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  1. S

    monitor AORUS AD27QD - short circuit and tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. Yesterday when i was sleep i left monitor on like always. When i woke in morning there was not power in house. Something tripped breaker/fuse. When i turn up breaker and power back in,monitor just refused to turn on. So monitor i guess tripped breaker...
  2. telectrix

    Handheld CCTV Monitor for setting cameras up

    need some help.My CCTV monitor ( about 8 years old ) has given goood service but will not display on these newer generation camaras. think it's the ols analogue/digital problem. When looking round on the net, I'm confused. What do I look for,.... IP, 1080, TVI, CVI, CHD?
  3. bigspark17

    Voltage monitor ac 230/400v

    Hi where could i get hold of a voltage monitor or similar that is designed to keep track of supply voltage.? I have a commercial site 3 phase that i suspect is loosing voltage on one phase causing some issues around site. Any help or past experiences appreciated.
  4. M

    Solar Edge inverter installed along with pvdc monitor & growatt voltage optimiser?

    Bit out of my area but hopefully a quick one for someone with the right experience. Central Oxford domestic installation done by reputable company for elderly lady. Single property has installed: Solar Edge single phase inverter Growatt voltage optimiser VO60 PVDC Voltage monitor? 3kw battery...
  5. dc-electrix

    AES Predator Wifi Tab-10 Monitor

    Anyone seen these in the wild? I am looking to install this sytem but would like some info on the TAB-10 monitor it is about £300 if i buy the AES version which as in their advertising photos clearly says digital photo frame on the back, therefore im assuming this can be had much cheaper if i...
  6. happyhippydad

    CO monitor in extension.

    I am unused to putting in CO monitors and have just realised that one is required as there is going to be a log burner in situ. With smoke alarms these need to be mains and linked. Can I use a battery CO? When I had my chimney fitted, the chap was a registered installer (part J I think) and was...
  7. L

    Barrel monitor function

    Good morning, Could someone explain it point me in the right direction as to the function of a barrel monitor on an EOT crane? Thanks
  8. S

    Static current causing monitor blank

    Hi. I am currently facing a situation which I never encountered before and was wondering if any of you has experienced it before and might help me out with a solution please. At work, some people are having static electric shock and it's causing there's and there neighbor's monitor to go blank...
  9. N

    Domestic Trying to understand why smoke comes out of my monitor.

    So I have been renovating some old Steadicams. These run off V mount batteries on the bottom brackets which feeds power to the camera and accessories on the top stage and the monitor on the bottom bracket. Electrics is not something I know too much about but I’ve tried to do some research and...
  10. S

    PV Generation Monitoring Over Internet/Smart Phone

    Hi there, my inverter is in my garage so when I`m at home I can monitor my generation via a GeoSolo monitor I have in my kitchen, which works perfectly well. I wondered if anyone knew of a way I could monitor my generation via the internet/smart phone....I should add some details here :- There...
  11. M

    Solar Energy Monitoring

    Hello everyone. First post here - so be gentle!! Looking to start monitoring my solar use at home and wondered what systems/tools people here use to track it all? Saw this earlier ( Solar Energy Monitoring with Fronius and Loxone | Loxone Blog EN ) & it got me thinking about other ways to...
  12. C

    Best ways to monitor solar pv system and heat water?

    I'm uncertain regarding the relative advantages and disadvantages of two systems: 1. Elios4you to monitor the system and the linked Power Reducer to heat the hot water. I have not been quoted a price for this system. Can anyone advise? 2. A Geo Solo PV Monitor and an Immersun Unit. I...
  13. I

    Check Meter on a single circuit

    are there any good products out there for metering a single circuit in a consumer unit ? meter has to be external to the CU (no space) circuit is for a shared electric powered septic tank
  14. P

    solar edge vs string inverters performance

    HI We have installed about 12 solar edge systems and not one of these systems have outperformed our sma string inverter setups. Although there are variables which will influence the results we have 2 installs relatively close to each other, same tilt and orientation 16x yingli 250 pandas. The...
  15. P

    Infinite prime wireless alarm

    Anyone fitted one of these? Struggled like crazy yesterday it kept telling me system trouble with PSTD how do I cancel this as I have no phone line connected to it, I took the ribbon out and reset it it was ok but after setting the alarm off it then came back on the display. Then when arming...
  16. D

    Inspection camera recommendation

    Anyone use one of these items? think it would be a handy bit of tackle to have if not essential narrowed it down to a Bosch 10.8v,ridgid ca100 and a sure sight one cheers in advance dcf
  17. S

    Connect PV into main breaker in CU

    Is it possible to take the PV circuit from the inverter via it's own RCBO in the CU into the incoming breaker thus connecting to the main live tail before the house circuits. Will the PV then only flow past the breaker if it is required to feed house load and any balance will be exported...
  18. J

    slow rotational motion detection (solar PV surplus monitoring)

    Hi, I am not an electrician and my knowledge about electricity is quite limited but I believe that this is the right place where to submit my question. I recently had a solar PV panels installed and I am monitoring solar PV generation and whole house consumption by...
  19. V

    What Is The Best Technology Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays?

    What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays? What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Domestic Solar Arrays That Isn't Dependent On the Inverter? Which systems allow monitoring via the web? Do these systems have annual costs or just "one off" meter installation...
  20. Richard Burns

    LCD inspection camera

    I have just seen these Mini Handheld Inspection Camera With LCD Monitor Kit | Ebuyer.com advertised at ebuyer and wondered if anyone had one and knew if they were any good? they seem similar to the ones sold at Aldi in August but I was not sure of quality, although at 59.99 it can't be too...
  21. S

    Geo Solar PV

    where can i get one of these monitors guys - I'm not an electrician and don't have access to wholesalers etc - I've spoken to the manufacturers and they don't sell to the general public. so anyone know where i can get one? many thanks
  22. B

    Connecting energy monitors with Solar PV

    I'm not an electrician, but I'm hoping that you can help me work out how to solve a problem that's causing me headaches and sleepless nights. I recently had a Solar PV system installed in my home. For background information it's one of the free "rent-a-roof" schemes where the supplier gets the...
  23. J

    Solar Invertor standby watts correct

    Question for you solar guys. My neighbour has had fitted a 3.3kw solar PV array with an Effekta ES3300 invertors. Using an Owl+USB energy monitor that records the kW’s generated by the min graph the results and you can see the point at which the invertors goes into standby. At this point and...
  24. A

    Testing TFT monitors

    Hi, was just wondering if anybody could tell me if TFT monitors are PAT tested seperately or tested with the computer?
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