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  1. FatAlan

    Minor Works Certificates - Multiple Jobs?

    If you’re on a job which involves things like just replacing light fittings and odds and sods on different circuits for the same client, is there a MWC that can cater for more than one set of circuit tests rather than doing separate certs for each circuit?
  2. FatAlan

    Just a minor flesh wound !

    Had one of those days with niggling little scrapes and cuts. Started off with some how piercing the end of my thumb with a very short piece of SWA armour. Don’t know how the hell it happened but would have provided a good blood sample aka like those finger ----- tests. Later on cut a very nice...
  3. H

    Domestic Minor Works Certification

    Good evening, A burning question has arisen in my mind regarding minor works certificates. This is, if you do some work for a customer which involves say adding some additional lights to an existing lighting circuit, as well as an outdoor light spurred and fused off of a ring main. Would you...
  4. B

    Minor works certificate

    Changed 4 way hook up box with individual 16A RCBOs in box, Part 1 is description of works all good Part 2 is earthing and bonding yes Part 3 Circuit details so this is what feeds the box? And the fuse/mcb Part 4 is test results for circuit altered or extended so these are my results for feed...
  5. B

    Minor works - Like for like

    If a like for like change is done but it's not in compliance with the new regs is a risk assessment always required? Also where does the "like for like" terminology come from?
  6. Zdb

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Minor works certificate (18th edition)

    I use my own MEIWC that I based on the NICEIC's version below: Can someone confirm if the NICEIC are using the same certificate or if it has changed due to the 18th edition. Also if it has changed, please could someone upload a scan on the newer version for me to use as a template. thanks
  7. M

    Minor Works Cert help

    So I am currently registered with the NICEIC as a domestic installer, but I need to fill in a minor works for adding a spur to an existing ring as a dental surgery. As I can't do this via NICEIC, can I download a model form, fill that in and give it to the client? I've seen a couple of model...
  8. G

    Can i issue a Minor works certificate

    Having recently passed Domestic installers exams but not having set up a business or not yet working for an electrician, if i do some minor work for a family member, can i issue them with a Minor Works certificate i.e. with no company name on the document?
  9. Kasper

    minor works certificate

    Hi there, just trying to find out some info regarding the issue of a minor works cert. Having recently completed the 2395 course, I can carry out periodics, but wondered if I can issue a minor works cert or whether I have to wait until I have done my 2394 course ? Many thanks :)
  10. 8

    Minor works, fixed dwelling with commando input.

    Hi gents, I'm working on a container thats is ply lined and has lighting and power inside all run in plastic 20mm surface conduit. Protective device is a garage 2-way consumer unit with 30ma rcd main switch (already installed on arrival). The container is in middle of a field on a mod site -...
  11. leep82

    Minor Works testing advice

    hi all, currently doing an office refurb and are ready to reinstate switch drops that were removed to allow walls to be taken down. The wiring is all T&E into klik plug in boxes above the ceiling. Currently having a discussion on site with another electrician about how we go about doing our...
  12. Spunkywads26

    Minor Works Cert & Bonding

    Hi All, me again. I quoted a small job in a landlords house. The CU is located in a cupboard under the staircase and has rammed with the tenants rubbish. I asked the landlord what type of CU was in there and he told me it was replaced 2 years ago for an RCD board. I moved abit of stuff and...
  13. M

    Certification. Minor works and EIC or one or the other

    I was talking to a fellow spark today and he said I have gone about this wrong. But I disagree so I would like your opinions. Been out to a property with and old rewirable fuse board. (I don't know what that's defined as). They had a spur out the back feeding a disconnected 2.5mm T&E feed in...
  14. R

    Minor Works cert

    Hi, I have been in discussion with a friend Regards minor works certs for a couple of jobs he did recently. 1. Move light (cable is not extended just moved 300mm using slack in loft) 2. Change single socket to a double socket. He has insisted he is not altering the circuit and that it is...
  15. P

    What electrical work am I allowed to do as an unqualified homeowner?

    Hi Guys, Hope this is in the correct section. I just recently discovered that I am technically not allowed to install an extractor fan despite being outside of the special zones and would need an electrician to fit so they test and issue certificates. Now I have found clear information on what...
  16. FatAlan

    Fill me in please!

    What fillers do folks find easiest to use for filling in around minor works like chiselling into walls for back boxes etc?
  17. D

    Which certificate

    I've got a small office which was connected to a B32 MCB, inside the office it had a 2kW heater, 58W luminaire and 2 x double sockets. The sockets and heater have been removed, just leaving the 58W luminaire. Replacing the supply MCB from B32 to B6, would this warrant a minor works or would...
  18. S

    Which cert

    Spur to outdoor socket..I know it's notifiable but do I issue minor works .or full e.i.c.....I'm think minor w orks ??????
  19. O

    Minor works certified with no RCD protection

    Hi all. Got a query could do with a bit of advice off other sparks who are qualified supervisors. i am working for a company that is registered with the NICEIC. We are currently have a contract doing ecrs to properties as requested by client and then after that the properties are having boiler...
  20. G

    legal requirements

    Hi wanting advice on what I can legally carry out electrical with my qualification , I have my 2330 level 1.2.3 , and my 17th edition level 3 BS7671. I know I can't self certify ,just would like some clarity on what I can legal do , I'm doing minor works like installing new light fittings and...
  21. trypod

    Megger MFT 1721//31

    Hi has any one tried the new 1721 or 1731 yet?
  22. M

    Full Certificate and Minor Works Certificates

    Hi All, Not posted on here for a few years! I have a question that i hope someone can clarify. I need help understanding the differences between a full cert and a minor, correct me if im wrong a minor is for jobs that are non notifiable and full for special locations and notifiable works...
  23. U

    increase the number of sockets in a room

    Afer Bedroom Extension increase the number of sockets in a room do they need a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate that confirms check part p electrical safety dwellings or minor electrical works certificate? please advice thanks (The circuit have RCD protection). Regards universal
  24. C

    Commercial New job, new problems

    Hi all, I've recently started a new job making the jump from domestic new build to doing minor works on commercial buildings adding lights to existing circuits etc.. Carrying out the work isn't the issue it's the regulations and paper work side of it. minor works certs etc which I have never...
  25. M

    Domestic Minor work certs

    Alright guys im starting my own work. what work comes in under minor work certs? does any work in a bathroom / kitchen have to be notified to building control or can some jobs be minor work certs
  26. E

    Domestic what description of works to use for minor works cert. when replacing a boiler????

    hello, when issuing a replacement boiler works cert I have been told to class it as and addition to an existing circuit. but alls I'm doing is reconnecting a boiler to an existing supply by means of a 3amp 2pole isolator switch . any advise on what should be recorded?? thanks.
  27. S

    Minor or notifiable works question.

    Hey guys, Im a bit confused with this, a kitchen isn't classed as a special location, yet I've seen it excluded when issuing minor works certificates. I have the opportunity to do some work in a few weeks for a company that fits kitchens, the vast majority would be additional sockets, new...
  28. G

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa certs

    hi guys is it possible to buy Elecsa certs over the counter or can you only get them off there website ? ran out of minor works certs and need them sharpish. cheers
  29. A

    Periodic inspection as was

    I have been asked to go to a site where a periodic inspection was carried out in 2013. There were some 1,2,& 3's on the form which was not corrected at the time. The electrician his no longer about. The local authority has asked the owner why the items were not addressed and wants them...
  30. A

    Domestic Major or Minor Works?

    Hi, I have had 3 phase cut-out and meters for 3 flats moved from my cellar to outside meter cabinet. Sparky has installed switch fuses and around 15 metres of SWA for each flat to relink to old supply point. Work looks decent so I am not disparaging said sparks work. I have a query though. He...
  31. P

    Repair to Ceiling pull cord fitting and replacement switch cable

    Got called to do a job today for a Landlord friend of mine to replace a Light pull cord fitting in "a room containing a bath or shower" Look like someone has been hanging from the fitting and even had to replace the switch cable!! Just checking this is still a repair and replacement and...
  32. S

    ECR Unsatisfactory

    Hi guys i carried out an ECR last week and it had a few category 1, 2 and 3. Obviously resulting in a fail which wasn't great news for the client. They said well there's no point in giving us an unsatisfactory cert and asked if I could do the works and issue a satisfactory grade. So iv since...
  33. happyhippydad

    EIC or minor works cert?

    Hello all.... I am in the process of extending the ring in the kitchen and also extending another ring upstairs. Also extending lighting circuit into a new on-suite along with a fan and shaver point. Also extending lighting circuit into a new bedroom. I just assumed that this would be an EIC...
  34. A

    low voltage fan

    Hi All After fitting a low voltage fan to an existing lighting circuit, does a test have to be carried out on the whole circuit or just the extra part installed. Secondly does it have to be a eic or is a minor works acceptable as it is an addition to an existing circuit. Thanks all
  35. C

    minor works

    I'm working in a waitrose changing light fittings like for like, I'm not adapting any wiring apr adding any new circuits, does a minor works cert have to be done!
  36. K

    Minor Works

    Hi Guys, Please could some tell me what qualification i would need to obtain to carry out minor works certification, i am 19 and about to become a qualified gas engineer, at present i am wiring central heating systems, from combination boilers to a fully pumped system with 3 heating zones, due...
  37. J

    testing advice

    hello all, i work for a large company so have not a great deal of experience in domestic test certificates. i have 2330 lvl 3, 2391, 17th ed ect going to do a job for some one that involves changing a circuit from an economy7 dis board to the normal consumer unit for 24/7 power! the circuit will...
  38. D

    unsatisfactory condition report?

    was wondering when it comes to an unsatisfactory condition report, then once the corrections are made do you have to redo the form or just add a letter to it stating it is now satisfactory?
  39. robd

    Bonding installed, which cert to use?

    Afternoon all. Have recently installed bonding to water in each flat in a block of flats as part of some remedial work from an EICR. Need to give landlords some paperwork to say work is done, just wondered on your thoughts as to what to give to him. Seems a bit excessive to fill out a whole EIC...
  40. E

    Minor works - when to use

    Ok this seems fairly simple - minor works not ok if you have to put in a new circuit right?! What if you found some lights that had no CPC in them and put it in - steel conduit - easy enough just pull single green and yellow thru, terminate and do relevant tests. But..... Minor works or new...
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