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  1. G

    What might have caused this safety switch to fail?

    I have a 50 HP Quincy rotary screw air compressor. It was running fine and I shut it down to change filters yesterday. After locking out the disconnect switch, A Square D, 100 amp fused switch, I found the machine was still powered. I went to the 80 amp breaker, 25 feet away, and locked out...
  2. saucyjack

    Obsolete Fuse Carrier

    Hi all; could anybody please advise me where I might obtain a "Bill" 100 amp fuse carrier? (basically a 100A version of the carrier below). Any help would be very much appreciated!
  3. Dan

    Upgrading Plumbers Forum and...

    ... it might knock this forum offline every now and again. The forum might be a bit glitchy while I restart services on the server tonight. So hang in there if you don't get the page loading etc. Refresh in a few minutes time and it'll work again. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For Spoon another one might be worthwhile

    Older members may recall the times when the Teachers wore white Lab coats and Students behaved themselves.:tongue:
  5. bahum

    Electrician Any guesses which (Northern Ireland?) electrician company this might be???

    I'll try to keep it short: Back in 2014 we had an electrical company from Northern Ireland do some work for us in the Luton and Bedford areas of England. I don't remember their name (hence the question), all I know is they used to come to the area SEVERAL weeks in a row in the summer and they...
  6. MFS Electrical

    Think this might need updating.....

    So I came across this on the bottom of the Electricians listing. Think it may need some tweaking as there aren’t trusted advisers anymore and 5 lines down it says tilers
  7. B

    Landlord Slayer - Might need advice

    Hi there Yeap having got fed up of dealing with problem landlords - I now work to hit their pockets. Sorry not able to provide any further information about who I am. Incognito Billy
  8. Marti

    If you're selling your private number plate I might be interested.

    Just on the chance that anyone fancies selling their private number plate in the future , I might be interested if it electrical or electrician related. I realise they are not to everyone's taste and I'm compensating / having a crisis / shallow / infantile / got better things to do with limited...
  9. S

    Another post from the American Forum that you Might Enjoy.

    Note that this is in no way an electrician's forum: Read on for the advice he got: h ttps://boards.straightdope.c om/sdmb/showthread.php?t=860809
  10. Z

    Do you think that this needs upgrading...

    prepared to be shot down here but I've recommended that this get's changed :-) Deceased Hubby did it apparently. Had a run of those recently. Probably same bloke:-) Amongst other things, the C45's - 1 did the lights (4 x pendants), 1 did a twin socket for the Broadband router. Anyway...
  11. Marvo

    10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

    Thought it might be nice to help other members get a better mental picture of the other reprobates they're sharing the forum with. Obviously in the interests of privacy and security keep any info you post non-specific in nature.... I'll start; 1. I was born on Gibraltar, lived in West Germany...
  12. S

    What is this?? Not sure what it might be

    Hi all Just wanted to know what the attached might be. Its under my stairs and switched off but i dont know what it actually is. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance :)
  13. E

    might lose a finger tomorrow :(, neighbour from hell

    what a fantastic start to the week, neighbours pitbull off its lead in the landing unsupervised, attacked my dog for the second time, managed to get my fist in the pitbulls mouth, sheared my pinky like a bit of 16mm tail :(. never thought a man as handsome as i would have to visit a plastic...
  14. U

    Marxman hole marker

    Hi chaps have a look at this amazing bit of kit its really helped me for marking of holes when a pencil or sharpie wont mark the drill points. Marxman Pen • The Perfect Drilling Companion - https://www.marxmanpen.co.uk/ The best and easiest way you will not be disappointed with it. The misses...
  15. C

    10mm t&e lsoh cable

    Is there anything on the market that will ease the connection of this ridiculous cable & size. At the moment us nutties are struggling to connect into a 45 amp cooker switch,fixed on a fast fix 2g box,then struggling with a cable outlet connection,are we mad or what. Something is gonna bust,madness.
  16. punkin

    High bay or flood lights

    Hi, I work in a steel factory and we are in need of better lighting. I’m thinking of putting up some LED flood lighting in instead of using LED high bay lights. The flood lights are about 50% cheaper than High bay. We currently have 8 foot fluorescents at a height of about 6 meters. Are there...
  17. S

    Generator earth

    Hi all, first post for some time! Currently installing power and lighting into a small cabin. Supply will be from a permanently connected generator and using a rod for earthing purposes. Carrying out testing today and only getting 197v between live and rod. Guessing I may need another rod which...
  18. B

    Amazon drone delivery and drones

    Well I have seen the toys working even had a go (rumour has it a gorilla can work them) Amazon has done a few delivery's with one. see https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-Air/b?ie=UTF8&node=8037720011 Well do you think its the future? millions of drones flying about delivering packages? After...
  19. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all us tool tarts

  20. E

    Smallest possible cable for a 4w LED load.

    Hi All, This is a bit niche but i've been asked to refurb an antique lamp to dimmable led and i'm after a very tiny cable that will take 230v but only run a single 4W LED. There are 5 of these on the lamp that come back to a connector then off in 0.75 flex. Also after an inline dimmer for the...
  21. B

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate/labourer/3rd year apprentice needed in Surrey

    Hi all Looking for labourers, mates or apprentices with a couple of years experience to assist electricians in growing company. Based in Staines, Surrey. Mainly domestic refurbs and new builds. No major travelling but we are getting a few jobs going into London. Would ideally have transport and...
  22. 1Justin

    Does 1mm SWA exist?

    I was on a domestic site the other day in the pitch dark, surveying for a customer who has a skinny 4 core SWA laid to their shed already and now wants a 13A socket. It was not possible to make out the cable embossed markings since they were underground, but my vernier caliper on a single strand...
  23. gatuka

    pass mark %

    does anyone know the pass mark for initial verification
  24. Andy C

    Resumption of career hopefully.

    I am returning to the trade hoping to become self employed and work 2 or 3 days a week. I have an occupational pension so luckily I don't have to work all the time. I have C&G 236 parts 1 & 2 and Electrical Installation Work Course C and 15th Edition regs. I intend to take the following...
  25. H

    Van Racking

    With only having a little Doblo, the van is jam packed when fully loaded. I fancy some proper racking, the type where ladders slide underneath and all that jazz. I've thought about making my own (I already have some I made myself transferred across from the Kangoo) but don't really have the...
  26. H

    Running Cable Bay Window

    hi i've been at a job where the customer wants network cable run round the front outside of the house across the bay window (cable for cctv) they don't want the cable exposed and want it in some sort conduit. i was just hoping for some ideas on how to run it. thanks
  27. GMES

    Where is he

    I know it isn't Electrical but thought it would get more views here. As anyone seen or heard from our Davesparks, According to his profile page he hasn't logged in since August 13th which is no like him at all, he was always an active member with plenty of input. It may be that he is just...
  28. Dan

    Formula One Halo - Good or Bad?

    Formula 1 votes against Halo in 2017 - http://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/10515016/formula-1-votes-against-halo-in-2017 Not as cool as the auroscreen or whatever the other option was. But that failed FIA tests apparently.
  29. M

    Double Socket issues - help needed

    hi guys and gals could really use some help at my girlfriends property, there is a double socket which is behaving rather strangely! one side of the socket works fine (cuts the power when switched off etc.) however, the other side is permanently on, regardless of the switch position. i have...
  30. GMES

    Killer Clowns

    So what do we think of the latest craze and the fear and panic it is currently causing!! Yet another thing we can blame the Yanks for ( it apparently originates from there ) I have watched a few funny youtube videos where they try to scare members of the public who then chase them off armed with...
  31. A

    Lined Pipe Carriers

    We are a British Van Accessory Manufacturer and we exhibited at the recent Toolex/Tool Fair at Coventry Ricoh Arena a couple of weeks ago. We were visited by a large number of electricians and most were surprised to see that we manufactured a LINED pipe carrier. The message was that they didn't...
  32. H

    Using ladder on slope

    Hi I've got a job where I need to run some network cable from the loft to the garage. I want to fit conduit to protect the cable but the issue is there is an extension and the roof is on a slope. Any ideas how I could reach it? Thanks
  33. SJD

    Whole-house/apartment ventilation

    One of my letting agents has asked me to look at a failed fan unit that extracts the air from several rooms in an apartment (bathrooms, kitchen). The failed unit is an Aereco VMP Hygro (the fan bearings are completely done in). Ideally I would order a replacement and reinstall it (in a ceiling...
  34. E

    New diyer

    Just bought a flat which needs a fair amount of work and in true first time buyer style, I'm totally skint. I'll obviously get a proper spark in to do the serious stuff, but am keen to do as much as I can myself to keep the costs down and to learn as much as I can. Please be gentle, I'm totally...
  35. F

    asbestos covered cable removal from conduit

    Hi, I went to a commercial site recently to reconnect a motorised valve after replacement. There is something odd going on electrically as the black is live and red neutral but that's another issue. Connected to the terminals in the fused spur that feeds the actuator are 2 white cables covered...
  36. telectrix

    110v Site Tx.

    bought a 1KVA tranny from car boot @ weekend. bargain @ £8. reason was to have a lightweight one on the van instaed of lugging my 3.3KVA unit about. anyway, gets it home, plugs it in.. no output. so, top off to find that some donut had fitted in-line fuses to bot L and N into the primary. one of...
  37. E

    Advice on pricing a homer

    Hi all, up until now i have only done jobs for love(homers for family and friends) but a painter friend of mine has asked me to price a wee homer and i have no idea how much to charge, another mate of mine suggested the going rate was £25/hour. Here is what the customer wants : Pop off 2...
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