the meters for communal heating systems. I think they may do this sort of...
  18. 2

    Multiple meters in property

    Hi Guys Just moved into a property that was half commercial & half residential. There are three electrical meters - two with npower & one with Scottish power - which we now want to consolidate into one as the property is fully residential. Who does the necessary work? Thanks.
  19. Pete999

    N.Power and Smart Meters letter today

    Got a letter today from my energy supplier, saying that they are in the process of installing Smart meters to all of their Customers, and will be informing me within the next couple of weeks, when they will be coming to change my Meters over, question is can I refuse? Your thoughts and answer...
  20. S

    Smart meters... A couple of questions

    I live with my parents and have a shed/workshop down the bottom of the garden. I would like to know how much electricity I am consuming in my shed/workshop. Mainly so that I know what to pay my parents each month for the electricity bill. I'm thinking maybe a smart meter would work. Just a...
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