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  1. G

    Dc tacho fail dc motor

    Sirs, Am facing problem in dc drive that is dc tacho fault . I have checked tacho and found values of armature resistance are same in all segments in commutator. But motor speed not in control. It is automatically varying and suddenly stopped. Is there any bypass method available for tacho...
  2. robertl

    3 phase 2 speed motor from single phase

    Hello everyone I have just bought a new lathe, (used) its on its way to me from other end of the country now. I have only just realised i may have an issue. The machine is 3 phase and i was intending to go down the VFD route but because its a dual speed motor im not sure i can. See attached...
  3. C

    Single Phase AC MOTOR stuck

    I am trying to fix a single phase ac motor but need some help. When powered on and put off load, motor humms but doesnt rotate, its sort of magnetically locked because even trying to rotate by hand it very hard to turn (motor was removed from housing and therefore I have stator and rotor...
  4. C

    Electric Motor Dismantle

    Hi Guys I want to replace the bearings in my washing machine motor but I'm having difficulty in getting the screws / tie rods out. Does anyone know what they are actually called and how to get them out without ruining them. One of them is down a 30mm hole so not exactly easy to get at. I’ve...
  5. S

    Compressor 3hp motor DOL starter question

    Hi, I kinda think I know the answer to this but will ask opinion anyway. I am fitting a new compressor pump and motor to my receiver and have bought; twin cylinder pump; 3hp motor (2.2kw) Although, the motor looks like this So, I upgraded the ring main that the compressor will use in my...
  6. 3

    Rear Wiper motor relay wiring

    My rear wiper motor is connected via a Lucas SRB501 5pin relay from the loom to the motor. I have no reference for wiring. The motor has power as it parked, but won't operate from its brand new switch. I just wanted to double check my wiring, before ordering a new relay, if it is needed. So far...
  7. HVManiac

    How much current does car starter motor draw without any load?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any information on how much current does a car starter motor draw at no load? The motor specs: Power max: 1.4kW Voltage: 12VDC Armature resistance: 0.7 ohm Brand: Bosch Model No.: 1740374 The starter was removed from the engine when tested. A little history...
  8. Alexander

    Is it possible to : motorcycle EV conversion

    Is it possible, if and why not iff so, To fit an EV motor and controller directly to the stator output of a 125cc motorcycle engine, (pre regulator) Using a fixed throttle set up to increase revs to the required output and to bring it down to the engines normal idle revs for when stationary...
  9. S

    Electrolux Rapido 7.2 V battery pack and motor replacement

    Dear experts, I need your kind help for repair my vacuum cleaner, Electrolux ZB 4106 The motor run at very low rpm and I’ve cleaned everything before dismount it. The machine it’s 8 years old so I think that some maintenance is needed Could you let me know if this battery pack can be...
  10. C

    3p motor connection

    How would you connect this delta or star it’s got a 3p 400v supply, Nameplate a bit confusing,I think.
  11. Dilwyn

    Can. I run 3 phase motor off single phase 4 wiresABC

    Can I run a 3 phase motor. Off single. Phase 3 Black wires ABC 1 earth wire. Any info. Would be great thank you.
  12. suffolkspark

    UK 12v dc motor forward reverse off switch

    Hi all, had a job with a swimming pool bubble cover that rolls onto a spool with a small 12v dc motor, it had a reverse key switch to roll and unroll the cover which has had a load of water in and got corroded and stopped working. Thought I'd taken a picture of the switch when there but I havnt...
  13. D

    AC to DC motor thyristors speed and direction control

    So i have been given this question: You have also been asked to produce a circuit design that can control the speed and direction of a conveyor with a AC to DC motor thyristor system. What are the the operational features (how it works with speed and direction circuit diagram/s) I am really...
  14. D

    Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's

    Hey, I've been asked a question 'what are operational systems on Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's'. I know that system I've put below would work for a lower voltage application, I just cant seem to find any information on high voltage applications. I...
  15. Joe9009

    Where to connect power cord to induction single phase motor 240v

    (I would want it to run clockwise) Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  16. UKMeterman

    A good video about a 1920's lift including the slip ring motor

    The power guys might like View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DlI0yOYHH0
  17. J

    Motor starter A1 and A2 coil contacts

    Does it matter which part of the coil power is supplied? (can you reverse polarity)? For example can I put the “hot” current carrying conductor on terminal A2 and leave with a grounded conductor from terminal A1 (assuming power supplieD is 120v.) (what about 24V?) Is there a specific type of...
  18. N

    how to apply power to sunroof motor?

    Hi there, I have a 1992 Mercedes and what I'm trying to do is take my cordless drill (12v, 18v, whatever) and apply power to the sunroof directly on junkyard cars. I want to run the roof forward and back to remove parts from the various area of the sunroof system. The connector on the motor...
  19. R

    Prodis Dishwasher PRO30450 Timer Motor

    Prodis Dishwasher PRO30450 Timer Motor. Commercial dishwasher. I know that's terribly specific but I can't find anything anywhere on the net for this machine. Timer motor is defective. Keeps jamming mid cycle because gears are worn. So it only needs a motor. But I can't find either the motor or...
  20. S

    125 HP motor speed problem

    We have a 125 HP motor. After rewinding, it runs at low speed at full load, but runs at rated RPM at no load. Any ideas why?
  21. W

    Single phase motor reverse rotation

    Brook Crompton Parkinson single phase PD90S (from the 70s) 240v 11A 2850rpm 50hz I'm using it for polishing metal with a tapered spindle adapter and buffing wheels. I've got 2 questions. 1. (This photo was taken with all the wiring in its original position.) I've managed to...
  22. James

    help with motor

    anyone able to help me with this motor? its a dc motor with forced vent. i am trying to find a suitable motor drive for it but the nameplate is confusing me. anyone fancy deciphering it for me?
  23. F

    3 phase motor dropping voltage with load.

    I have a 10 HP -230 volt 3 phase hydraulic press brake. I just installed a new 40 HP rotary converter panel with used WEG motor. The problem i am having is the volts going into the press during a load is dropping from 245 to 195-200 volt. Which means i'm loosing power of the hydraulic system...
  24. D

    Single phase 240v motor starter & overload with on/off switch wiring?

    Hi, Hoping you all can help me wire up my single phase 240v induction motor. Can someone please explain or even better sketch out where the wires need to go, I have a fair idea already just want some good advice before I continue. Switch is CK-5 10A 250v - SWITCH Thanks in advance!
  25. D

    Window motor Wire Up Help!!!

    I need some help guys . I want to wire up some switches to my windows on my racecar. The windows, motors and regulators are installed . I have the wiring diagram but my electrical skills are novice at best . I have the window motor harness spliced and ready, and a couple 20amp fuse wires...
  26. edexlab

    Motor VSD problem

    Evening all Had a problem this week which has puzzled me a bit Installed a machine last week which has 2 sides to it both doing the same operation It ran perfectly for 19 hrs and then one side stopped working I was away from the site and the maintenance guy called me so I got him to open the...
  27. Pete999

    AM2 DOL Motor

    Trying to get my head around something for a youngster I know about to study for AM2. Someone mentioned that one of the faults has something to do with the Motor running in the wrong direction and what is the way to reverse the rotation, I take it that the Motor is 3 phase am I correct? Not done...
  28. A

    Big motor heating problem

    Hi guys I have a big problem with 3-phase induction motor in star connection The motor power is 3-hp When the motor is starting periodically (many times per minute) it is over heating after 10 minutes from start of working. If the motor is in continuous operation it doesn't heat but if it...
  29. M

    Lift motor problem - help needed

    I have a problem with the power of the motor for my DIY residential lift.
  30. V

    Series parallel motor starter with auto off proximity sensor

    Hi All A while ago a customer asked us to move a 1970s single phase corn mill and return it to use. It had an old series parallel starter with a lever on it ..which we replaced with a crompton controls series 3000 starter...all good and running. Now they had another ip rated box attached to...
  31. dlt27

    Motor starter help.

    Hi all, thanks again for any input. I have been asked to look at this starter as motor starts ok, but when switches over to run motor stops and starter just hums. First of all like I’ve said in previous posts I haven’t had a lot of experience with motors/ starters etc Am I right in thinking this...
  32. happysteve

    Brushless motor battery drills - unsatisfactory speed control, or just this model?

    Have had a Makita BHP458 (non-brushless) hammer drill for years, I love it, it's pretty indestructable and the torque's great, but the chuck's finally going. They seem to be moving to brushless motors now (for most of their combi drills). I've only recently bought a battery SDS drill (after 2...
  33. H

    Canada Can i use a Reed switch to detect if my motor is spinning?

    Hey Everyone. Im designing a product that has an analog electrical system in which i have multiple fans. im thinking of using a Reed switch to let me know if my Fans are working. My thought was that when a motor is spinning, it is creating a magnetic field that would close my reed switch. if...
  34. T

    Help me with inverter vfd to 3 phase motor

    Ac power supply 440V Inverter - Input 380-480V 50/60hz 11.2A Output 0-480V 8.5A 6.8kva 3.7Kw 3 phase motor- 2.2kW 50Hz Should i use delta or star connection? newguytoelectricity
  35. M

    Single phase induction motor schematic

    Hello, I've found an old motor originally designed for operating jealousies. Could you help me read and better understand the following schematic? As far as I understand, it is a single phase induction motor, there is 47 uF capacitor connected to it in order to start. There are 3 contacts...
  36. J

    Which controller for this brushless motor

    I am starting to get into brushless motors but am still having a hard time understanding all of the terms. I am reading books on electric motors and wiring but still need some additional clarification. I am purchasing this brushless motor: Amazon.com: DYS D3548 1100KV Brushless Motor Outrunner...
  37. M

    Setting Motor Overload

    Hi, How do you set a motor overload? I have read that you set it at the FLA of the motor but also that you should consider service factor. Which is correct? Thanks.
  38. M

    USA Need help with Reversible Motor

    Hi, I am building a motorized easel for large format paintings that do not exceed 100 lbs; average probably more like 50 lbs max. My rough 3D diagram does not show the motor or pullies, etc, but I hope you can get an idea of where these things would go. Motor mounts on the bottom. Cables will...
  39. N

    Siemens RCCB trips even while inductive motor is off

    Good day everyone This is my first thread here, and I'm writing because I have a problem which I'm not sure how to solve. Since its company money, I just want to make sure that the conclusion to the problem is correct. We have an autoclave that works at 121 celsius to sterilize with steam. Its...
  40. J

    Commercial How to wire motor plug

    Hi everyone I purchased a bench polisher which looks to have come from China. It says its 220v single phase and should work fine in the UK. The power cable has 4 wires in it so I'm confused how to wire a standard UK plug. I have attached a photo of the cable. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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