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  1. M

    What should be the minimum resistance required between 3 phase and grounding (connecting wire to earth)

    Hi I am new to electrical engineering. I want to measure the 3 phase voltage near the water pumpset motors. I have connected phase lines to earth through a diode and six 1 mega ohm resistors (measuring the voltage across resistor). The same earthing wire is connected to ground in my dc circuit...
  2. A

    Minimum earth for tncs

    Hi all, need some help as I'm having a blank. Replacing a consumer unit on a tncs that currently has a run of 2.5 metre tails 16mm tails and 10mm earth. I don't want to waste money for no reason replacing them if not necessary, I know a lot of people would fit 25mm and 16mm earth but the supply...
  3. Lister1987

    Check Understanding; Minimum alarm requirements for private rent sector

    Just want someone to sanity check me here; my understanding is that battery powered detectors are not permitted in the private rent sector - they're fine if you own/live in the property yourself but the minute it becomes private rent then the minimum requirement is LD3 - Mains Powered (with or...
  4. hey-hey-my-my

    Trouble with charging a large 12v battery

    Hello! I recently upgraded the 110ah battery in my camper van for a 260ah AGM one. My solar panels (200w via MPPT, soon to be doubled) struggle to keep up with my consumption, so once a week I hook up the battery to mains using CTEK's 5A charger, which supports AGM batteries but is not...
  5. D

    Minimum electrical certification

    Hi Guys. Was curious to know what the minimum certification required to legally work domestically? And if there are any fast track courses? Thanks
  6. D

    Minimum set of qualifications to trade/work in homes?

    I get different answers to this every time. Some say you *have* to be a member of an approved trader body (NICEIC etc), some say you only have to have the regulations (now 18th) and even a diploma is not absolutely necessary. What is *absolutely* necessary? If you job in homes, which body...
  7. sparkless

    minimum sockets required

    Hi guys, I've always read the minimum sockets in a bedroom of three or four sockets, dependant on size of room. I only fit doubles. My friend has just moved into a brand new home and they only have two doubles per room, How do you lot define the regs? 4 sockets or 4 doubles? House is only a...
  8. happyhippydad

    Understanding minimum CPC requirements?

    My assessor said that the minimum CSA for a Main earthing conductor for a TT was 16mm. I questioned this as I thought it was 4mm. Regulation 542.3.1 states every earthing conductor shall comply with section 543. Section 543 refers mainly to the adiabatic (reg 543.1.3) or reg 543.1.4 (table...
  9. Sparksaflyin

    Me in a nutshell (with minimum of 20 characters)

    Morning again fellas. I’m being promoted to introduce myself so I thought I’d better. My names liam and I’m an electrician (obviously) from Leigh on sea. I’ve recently started my own business and am in the process of revising for my 2396. I want to move more in the direction of designing, so...
  10. S

    Minimum call-out fee gripe

    Hi guys, had quite a few people ringing me up recently and asking what my call-out fee is; to which I reply £70 (which covers one hour) plus materials. I then get the response "oh that sounds expensive" - is it? I think it's reasonable for 2018 in the South East of England. What are you guys...
  11. robd

    Minimum bonding size TNC-S

    Afternoon all, Just trying to clear something up, going through regs book at present. Basically have got a TNC-S/PME installation, 16mm tails, 60/80a main fuse (think it is 60A), 6mm bonding to water and 6mm coming from service head to block then into CU as main earth. Am I right that being...
  12. littlespark

    Scotland's minimum pricing for alcohol

    After the nationwide sugar tax attacks my taste for full fat coke in a red can, the SNP have gone one better and finally brought in their diabolical minimum price for alcohol. I don't know the details, because i'm not really interested, but I think its 50p per unit of alcohol. Reading off some...
  13. D

    Minimum requirements to produce and sell bespoke ceiling lights?

    Hi all, I would like to start making my own lamps and ceiling lights to sell to the public, but currently I have no formal electrical qualifications. What requirements would I have to meet as far as training and legislation to be able to safely and legally produce and sell within Britain or...
  14. W

    Minimum number of sockets?

    My existing kitchen is being rewired? Would it need to comply with the number of sockets in the OSG in table H7? My kitchen is small. Having 6 double sockets (plus cooker switches etc.) looks stupid and I would struggle to use half of them given. My interpretation is that these are just...
  15. S

    Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket?

    What is the Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket? It's to be outside & only used for plugging in a generator that will give house temporary power through a changeover switch in the case of power cuts.
  16. Dozer 73

    Minimum wage and freddo's , food for thought

    Food for thought The Freddo theory In 1999 minimum wage was £3.60/hour and a freddo was 5p This means you could buy 72 freddos with an hours wage Now minimum wage is £7.50/hour yet freddo's are 25p , meaning you can only buy 30 freddo's with an hours wage For the continuum of freddo...
  17. A

    MR16 replacement not working

    Hello, I am simply trying to replace an MR16 LED spotlight that has stopped working. However when I put the bulb in and turn on the light it simply flashes and turns off and won't turn on. Is anybody able to help me with why this might be happening? The old bulb has the following: Sainsburys...
  18. M

    Adiabatic equation on distribution circuits

    Now I know this has probably been covered a few times but I'm struggling to come to terms with my own calculations. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if my calculations are correct. So basically I've done a periodic and some of the CPC sizes for sub mains are less than half the...
  19. B

    Cable calculations

    Can anyone help me out how to find minimum kva? The question is, determine the minimum KVA, you have 0.5kw, 12v motor and a power factor of 0.8 cheers
  20. tony mc

    Which Reg in the Yellow book

    Reg 433.1.204 Is in relation to Accessories to BS 1363 supplied through a Ring Final circuit etc and Appendix 15 gives Ring and Radial circuit arrangements. The minimum CSA is 2.5 mm (1.5 MI ) unless a FCU is used and it can be reduced! Just been asked to find the Reg which states 1.5mm CSA...
  21. C

    Industrial Compex Exia and ip washers

    Hi there i am looking for a question answered regarding Ip washers on Exia equipment, the equipment is rated at Exia iic T6 ip rating of Ip68 intrinsically safe in zone 2 with an Exde Hawke cable gland on the cable Ip rated at Ip66/67, does this still require an Ip washer as the minimum Ip...
  22. Z

    Question Regarding Adding Wiring To Lighting Circuit / Going Down A Cable Size

    I've got a lighting circuit wired in 1.5mm T&E on a 6 amp MCB. There are some lights that I'd like to add on to this circuit, controlled by an existing switch. Due to the position of these lights, the most aesthetically pleasing way to install these lights would be to run cable to the new lights...
  23. B

    Megger readings

    I am planning to Meg a 480 volt 3 phase motor leads to ground using 1000 volts DC. What are acceptable ohm values and when should I be concerned.
  24. PhilCumbria

    Domestic Flashing LED's

    I have a friend that has had 4 under cupboard LED Lights fitted. They are connected to an LED Driver - it is a 24V DC LED Driver 100W. However when they switch on the leds they just flash, Can anyone help with this and how to get them working properly? Thanks
  25. Hellmooth

    Running new lighting circuit earth

    Hi quick question, got a newly wired lighting circuit that has had the earths chopped, would be easier for me to run a new earth alongside, is there a minimum size of earth if ran in singles and not protected by an outer sheath, got 4mm in my head but not sure where from!
  26. M

    Problems with LED bulbs

    Hi guys, please bear in mind I'm not a pro with this. i am trying to replace the G4 halogen capsule in my two ceiling fittings. These are brand new identical fittings and each has 7 20w halogens. I have replaced these with 2w led G4 capsules. Now this is my problem, birth lights are powered at...
  27. D

    Prefect pre2975 switch ?

    Hi we have been working on a student accommodation site . And have been installing PREFECT PRE9275 hob timer switch in a small copact kitchen. These have been getting installed only half an arms length away from the sink on the splash back. I am just wondering what is the minimum distance from a...
  28. C

    RCD question

    Can anyone tell me what thelowest insulation resistance for a low voltage circuit tripping time on a rcd or where i could find this on the regs
  29. H

    Dimming LED's

    I used the dimmable electronic transformer 35-105W (see picture) with a 12W dimmable ar111 LED and it dims ok. I thought that the minimum load had to be 35W?
  30. T

    working away

    Evening all! Started working away a few weeks ago..If you had work which was away.. And you paid your apprentice/trainee minimum wage..what would you pay him/her to be working away? 12 hour shifts for 5 days.. Commercial jobs.. If thats any help
  31. N

    Domestic Jcc led7 lighting

    Hi Guys, im after some advise. I'm currently completing a job where I have installed a vast amount of Jcc led7 Downlights. The client got trailing edge dimmers which I have found out are made by varilight. The have minimum wattage of 40 watts which in some rooms is causing the light to turn off...
  32. nowaypedro

    PL Insurance

    First post so please be gentle Just took out £2M PL insurance with Simply Business today. Price was good (less than £100). Process was easy with no hidden restrictions (i.e. 3phase) and also no gimmicks (i.e free tool cover and PI insurance). Better still - if you say i recommended you we...
  33. H

    Breakers & Cable Sizes

    Evening all, Currently studying Electrical, quick question. Is there a page in the onsite guide which tells you the minimum size per breakers ?? Thanks in advance
  34. D

    Minor Works and Meter Tails

    When installing lights would you change meter tails from 16mm to 25mm. Customer doesn't want to pay for upgrade main service fuse is 60a
  35. Tuttle

    Main Protective Bonding (Domestic CU Change, TN-S supply)

    I've gone around in circles several times on this and I'm still not completely sure what the answer is ... generally speaking, when changing a domestic CU in a house that has a TN-S supply and 6mm2 main bonding (which is in good condition) is it necessary to upgrade the main bonding to 10mm2? I...
  36. mhar

    Dimmer rating not making sense

    Went to a house the other day as dining room lights not working. 4 x 40/50w gu10's on a dimmer, dimmer faulty. Looking round the house there was an incredible amount of incandescent lighting mostly on dimmers so I suggested to customer that it may be worth spending an extra couple of £'s on the...
  37. L

    Jobs Alert

    I have just seen an advert on the Directgov jobs search. Jobs and Skills searchJob detailsBackThese are the details of the job selectedELECTRICIANVacancy fromJobcentre PlusJob No:BUR/66545SOC Code:5241Wage£7-£8 PER HOURHours40 HOURS PER WEEK, MONDAY-FRIDAY, BETWEEN 8AM-5PMLocationBURY...
  38. C

    How many sockets?

    I live in a studio flat(not sure of size), and I only have two electrical sockets in the living/sleeping area and one in the kitchen. I was just wondering whether this is legal, or what the legal minimum is? Thanks
  39. S

    Height of sockets

    Hi again, I know that the regs say that sockets need to be a minimum of 450mm from the floor, but if you are adding a socket to an exsisting room does it still have to be that minimum height as it would obviously look out of place with the others. Can anyone help please.
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