1. D

    Monday Funny ... try not to laugh

    A little light entertainment to get you through the morning
  2. A

    AM2 help for Monday please

    Got my AM2 Monday, just wondered if anyone could give me any advice if they have taken it before or things to be wary of. Could someone please explain to me using fly earth leads, when to use and when to jot? Might seem simple but my college have basically put me for the AM2 with barely any...
  3. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician with mate wanted for Monday start Holborn London

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a gold card electrician ideally with a mate for our Holborn site (wc1a) to start on Monday 8th October. Work will be focusing on installing lights. Enough work on site until mid December at least. Hrs 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break Monday to...
  4. R

    Am2 Monday Coming NEED some guidance on motor circuit testing etc...

    Hello all Sparkies, Ive got a question how would you measure Zs on the installation at the origin? Even though the install is “dead”. How do you test the motor circuit as in IR and Zs etc? Would you test the 3 phase IR from the supply to the contactor then do the same from the load side to the...
  5. gatuka

    2394 multiple choice passed

    passed 2394 multiple choice anyone done the typed 2394/5 need more info as I have another exam on Monday
  6. Sintra

    Electrician Electricians Jobs SW6 - Electricians needed London SW6

    2 x electricians required for high end commercial project near Earls Court. Would prefer self employed but PAYE can be considered. This work will last for 6 months for the right people. Must have completed a full apprenticeship and hold a valid ECS or CSCS card. C&G 2391 would be desirable...
  7. GMES

    Bank Holiday

    So who's working on Monday, I have managed to get a rare day off but knowing me I will end up going to the office as I need to print and go through a load of designs for an upcoming job, This will be after a trip to buy an A3 printer. It is probably sad but it is the best chance of getting...
  8. londonfire

    Strange RCD tripping...

    Have had a call from a regular customer about their RCD TRIPPING. Strange thing is it has tripped every Monday between 6-6:30 am for the last month. The property has recently had new kitchen appliances (all high end Neff) Has also had the meter changed to a smart meter. My initial thought...
  9. D

    off work today

    Started at 9pm last night. Suddenly got a really bad stomach ache. Then at about 11pm I spewed. And every 20 mins from then until now, I've been up and being sick. I'm exhausted and feel like crap.the bathroom stinks too! Had doctor out half an hour ago. I have food poisoning. He's given me some...
  10. Phil L

    typical customer

    In middle of rewire customer said they were doing some decorating told them to wait to Monday and I would loosen of the accessories so the could cut round them (all polished chrome) went out to watch the football came back and got a call saying they had a problem the lady of the house had got...
  11. sparkless

    Quiet tonight

    It's quiet on the Forum tonight, is it the post Christmas hangover? or is it like me, and not going back properly until Monday
  12. applemac

    creepy customers

    doing a job today , new kitchen ring,cooker radial, board change to do on monday, any road up this old lady has a son about 6 foot tall with massive clown size feet was a spark once back in the day,didn't do any work in the house though! watching me all day and getting in the way! turn around...


    evenin all....or is it mornin all Anyway...just finished C/U change at my mothers house......just finished the last now its all gets assessed on monday afternoon.....
  14. J

    Agency work

    I am currently in full time work, but need more time to visit family abroad. The 5 annual weeks I get is not enough. I am looking at working for agencies doing part time contacts of 2- 3 duration. What is the current situation with available work out there?? I am in the North West area..
  15. F

    Testing costs?

    Hi people I'm based in the north west and I am going pricing a job on monday. It's a pir on a commercial building but it's my first inspection and testing job since I set up on my own two months ago. I did quite a bit of testing for my old firm but never got involved in pricing ect. So what is...
  16. A

    Got the job

    Thanks for the advice people got the job start monday!, ( and no didnt wear the shell suit) haha;)
  17. P

    bosch 14.4v grinder and 2 batts

    got a 14.4v grinder that i have not used in a while so it`s time to de clutter :D 2 batts and grinder with the charger £30 plus post which i think would be 6 quid tops
  18. M

    Work load

    Just curious, how come there are so many forum members veiwing on a Monday morning? Are you at work or home. Is there enough work around at the moment? Me I start at 10.00am:confused:
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