1. K

    UK Energy monitor options for new Distribution Panel?

    I need to put in a new distribution panel for under floor (electric) heating. Are there decent energy monitoring devices I can put into the distribution panel so I can keep track of costs? (especially given the soaring energy costs) Ideally something I can view on my phone/tablet. Thanks
  2. F

    electricity issue - problems with LCD monitor - input lag

    Hello, at first sorry for my english, its not too good but i think you will understand what i say.. I am writing for me and tens of people which i met on forums.. This problem killing mind, just listen please.. I am fighting for 5 years with heavy input lag in all games,desktop.. Symptoms...
  3. A

    Anyone know where I can get a solar panel monitor similar to Caymax solar eye giving current and historical information

    I need to replace a faulty solar panel monitor, similar to Caymax solar eye giving current and historical readings and data analysis.
  4. S

    Monitor and bulb trips mains.Question.

    I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. 3 months ago it tripped electricity in my house/breaker/s.When power back to house.Pc worked fine. But monitor was not turned back. No lights when pressing button,nothing.I sended to rma. Here is shop RMA message: Shop:"We repaired PSU and sending back good...
  5. S

    monitor AORUS AD27QD - short circuit and tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. Yesterday when i was sleep i left monitor on like always. When i woke in morning there was not power in house. Something tripped breaker/fuse. When i turn up breaker and power back in,monitor just refused to turn on. So monitor i guess tripped breaker...
  6. telectrix

    Handheld CCTV Monitor for setting cameras up

    need some help.My CCTV monitor ( about 8 years old ) has given goood service but will not display on these newer generation camaras. think it's the ols analogue/digital problem. When looking round on the net, I'm confused. What do I look for,.... IP, 1080, TVI, CVI, CHD?
  7. bigspark17

    Voltage monitor ac 230/400v

    Hi where could i get hold of a voltage monitor or similar that is designed to keep track of supply voltage.? I have a commercial site 3 phase that i suspect is loosing voltage on one phase causing some issues around site. Any help or past experiences appreciated.
  8. M

    Solar Edge inverter installed along with pvdc monitor & growatt voltage optimiser?

    Bit out of my area but hopefully a quick one for someone with the right experience. Central Oxford domestic installation done by reputable company for elderly lady. Single property has installed: Solar Edge single phase inverter Growatt voltage optimiser VO60 PVDC Voltage monitor? 3kw battery...
  9. dc-electrix

    AES Predator Wifi Tab-10 Monitor

    Anyone seen these in the wild? I am looking to install this sytem but would like some info on the TAB-10 monitor it is about £300 if i buy the AES version which as in their advertising photos clearly says digital photo frame on the back, therefore im assuming this can be had much cheaper if i...
  10. HappyHippyDad

    CO monitor in extension.

    I am unused to putting in CO monitors and have just realised that one is required as there is going to be a log burner in situ. With smoke alarms these need to be mains and linked. Can I use a battery CO? When I had my chimney fitted, the chap was a registered installer (part J I think) and was...
  11. 2

    3 phase clamp meter monitor

    Hi guys, Has anyone got any suggestions for reasonably priced 3 phase clamp meters that record min / max values over a 24 hour period? Could even be 3 individual meters I’m not fussed. Thanks in advance.
  12. L

    Barrel monitor function

    Good morning, Could someone explain it point me in the right direction as to the function of a barrel monitor on an EOT crane? Thanks
  13. S

    Static current causing monitor blank

    Hi. I am currently facing a situation which I never encountered before and was wondering if any of you has experienced it before and might help me out with a solution please. At work, some people are having static electric shock and it's causing there's and there neighbor's monitor to go blank...
  14. N

    Domestic Trying to understand why smoke comes out of my monitor.

    So I have been renovating some old Steadicams. These run off V mount batteries on the bottom brackets which feeds power to the camera and accessories on the top stage and the monitor on the bottom bracket. Electrics is not something I know too much about but I’ve tried to do some research and...
  15. tazz

    ESP TMPRO CCTV Test Monitor

    ESP TMPRO cctv Test Monitor For Sale. Allows powering & testing of cctv cameras at install point. In Excellent condition, still in original boxed, with case, manual, leads & Charger 3 months old. 3.5" TFT Colour screen Built in Cat5 Tester Lithium rechargeble batteries 5 hours operation on...
  16. D

    Is there anything that can monitor lighting circuit outages?

    Hi, Background: In my small block of 3 flats, the communal lighting is powered through a circuit connected to the middle floor flat (the building is old and we are in the process of changing this but need to save up the funds from service charge). The power is supplied for three pendant lights...
  17. T

    PV Monitor

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, I don't suppose anyone could suggest a reasonably priced alternative to a Wattson energy monitor? A customer of ours has a wattson at the moment but having recently had an extension built and there consumer unit re-sited has lost the battery pack that sends the...
  18. dansk

    Replacement for GEO PV Monitor

    Got a existing customer from back in the day when we was doing solar - his GEO Solar energy innovation, batteries not included | Green Energy Options monitor is playing up (always has TBH) what is a suitable, reliable, easy to read, easy to fit alternative? Or do i get him the latest version?
  19. A

    Computer Monitor Cuts Out When Switching Lamp

    Hi, I have been having issues with my computer monitor and laptop recently where the monitor will cut lose signal or cut out and go to a fuzzy screen and I have to turn off and on, this happens quite randomly every hourish so isn't to bad and I can live with it I am just curious at what might...
  20. J

    Camera to monitor help needed please

    I have a couple of cameras with HDMI out (smaller than usual HDMI sockets) and a Lilliput standard HDMI in Is there any way to have wireless HDMI that anyone is aware of please Thanks