1. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  2. Pete999

    What's on the menu for Breakfast this morning Guys?

    Me a gurt bowl of Cheerio's. And I made them myself.
  3. J

    morning jim from berkshire

    Good morning Jim here from yorks now in Berkshire hope you all have a good weekend
  4. Pete999

    B&Q this morning OK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Looking for some door handles right, as you will wondered down the lectric Aisle, Bloke and his Wife looking at Batten holders, being the kind sort of bloke I am, the bloke asked me if I was an electrician, yes I said do you want any help, yes please Mrs said, FTO said Mr so I did, what a twerp.
  5. GMES

    Easy like a Sunday morning

    So who else has a pet that rules the roost. I can't believe I'm sat on the floor while his majesty is sprawled all over the sofa. And then I justify it to our lass by saying, oh but he's comfy, don't disturb him. And we think we're the ones in charge!!!
  6. wirepuller

    Friday morning stupidity,nearly didn't make lunch time!

    Carrying out a few minor remedials following an EICR on a small rented cottage this morning. One item was to replace the immersion heater stat for one with a thermal cut out. Switched off DP isolator alongside the tank, check with probes, crack on. Only trouble was the airing cupboard was a bit...
  7. happyhippydad

    What happened to my posts from this morning?

    I did 2 posts this morning and they have disappeared. They were replies to 2 different threads both by the same OP. The first one was 'which toolbelt do you recommend' (ps.. not the one I recently started) and the second one was about which flat head bit was best to get for putting in socket...
  8. R

    AM2 exam is Monday Morning Need Help with PFC testing on 3 phase and rcbo testing on lightingcircuit

    Hi everyone, Not going to lie I am crapping my self for my AM2 exam on Monday Morning at 8:00. So I just need a few questions answered:- tell me if I am right or wrong. I will be using a megger tester by the way. PEFC testing 3 phase ( 3 probe test) :- Clamp croc clip on the neutral bar...
  9. G

    Monday Morning amusement!

    Morning Guys and Girls, This has just brightened my morning. A customer sent me the attached picture, she's just moving to this new house. Emailed me asking if we can remove the gas hob, oven etc, adjust the base unit to take her nice shiny free standing electric oven and hob. I politely...
  10. Dan

    Why Not Say Good Morning Before Work? advice, reviews and feedback

    Why Not Say Good Morning Before Work? advice reviews and feedback 2017 why not say good morning before work? We start Monday? tomorrow x workers :) Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for the UK including plumbing pictures...
  11. M

    Free Calibration

    Hope this hasn't already been posted, Trade Skills 4 U (a forum sponsor) are offering free calibration at their new Warrington facility; Free Calibration Morning -...
  12. L

    I just pulled my light of the ceiling...

    Hello. I was attempting to adjust my light fixture and accidentally pulled it straight off the ceiling. I have attached 2 pictures, one of the ceiling wires and one of the light fixture: Is it going to be dangerous to leave this like this overnight? Should I turn off the electricity or...
  13. Des 56

    Solar eclipse tomorrow

    That very rare event can be witnessed starting from 8-30 ish and the most cover at 9-30 ish in the morning The Scottish islands will be 100% but there may be a lot of cloud Here in Wales we will get 93% eclipse with clear blue sky,the Midlands should be fine as well Now the forecast is done...
  14. D

    cooker switch above hob

    I went to look at a job last night where the customer wanted advice about fitting a new hob. She'd already ordered one from john lewis but when they arrived to fit it they refused as the cooker switch was directly above the hob (bottom of the switch 600m above). Said they couldn't because of...
  15. GMES

    Off to work shortly

    It should be bloody banned on God's day. Hopefully be back on here for lunchtime, Just got a couple of supplies to get in and some Dol starters ready for some extractor fans going in next week. I know it won't be the same on here this morning without me but it won't be forever, so stay strong...
  16. Paul.M

    Leeds Vs Castleford Wembley

    Picked up my tickets yesterday, shirt ironed, car fueled up and WE ARE OFF TO WEMBLEY :willy_nilly: Should be a great game and maybe a modern day classic. Both teams will give it 100% just to have the bragging rights within our local area, Cas fans will be drowning their sorrows tonight though...
  17. Richard Burns

    Wanted [East] 20A MEM QLCS fuse

    Would anyone have available one or two 20A MEM fuse holders, either the rewirable or HRC ones with the horizontal blades. I think they are QLCS or QLRS as a number. They look like the above, but with the nice yellow dots! If you have I would be glad to buy them as I need to replace one on an...
  18. brs73

    book keeping services.

    morning all does anybody use a book keeper they could recommend. i'm based in north london but i think it can mostly be done by email etc. far too much paperwork these days. i've been up since half four this morning paying subbies, CIS , sending invoices etc and its driving me mad. thanks in...
  19. a-z electrics

    Domestic underfloor heating advice

    Morning all, I may have to quote for electric underfloor heating for a new kitchen, flooring insulation boards are going in now so will be well insulated.. I never done any before, what is better - mats or cable and any recommendations? Ive looked at you can get thin 3mm or 7mm...