1. P

    Anyone worried about working at the moment?

    Hi all Just a quick one, maybe just to share my worries, I need to work to keep money coming in I’m mainly doing faults, outside work or empty property work. I’ve got 3 kids and a wife I need to think of both in terms of feeding them and keeping the rent going but also not to give them corona. I...
  2. static zap

    Are Downloaded Images , Videos OK at moment ? (or just me ! ....)

    ..And my deviant setup. Links to ext videos working but , on site Videos and User downloaded images appear poorly .. ( Just letting you know ) .. No reply urgency , if have bits to sort out !
  3. GMES

    So what are you watching at the moment.

    As per title, what's everyone into at the moment. I've just finished,,,, Stranger things Top Boy The I Land , got one episode left Bohemian Raphsody movie I'm watching the movie, the Mule today clint Eastwood. And am eagerly awaiting season 10 of the walking dead. My favourite from the list...
  4. NDG Elecs

    My gravity flappy lid Eureka moment for happy labelling!!

    It's only took since the start of AMD3 for me to realise the powers of a magnetic level in making labelling easier!! Can't post photo though! File too big. Have screenshotted it to make it smaller but no joy. Basically the level holds the lid open! Staff /Dan /Lou - what's the maximum image...
  5. C

    Senior moment,am I losing it

    should that actually happen
  6. P

    Work quiet at the moment?

    The past month or two so has been noticeably quieter than its been for years. I have enough work to keep me going for a while and I'm chilled about it even if the work stops because I have lots of jobs to catch up with in my own house, and enough in my piggy bank to keep my going. Could it be...
  7. V

    Electricians Mate Electrician's Mate/Labourer Looking For Work And Experience

    Hello EF Members. I'm looking for electrician's mate job and I want to gain some experience. Age: 29 years old Location: Southampton. I have ECS Labourer Card , driving license and next week Ill get a car. Qualifications : 17 edition, Part P full scope, 2365 lvl 2 and Im in the middle of...
  8. A

    London Day Rates

    Afternoon all, been offered some work subbying to a firm doing site temporaries for a couple of weeks, unsure what to say as a day rate, what's the going rate for subbying in central London at the moment? I currently charge £30ph for my own contracts based in Surrey/Berkshire, Cheers!
  9. M

    Hello from Manchester

    Hi guys/girls, Just a quick hello, I'm recently out of the Army after 22yrs and have taken things Electrical as my resettlement course. To be honest i dont consider myself a sparky yet, so im sure you will be hearing quite a lot from me in the future, i hope you dont mind helping this newbie...
  10. E

    Is it worth Taking on more work and expanding business in these hard times

    Evening all, As the title suggests, is it worth taking on extra work and trying to expand or is better to play safe? ? At the moment I don't have the worry of competing with others as I only have myself to worry about and don't have to come up with wages at the end of every week. What are...
  11. R

    solar - worth the effort?

    I'm thinking about venturing into the solar field. Any thoughts or recommendations?? Is it worth bothering spending the money to get going?? Cheers
  12. N

    200a TFT fuses

    Hi guys how long or how many amps would it take for a 200a fuses to blow at the cut off point, we are working in a factory just now and it's peaking at 198.2A at the moment and not all machines are on at the moment :[email protected] Cheers guys
  13. D Skelton

    Spur to outbuilding TN-S

    I'm having a blonde moment here??? Supply is TN-S, technically, could you spur off an existing RFC in the house to provide power to an outbuilding as long as you don't export the earth??? Connecting the earth rod from the RCD SFCU in the outbuilding? If you can, this is not in a million years...
  14. G

    Latest Batches of Panels down in price

    How far will we see the price of panels drop to make the new tarrif worth while? Who is cheapest for Canadian Solar and Suntech at the moment has anyone come across any good new deals??
  15. 1

    Emergency call outs - DOMESTIC - Small one man band companies

    Being pestered by a certain advertiser at the moment and something has come up in discussion about emergency call out. Now at the moment I don't provide this service but what I would like to try and establish is... Is there much of a requirement for this service in the Domestic Sector. I've...
  16. C

    Solaredge Systems

    Is there a shortage of Solaredge systems at the moment? Usual suppliers have a waiting list at moment. Regards.
  17. N

    need an engineers help please

    hello all could use a hand or push in the right direction, im currently studying for a hnd in electrical engineering and im finding the mechanical engineering science a bit of a nightmare, as my background is pure electrical. im completing an assignment on static engineering systems and im...
  18. G

    notifiable work confusion

    can anybody help me? i have been contracting to companys for the past three years and i am thinking of advertising and starting up myself. when i have done work for the companys they tested and notified building control, what i need advice on is if i do notifiable work what would i have to do...
  19. S

    Anyone looking for a bit of work In Swiss Cottage area

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all ok. I am (dare I say it )..BUSY at the moment. Got a couple of minor rewires and one rewire going on plus call outs etc. But I have had a call from a good customer of my dads. She lives in Swiss cottage and she just told me that she is planning to put a pond in the...
  20. K

    3036 with RCD

    Can any one tell me if i need to put rcd on 3036 cu if I am just changing socket faces cause i was told i did?
  21. P

    what`s your job

    as the title what`s your main job
  22. S

    Domestic Installer Passed

    Just to let everyone know I'm now up to Domestic installer status passed 17th and Part P last week so am now well on my way to becoming a fully blown electrician, got 2391 booked up for april and NVQ soon. Was hoping to start up self employed doing domestic electric,cctv, aerial and AV fitting...
  23. C

    Upside down light switch

    Hey all, i have a question that has been bugging me all day as i just cant work it out!? Changed a faulty dimmer to a light switch as it was a 500w one and I didn't have one at the time. Put power back on.....switch was upside down......i often do this so laughed it off and moved the wires...
  24. H


    hi all any1 outhere from a contracting background, how are you getting on finding work ? i have been phoning the agencies but not much joy down that route, unless your willing to travel to siberia for £8.00 an hour. also cards in jobs seem to be few and far between. also have yer noticed the...
  25. A

    Testing the water

    Hi, I have currently been tinkering around in the house installng some new lights, even fitting a new light in the attic. I currently work in retail, which at the moment is taking some hits with the credit crunch. What I really am asking is your industry suffering from the ecomony problems...
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