1. D

    Owed money....

    Hi all, i'm looking for some advice regarding some money I am owed. The situation is as follows.... I am qualified electrician who is currently at university. Last summer I worked for a "friend", doing a 6 bedroom rewire and some extra other jobs too, including some general help with some other...
  2. A


    New to the forum, I’m looking at starting up on my own but I find it hard to price work as I don’t really know the going rates had a look online and the prices seem really high? I live and work in the north of England. what would be a average price per day and hour? and do people charge for...
  3. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  4. S

    Electrician LOOKING FOR GOOD ELECTRICIANS FOR GOOD MONEY London and surrounding areas

    Small family business which has taken on some large contracts (11 floor hotel in London and new build flats and houses) Looking for experienced electricians to run jobs and up and coming electricians looking to learn and earn Very fair day rates and potential opportunity for price works on...
  5. rolyberkin

    How to save money on costly rcbo's

    Well this is a new one on me, new build, very expensive large house, 1 x rfc and radial crammed into in one 20amp rcbo x 2 and multiple circuits in the three 6 amp rcbo's?
  6. H


    Hi everyone. I'm an electrician in Leeds and i'd really appreciate your view on walking away from jobs when the existing install is not right. For instance I had two days booked in for a CU change and rewiring of some spotlights. I always start a CU change by doing a condition report first on...
  7. sham

    Letter from CSCS is this just them trying to make money from us?

    Hello fellow sparks, I've received this letter last week. It is frustrating. Do I still need an CSCS card as I have an JIB gold card ? This seems to be them trying to keep their money cycle going.
  8. Jay 1987


    Hello everybody So I met a guy last night who has just recently completed his nvq3. Fast forward we started speaking about the type of work he likes, whether it be domestic, commercial etc and why? We then moved onto the more interesting topic of wages !!!! To My surprise he revealed that he...
  9. Dillb

    Decided to spend a lot of money

    on a new tool box :grinning:
  10. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Why pay good money for a Voltmeter?

    Yes I'm bored this evening.
  11. L

    Hi, looking for electrical hands on training - I'll make you money via satellite field

    Hello all, thanks for having me on the forum. If anyone requires assistance on site I'm more than happy to help. I want to become fully fledged electrician ideally in the domestic field. Happy to travel, within one hour commute from Derby provided on site training given. I been working in the...
  12. O

    BBC Money Box - Smart Meters ....

    The first half of this program is definitely worth listening to! BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Energy firms turn up the heat on smart meters -
  13. D

    Help! With my pay as a maintenance electrician in FM

    Hi Hope someone can help me. I have got a problem with my pay but first I’ll give a little background information about my history. I’ve been in the industry as an “Electrician” for 4 years this July will be 5. I’m 26, I have my Level 3, Inspection and testing 2394&5, 17th edition, AM2 and...
  14. Matthewd29

    Knipex installation pliers... Are they worth the money?

    As above I've been looking at adding these to my tool box but not sure if I'd get full use of them, anyone used them before?
  15. D

    Money grabbing training centre

    Time for a rant so will try and keep it short. Whilst chatting to other people doing the 2365 level 2 practical assessment today I couldn't believe what I was being told. The centre had told a number of people that no prior experience was needed. Fine but the only workshop time they had was half...
  16. C

    Estate agent and money

    hello guys I recently had an estate agent contact me asking for an EICR be carried out, I sent them a detailed quotation with terms and conditions. These conditions stated £200 will cover the first 10 circuits then £20 for every circuit thereafter. After spending a day grafting away nocking out...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    Quooker - Some people have too much money!

    Installed a new socket on a ring today under the worktop to plug one of them Quooker hot water taps in for a customer. She felt at £70 i was a bit expensive!! Says they used to use another electrician at there previous house and he rewired it all for £2500!!! I don't know what you can say to...
  18. O

    BBC Money Box - Summer mini series...

    Everybody should listen to this ................. and the subsequent episodes: Can We Afford Retirement?, The Death of Retirement, Money Box - BBC Radio 4 -
  19. F

    problem i should have sorted before now but not had money.

    Hey everyone i'm really hoping this issue is fixable and cheap as i have put it off due to low cash flow and tonight it got a bit dangerous. My car started acting up a couple of months ago and has gradually got worse and it all began when i started leaving my car parked for days while working...
  20. gatuka

    advice needed

    would it be wise to do the 2396 design, erection and verification course, considering i am not an electrician and have not got any experience
  21. rolyberkin

    Ltd Company - Van Maintenance

    I am just about to switch from sole trader to Ltd Company (the company is all set up but not yet trading) I have got to go and see an accountant in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime as in the next few days my van needs a service/MOT and probably a load of work.........!:-( If i...
  22. Leighton Gill

    How is Solar PV saving me money?

    Hi All, First post here, so hello there. I'm not an electrician so please excuse my ignorance in the subject. I recently installed a Smappee energy (and solar) monitor system, and I'm really pleased with how it works. However, I have noticed that the load on my meter does not drop when my solar...
  23. A


    Hello, my name is Angela, a single mom from London I have always been interested in everything electric as my dad was an electrician, I am always looking on ways to save money with the bills in my house and the one I am renting
  24. A

    Newbie Hopefull Seeking Advice

    Hello I was recentely made redundant after 9 years working in IT. At the age of 42, its daunting. Due to redundancy pay, i can survive and support my family for around 10 months, if i spend little. I am thinking of trying to qualify as an electrician with hopefully my main work being domestic...
  25. R

    Change of premises

    Hi all, I am an employer of 3 staff. Two sparks and 1 x 2nd year apprentice. Just in case it has a bearing on any responses, i have never set up an employment contract. When i employed the apprentice the company was operating from premises not 1 (which was closer to the apprentice's home, his...
  26. Midwest

    Money Mail Campaign 'Unlock Our Pensions'

    I seem to recall a while back, talking to a member about annuity pensions, and the then Chancellor George Osborne bringing in a new law allow pensioners unlocking themselves from annuity pensions and cashing in their lump sums. Well it appears the new government under Theresa May has decided to...
  27. T

    Milwaukee cordless.

    Anyone use/used milwaukee? Are they any good. Its just Toolstation are offering brushless hammer drill + impact drill 2 x 4ah batteries for 260 and I am tempted.
  28. Leesparkykent

    Tool bag

    I want to buy my apprentice a new tool bag as a birthday present so not looking to spend a fortune like buying a veto pro pac or Klein bag..He has a good collection of hand tools and would like to get him something that they could all fit in but with some organisation. I like the look of the...
  29. O

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Are The Jib Real?

    I was just wondering if the JIB are real or not? I have been trying for the last week to contact them but I just get put from recorded message, to ring tone, to "there is nobody here, please try again later". Have they gone out of business or are they a wind up that I have fallen for? I have...
  30. C

    Which? Electricians Accreditation

    Hi everyone is anybody on here accredited with which and does it bring in the work. Craig
  31. T

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) anyone tried calling the JIB about your new card

    I have been trying for days to get though to find out where my card is. You get put in a clue 6/9 and sometimes it says we have a high level of callers at the minute. After an half an hour it just cuts you off. So send an email! A week ago. Still waiting, its just an renewal done the test logged...
  32. Pete999

    5/8th Conduit

    I was helping out on a rewire a few months ago, just for pin money you understand, unocupied large country house the buyer had" loads a money" to quote STAVROS. Any how would I like to start the lighting on the ground floor? ripped all the old floor covering up, to my surprise lots of flooring...
  33. N

    12V LED Drivers

    I am gradually replacing filament & halogen bulbs with LED versions. Whilst some LED lamps work okay with standard 12V transformers, the transformers don't like low current devices, resulting in flickering. Since the idea is to save money and energy, I don't really want to outlay large sums of...
  34. S

    Time sheet software? Becoming a nightmare

    Hi, I'm a new member but I run a commercial electrical contractors, it's a family business around for 35 years and I've been in it for about 13 now. Started off in admin, then a full apprenticeship, electrician, junior project manager, estimator, manager, now I'm operations manager running all...
  35. amlu

    el cheapo china LED floodlghts teardown

    I ordered some of the cheapest LED floodlights than one could find... fiver each, postage included (ebay, from uk, took couple of days to arrive). Need only the enclosures for my personal project so the internals are coming out anyway. Got some pics if anyone interested whats in them.... The...
  36. O

    The IET are really taking the pxss now!

    This months PE, page 38 is a full page advert for a new guide they have produced – “Guide to Consumer Units” So they write RUBBISH regs, that most of us think are knee jerk, and them they expect us to pay out more money on a new Guide they have written. They should be giving them to people who...
  37. H

    Which trusted trader

    anybody think it would be a good idea? Find Trusted & Local Tradesmen - Which? Trusted Traders niceic do apparently.....................anybody else been invited to a "give your thoughts" get together?
  38. P

    Domestic Training I no nought! and want advice about the fast track courses please.

    Hi there, This is kinda scary writing this but here goes!! The fast Track Training i.e 3-4week electrical courses which say you can become qualified are they any good? Im not looking to do this full-time, just for my own home and family (long story why!!) Ive done short courses in the past...
  39. brucelee

    Amd 3 2015 books

    Hi to all the forum members, I just wanted to ask does anyone know where I can buy the new amended 2015 versions of the Regs, OSG, and related guidance notes. Preferably cheaper than IET, Elecsa/NICEIC or Amazon Also why does the forum not have a sponsor that they could negotiate a Better deal...
  40. S

    New Job

    I've just been informed this morning that my application for NICEIC Assessor has been successful. Watch out the North West, the easy rides are over if you get me!!!
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