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  1. B

    Price per metre for 100mm tray

    I have to price a job, first large scale job and looking for a rough price per metre you would charge to install, didn't know if there was a standard/average price please I know for sockets and lighting but this is new to price Thanks in advance
  2. B

    Electric metre cupboard

    Looking to run some power to my shed, my metre cupboard is opposite my shed 5 metres max, I have a smart metre and DNOs isolator, if I replaced the DNOs isolator and put a new 3 way metal unit in there so I’m changing the isolator like for like and then I’ll just feed an MCB from bottom of...
  3. BeeJay2

    Domestic Smart metre LED's query.

    Hello all, My present duel fuel supplier, Bulb, doesn't use the smart meters installed by my previous supplier, British Gas. The 3 LED's on a separate unit linked to the electric meter are, top, (WAN) Green, on permanently, middle, (HAN) Red continuous flashing & bottom, (PWR) Green which I...
  4. M

    Covering Requirements for Electric Metre and surrounding cables

    Are there any safety concerns with this being in the middle of my hallway? It has no cover and I'm not sure whether to be worried about it just openly sitting here like this
  5. D

    32A 3ph Plug with threaded conduit entry?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if anyone makes a 32A 3 phase plug that will attach to the end of flexible conduit? or... somewhere that does 6mm2 4 core H07 flex by the metre? I've got a 10kW DC power supply to wire up. It's a 480v 3 phase unit bought off ebay. The people who've just bought it want...
  6. B

    Light switch in bathroom

    Hi guys Just double checking with you guys on the following because I keep doubting myself based on what I was taight and the regs; Wired up a bathroom recently in an extension and customer requested a light switch on the wall, checked the obvious in the regs and by my understanding you are...
  7. S

    250 Panels less than one metre wide

    Just wanted to know what panels are out there less than a metre wide. I know panasonic are about 87 cm used them quite alot. But wondered if there was any mid range panels less than the metre. Thanks
  8. C

    2.5mm3 core armoured cable any one know how much it is per meter got a little job on

    ony needing 10 meters so dont want to buy a 50m drum
  9. R

    Flexible conduit

    I have some black flexible conduit and some conduit clamps for sale, it's all halogen free and low smoke made by PMA, more info is on the RS website. 50mm x 30 metre reel (5 left) 32mm x 50 metre reel (2 left) £55 each inc delivery (UK only) Conduit clamps in bags of 50 32mm (limited...
  10. S

    Dark sections of non led rope light - HELP

    Hi folks. I've just added in a new three metre section to a thirty metre installation of 230V Duralite two wire rope light. Using the splicing terminals, I cut the rope light at the prescribed marks and made the insert. The contacts look good and on switching on it all works except I now have...
  11. L

    how do I work this out

    A 1.5mm2 conductor has a design current of 4 a and a length of 10 meters. its volt drop is 29 mv/A/m what is the volt drop across the terminals. Can anyone show me how to work this nasty little bugger out Answers are 11.6v 17.4 v 1.16v 1.74 v
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