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  1. H

    Neff oven 2 year and two months old,and out of John Lewis warranty,no help either.

    Today the mains tripped, after doing so twice, and checked voltage supply, ie the clock was flashing, but no oven heat. I had previously removed the bulb and changed it first, however, the fault remained. Finally, I removed the bulb and glass cover. The oven has been working ever since and...
  2. O

    From this months PE .....

    This caught my eye ..... and no not my feet!
  3. E

    Samil Warranty over 2 months wait for a replacement.

    Anyone else going through this? I had a warranty claim (finally) accepted mid December but still no sign of a replacement. UK agent has been waiting for stock for months and there's a big list ahead of us. Poor service. Edit: At what point are they in breach of their UK/EU warranty...
  4. G

    Hello all

    Hi Joined the forum for advice and to learn a few things. I was doing an apprenticeship having completed my c&G 2365 L2 and 3. Unfortunately the company went under and I couldn't complete it. Worse thing was i only had a few months to go and was about to prepare for the AM2 exams. Spent last...
  5. R

    Change of premises

    Hi all, I am an employer of 3 staff. Two sparks and 1 x 2nd year apprentice. Just in case it has a bearing on any responses, i have never set up an employment contract. When i employed the apprentice the company was operating from premises not 1 (which was closer to the apprentice's home, his...
  6. polo1

    Siemens 3ph DB - replacement mcb & rcbo

    Hi all, the breakers for the Siemens DB I'm working on are now obsolete. I'm trying to get confirmation if there are other compatible mcbs and rcbos for the board ( it's a Siemens ODB 100 SW Series A db) and hopefully there is a photo of an existing mcb below. Siemens UK have been unhelpful Cheers.
  7. Marvo

    Come up and camp at my place for a few days...he says

    Yeah, a buddy of mine sold his house and bought himself a few hundred hectares in the middle of nowhere about 6 months ago. I haven't heard a peep out of him for 6 months then out of the blue he's Captain Hospitable. Come for a ride up on your bike he says, spend a few days he says, don't worry...
  8. Dan

    Top Poster Of The Month Winner October 2016!

    @westward10 hit the highest post count for October. @Leesparkykent came 2nd, and @telectrix 3rd. Well done to all. @Pat H is just in front of him this month so far. Well done westward and thanks for your contributions to the forum! View the score board here, if you're not on it, you suck...
  9. Dan

    Solar Thermal Performance During Winter Months? Solar Thermal Forum

    During the summer months I'm sure solar thermal performances are pretty decent, but what about the winter months?
  10. Sintra

    Electrician Electricians Jobs SW6 - Electricians needed London SW6

    2 x electricians required for high end commercial project near Earls Court. Would prefer self employed but PAYE can be considered. This work will last for 6 months for the right people. Must have completed a full apprenticeship and hold a valid ECS or CSCS card. C&G 2391 would be desirable...
  11. A

    Questions about XS Training

    Hi all, I have finished my C&G 2365 and 17th Regs in my college last year. And I have looking for a job ever since, but there's no hope. Luckily, I have a chance to work along a sparky for work experience. In this forum I have come accrossed quite a lot of people like me who has completed...
  12. T

    Testing in schools

    Does anybody do any work in private schools? We do quite of lot of work, but SEB have a test and inspect contract in the school. Which we do any remedial work that is required after. They have said that they want RCD testing to be done every 4 months! Has anyone heard of this or do this?
  13. S

    Hows work load

    How you finding things a the minute work wise? Busy? Just ticking over here, lost out on 3 quotes this week for CU changes to the local cheapo doing them for £200 all in. Looking forward to the Xmas break mind you :)
  14. B

    New 20% VAT Rate for Solar

    Does anyone know when this actually comes into force. Is it from last Thursday or when the VAT man tells us. I phoned them but to no avail. See: Domestic solar facing 15% VAT hike following EU ruling | Solar Power Portal
  15. infinity

    new Megger

    I'm looking at splashing out in the 1730 Anyone know who sells them at the best price? Il also be selling my 1553 if anyone's interested its in immaculate conditions till well looked after and about 9 months calibration left
  16. Simon-0116

    domestic rhi forms pros and cons

    Hi doing barn conversion for parents. Fitted air source heat pump. Applied for rhi payment but bit stuck. Want to no if ocupied for 6 months or not. If not get a meter or more than no meter. Would i benifit from having a meter or not. Any ideas
  17. J

    Working outside UK

    I have recently returned from 12 months work in Afghanistan (July-July) due to contract not being extended. I am after a bit of advice, if anyone knows of anywhere outside of UK where there may be work. After being in Afghanistan for 12 months, I will seriously consider anything, ha ha. I have...
  18. J

    Megger 1552 repair?

    Hi all, sent my 1552 back to megger to be repaired. It's giving inconsistent continuity readings. Megger wanted £385 just to look at it! Robbin *******s! Do I asked for the meter to be returned. can anybody recomment a meter repair company? thanks.
  19. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Going for NICEIC Registration at long last.

    At long last I am finally getting around to applying for NIC approval. I've been meaning to do it for ages but "other " stuff kept getting in the way and delayed the application. I've just been re reading the Guide and one part has me worried. There is a paragraph that says: "How you have...
  20. happyhippydad

    What am I responsible for - returning to a customer?

    Evening all.. I have had my first customer call me back (messgae left) saying that something is not working as it should! Its too late to ring him back but it sounds like the PIR is not working correctly on a flood light I installed perhaps 6 months ago. Its bound to be a faulty PIR as it was...
  21. uksparks

    Guarantees On Workmanship

    Hi, Just a quick one, does anyone ever put anything in writing or even say to a customer if they guarantee the installation they have put in, for example, rewired a house. Do you ever say the cables are guaranteed for say 10 years by you parts and labor under normal conditions, excluding...
  22. C

    Flooded areas, increased work?

    Are any of you guys benefiting from increased work where areas have been flooded? I was expecting a deluge (Pardon the pun) of remedial work but not much so far. Shades of the broken window fallacy, but work is work!
  23. N

    Domestic main fuse cut-out

    Hi In 2009 I replaced a consumer unit at a property which 17 months later had a fire caused by the fuse cut-out. Does anyone have any advice, as I have a meeting next week with the 'claimants legals' Regards Nick
  24. jason121

    Only five pitched roof mounting systems MCS 012 compliant

    The joys of MCS
  25. H

    working in Canada

    Any sparks on here ever worked out in Canada?
  26. richy3333

    Poor work - by a 'proper electrcian'

    I found this the other day and thought it worth posting as certain members are so dogmatic in their views and that makes me chuckle because life is never that black and white. This is a new install (6 months ago) by a 'time served electrician' and it's in a public building. The installation...
  27. M

    2394/5 December results

    I know it's supposed to be 45 working days but does anybody know if they tend to come out a bit sooner?
  28. R

    NIC assessment passed

    That's me done for another year. Had a really nice guy, Brian Baker. Was 15 months since my last assessment, does it mean my next one is in 9 months time?
  29. P

    Domestic New insall in workshop and CU change in house advice

    Morning everyone, I am looking for some advice and knowledge to help jog my memory as it’s been a few months since I finished my course and due to health reasons, I had to give up my job on site as a mate and start working for myself after 4 months off work. This will be the first job I have...
  30. S

    Agency work

    Hi folks, this is to anyone with experience of working through agency as a general contractor (not self employed). I've been offered a few temporary roles on agency recently ranging from a few weeks worth of work to a few months. I've been fortunate that most my career i've been on the books...
  31. C

    Site temporary re-testing time period question

    I have not install site temps for a while so cant find in writing what i think is correct so please help if you can, as I need to have this info to insert into my test certificate. I am sure that I remember reading somewhere that the site containers offices etc are not glassed as temporary as...
  32. M

    free 100x100 galv trunking must go this weekend

    In Horsham West Sussex Free to collector, must go by monday am (1st July) or will have to be scrapped. Unsure of manufacturer (will check) 10 x 3m lengths of 100x100, & a couple of 75x75 galv steel trunking. Clean, never fitted but has been stored outside previously so not bright / shiny...
  33. G

    not heard from ELECSA

    I booked and paid for my elecsa assessment last thursday but have still received no response. Do you think i should contact them ?
  34. N

    2007 VAUXHALL ASTRA VAN Sportive 1.9 CDTi Van Diesel 120bhp london no vat £3999

    No VAT. Air conditioning, electric windows, electric heated mirrors, cd player, etc. MOT till 14/8/13, Tax till 31/6/013 miles93000 Fantastic drive with great engine. service history and full service 6 months ago. Starts first time every time even in this cold weather. Only selling to get a...
  35. M

    LED Downlighter problems

    Is anyone else finding that LED downlighters are failing earlier than the spec? I've been buying Aurora FRL903s because they look good and the spec gives them 75000 hours but over a period of just a few months several of them have failed and the failure frequency seems to be increasing. First...
  36. A

    led gu10s

    hi all dont know if anyone has any idear on this but have change all my lamps round the house to led all work fine apart from the 3 gu10 leds in the fitting there work to start off with but only last about 3 months didnt know if any one had a idear on what could couse it
  37. L

    metrel euro test battery problem?

    has any one had any problems with their metrel test instruments eating batteries? my euro test only lasts five mins when fully charged and then tells me it needs recharging. has anyone else experienced any battery charge problems and if so is there a fix?
  38. D

    megger and berlingo

    Hello all, I have a megger cm500 for sale just under 12 months calibration looking for £250 and an 06 1.9 berlingo 36k on the clock sevice history and around 11 months mot, will put 6 months tax on it 3000 ono. Both located in the west mids cheers
  39. S

    which work boots?

    bought a set a of grafters a while ago after 2 months of apprenticeship they are falling to pieces what do you recommend? don't have a clue what to go for, am tempted by dr martens as ive got a pair of there normal boots and like em
  40. C


    I signed up to LOCAL TRADERS . COM and went live 2 months ago and have had NO work leads!! ive signed up for four local areas to me costing me a total of £310 plus VAT. i feel like ive been well and truly ripped off and have tried to explain this politally to them asking for a full re fund and...
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