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  1. N

    Domestic Replacing a Legrand grid switch

    I have a bank of DP Legrand grid switches and one has become faulty. Is it easy to replace? Thanks.
  2. S

    10 way MK insulated CU 16 module - anyone replacing one or have spare cover?

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1x cover + lid and 1x just lid. Does anyone have them spare or a CU change planned soon? I'll cover P&P and name your drink £?
  3. C

    Commercial LTC Addressable Interface Module to be connected to the ballasts

    What is unswitched live and switched live in the attached image?. It it the drawing of the addressable interface module (AIM) to be connected to the ballasts. To where should I connect these USL & SL terminals? What is the purpose of these terminals?
  4. P

    Single Module Double Pole RCBO over 40 amps?

    With for example the Wylex NXHL1B Single Module DP range of RCBO's there is (at last) a sensible solution to RCD protection for all circuits individually, but only up to 40 amps. Is there a manufacturer doing 50 amp single module double pole rcbo's e.g for thirsty 10 kw or 11 kw large cookers...
  5. 1Justin

    Best value fused switch plus 2 module type 2 SPD?

    Has anyone done this yet on a budget? I'm pricing a job to run a submain off a TN-S. I'll need a fused switch incorporating SPD alongside in the same enclosure. Price sensitive. Thinking of a budget Lewden off the shelf fused switch (in 4 module enclosure), ditching the enclosure and buying 6...
  6. L

    Emergency lighting fault

    Hi All, New to the forum and was seeking some advice. I have arrived at a site to complete yearly 3 hour emgencey lighting test. Once completed I switched the power back on and half the emergency lamps haven't turned back on. When you turn the power off, the lamp lights up in emergency mode...
  7. Vortigern

    Ever tried using Eterna emergency pack module ? Don't if you can avoid it

    A more unholy jumble of wires and system of in-line emergency pack I have yet to see. Very dissapointed with the product. But it does work I suppose. Initially I thought wtf is this? but pause for thought and it all became clear but very inelegant solution. And the LED is supposed to be placed...
  8. D

    Dimmer module with long spindle?

    Hi there, I went to change a faulty dimmer switch for someone today but after taking the 3-gang plate to pieces, I found the current dimmers have a longer spindle compared to regular ones. I have had a look and have found Varilight do one. Does anyone know if Hamilton do one as I want their LED...
  9. Murdoch

    Buzzing GU10 LED's

    So I changed 10 x halogen MR16's for 10 x Megaman dimmable 5.5w LED's along with a VPro dimmer (rated up to 10 LED's) When the lights are switched on, they are silent but after 10 -15 minutes they start buzzing - the lamps, not the dimmer. I swapped the dimmer for a standard switch today, and...
  10. Dave the spark

    Help me source one of these...

    Please! Cyber pint for anyone who can help
  11. Murdoch

    Hager CU cover - anyone got a spare one?

    Specifically one of these?
  12. M

    Multiple electrical problem on Mk 1 Focus

    hi everyone My mk1 Focus has developed the following electrical problems over a very short period of time (2 weeks). I can't believe that this is due to individual faults and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the problem and if there is a fault in common easily fixed Indicators...
  13. Leesparkykent

    Delay start timer bathroom extractor fan

    Age old problem of the customer wants to have the bathroom extractor to come on with the bathroom lights but doesn't want the fan to run if just going for a number 1 in the middle of the night o_O Having a look about I've pretty much decided on an Air flow icon 15 fan with delay start timer...
  14. S

    Solar PV Module characteristics

    Hi Guys, do you know what is/are the implications if their is a mismatch of Nameplate Isc and the actual Isc from string that you will be testing. say, Module Isc : 9.08A and by site testing you only get around 3A ? TIA
  15. J

    For Sale: Allen Bradley Compact Logix L32E PLC

    I am selling a complete Allen Bradley Compact Logix L32E plc, All the of parts are as followed: 1x 1769-L32E Logix 5332E Processor Unit 3x 1769-IQ32 32 pt. Input Module 1x 1769-PA2 Power Supply 2x 1769-OB32 32 PT. 20.4-26.4VDC Sourcing Output Module 2x 1769-IF8 8 Channel Analog Input Module 1x...
  16. G

    Grid Switches for Outside Light

    Hi, I've recently moved house and having some work done to the existing utility room. In the process of removing tiles a sfcu (part of the ring main) has been damaged and needs replaced (it's cracked), this switch is connected to an outside security light. I was just going to buy a replacement...
  17. R

    DIY Garden - Solar Lighting

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but hoping to gain a little help. I want to purchase a solar panel that will power around 15 led's in a homemade garden lighting project. I don't really know where to start in terms of what components to buy - there are tons of solar panels out there and...
  18. H

    Further study and engineering

    Hi, was as after some advice in regards to working towards my HNC and hopefully hnd and then degree in an electrical discipline. I've posted on here a few times before but just to give a quick background:- 6 months experience in the industry about to complete NVQ level 3 portfolio to become...
  19. shnabz

    2365 Level Drawings

    Does anyone have the 2365 Level 3 Drawings on a pdf file they could share with me? My college have been re-using old ones and the quality is horrendous, they have probably just been printing copies of copies. They are not very good when it comes to computers and won't give me access to walled...
  20. B

    EC Evolution+10 Panels

    Evening guys... Anyone come up against a company called Project Solar. They are selling this Evolution+10 panel which the salesman is saying will earn £5000 more than any "german panel" Apparently they are able to install them as 250 watt panels but do a pv estimate on 262 watt panels because...
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