1. J

    Commercial How to wire motor plug

    Hi everyone I purchased a bench polisher which looks to have come from China. It says its 220v single phase and should work fine in the UK. The power cable has 4 wires in it so I'm confused how to wire a standard UK plug. I have attached a photo of the cable. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  3. polo1

    Motor protection

    Peeps, I have been asked to run a supply for a single phase, 3.2a extract fan (systemair AW500E4). Is it a requirement, recommended or just good practice to include thermal overload protection in such a situation? Thanks.
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Motor maniacs everywhere

  5. H

    two motor star delta

    hi guys i have an issue with one of two motor running star delta for a concrete mixer one motor is pulling out more current than the other one almost 10A difference (1st=39 , 2nd=48) knowing that the 2nd is rewinding both motor are same company
  6. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Numbers on the body read: 270300, probably a 12v but could be 6. any information would be appreciated.
  7. T

    Domestic DIY Stepper motor output reducer

    Hi, Minor time DIYer mostly doing little fun projects, so my skill level is a bit limited. well, I also have a 3d printer. Now, I know all electrical motors generate AC power when freely spinning. Problem is, when there is a need to manually move the head or the build plate, this, of course...
  8. Lucien Nunes

    What kind of motor is this?

    Interesting old machine still in use. I've talked about similar motors before but not this type AFAIK. To the trained eye, the shape of this one is a giveaway, from which you can identify its maker and the technology it uses, and probably say something about the available electrical supply. In...
  9. G

    Wiring a fiat starter motor

    Hi all Newby here in dire need of advice I have managed to lose the wiring order on my fiat fiorino van starter motor I have 3 wires 1 Goes to alternator 1 goes to battery and 1 goes to either ECU or ignition Battery has 12.97 volts (its Fine) The battery definitely connects to the empty...
  10. J

    Domestic New Lathe Motor - 1 Phase - DOL or 3 Phase - VFD?

    Hi All, A mate of mine recently acquired a rather nice wood turning lathe they'd like to get running out in their workshop. However he admits his workshop is rather old and while he's not bothered, I'm concerned about drawing too much current (I'm trying to convince him to get the wiring...
  11. R

    Testing an Old motor for restoration ?

    I have acquired an old British Thompson Houston 1/3 HP BKS 2410 single phase motor on a pillar drill, it needs new bearings before I can test run it, my question is can I use a multi meter to check the windings and find out if its a go-er at this stage and worth restoring ? If so how ?
  12. J

    Why do soft starts tell you to set the overload at (delta FLC/1.73)

    Hi I have a question on soft starts. Why do soft starts have motor FLC delta /1.73. I’m confused as I understand star delta it is set at 58% of the full load current as the overload is in line with the windings. Thanks for your help in advance.
  13. gunsmokejp

    For Sale [West]: Electric Scooter Parts. 350W motor 36v Battery

    Hello i have for sale the parts of this scooter. Everything is working fine is just the holding mechanism is a bit wiggly(missing a screw) and the speed indicator is not working. The cable from the battery to controller has been worn out so i think this might be the issue. The scooter is one...
  14. J

    Using an alternator to run a motor

    Hello there.- I have a 550W 3ph electric motor / pump and a VFD which is a 220VAC input to 220VDC which is connected to my motor, so my motor can start at a lower speed until reach 1,390 rpm, also I have a 12VDC to 230VAC pure sine 1000W inverter, my question is: If I use a car alternator that...
  15. T

    Earthing of Three phase Motor

    Hi recently was on a job carrying out EX inspections on three phase motor at a pharmaceutical plant. The supply cable going to the motors does not have a core for the earth they have used the braid/SWA of the cable for earthing. So entering the three phase motor with EXe cable glands terminating...
  16. S

    Domestic Single Phase Motor Reversing Direction

    Good evening you sparky lot I'm after some wiring advice on an old single phase motor for use on a lathe. Please see the attached pics. The tails have been removed for clarity. Live was connected to terminal B, neutral to AZ. Is it possible to reverse the direction of this type of motor...
  17. H

    Electric motor problems on dust extract

    Hi all, hope i can get a bit of help here. I have a dust extract in my shed which i use when i am turning. This morning i went to switch it on and it blew the 13A fuse, i replaced it hoping the fuse was at fault which it wasn't, well i had to try. The motor plate 230v, 13amp, 2 pole, single...
  18. Automation ATO

    I don't quite understand the brushless motor parameters

    ITEM Qunt SERVO MOTOR 3 PHASE BRUSHLESS 2 IFT 6034-4AK 71 – 3AA1 EN 60034,NO YF P 921 6207 01 003 H CE Mo 1.65/2.0NM IO= 2.15/2.6A 60/100K MN= 1.4NM ŋN = 6000/MINT UIN-300 VY IM B5 IP-65 TH...
  19. M

    Melted motor terminal post?

    Customer has this 110KW (converted to 55KW) motor powered via a generator. They had a problem with the generator cutting out on startup showing overload fault. Having investigated this issue, along with the motor overload having been bypassed!! (will be rectifying this!) when I took the...
  20. Savdar1810

    3P VFD 1.5 KW motor conveyor

    Question for someone... I have a 3P 1.5kw motor gearbox on a 5meter conveyor driven by a 3.7kw omron VFD, Frequency is set at 70/80hz (required for needed speed on this existing drive train) and voltage going out to motor is something crazy like 470v between line and earth, Its way to high I'm...