1. S

    UK Large single phase motors in the UK

    Why is it that I could easily find a 10HP 220V single-phase motor for sale in the USA but in the UK I nobody has anything larger than 5HP?
  2. dlt27

    Capacitors in motors

    Hi All, Had a farmer I’ve done some install work for call yesterday saying overload was tripping on his vac pump and could I get some new capacitors ( thought it would be simple enough as changing like for like). When I got there to have a look he said the guy who looks after parlour (...
  3. C

    Circuits for Motors- how to in the UK?

    How do you size the MCB, wire and protection for a motor in the UK/Europe? How is it typically done? ............................................................................................................. If anyone is curious here how its done in the US: You size the conductor based...
  4. N

    Is it possible to generate electricity from these 2 motors?

    Hi there, i found some old Motors in my barn and im not sure for what they have been used for. I was wondering if it was possible to generate electricty that i can store in some energy storages (which i will buy if worth it) they both have an written text on it that says 230v 50hz idk if this...
  5. W

    Scottish Fica Test Motors

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of a heads up for what to expect in the motors section of the F.I.C.A (Final integrated competency assessment) test which im planning to sit in the coming months. Its not something Im very familiar with in my workplace. Replies appreciated...
  6. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  7. cprfenom

    Looking for some learning literature for motors

    Hi all, I am looking to take a Red Seal exam to start my process to move to Canada as a skilled trade. Here, I don't do much with motors, but there its more prevalent in the exams. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for web research or books I can use to give me guidence?
  8. G

    Outdoor Heating, Blind Motors, New Circuits - Brain hurts!

    So, with the house job nearly completed, the wife wants some outside heating and the blind man needs to connect his motors for the new outside blinds coming... HEATER She’s found a 2kw infra red heater that, while I’m not keen on trailing cables on the deck will probably do the job if it’s...
  9. S

    painting enclosures of industrial electric motors

    Hi all , I am new to this forum, just looking for your advice for industrial electric motors, my question is there any reference standards for painting the enclosures of industrial electric motors when needed as part of the PM. Appreciate your guidance and advice for any international references...
  10. B

    After installing Inverter Drive, two motors now running at different speeds?

    We've just put in a bread cooling conveyor system. It has two sections, 8ft, and 25ft. Each belt has its own motor, both being 3PH, 230v. Each motor draws approximately 2 Amps. We put in a 5 HP Lenze Inverter Drive to control both motors because, before installing the Drive, both belts were...
  11. M

    Electrical installation design guide

    Have been sizeing up the size of armour on diffent SWA cables to make sure they are suitable to be protective conductors. Come across table 8.8 page 100 .on this table it says maximum bs88 fuse size (for example) 120mm 4core is 500a, when it also says current carrying capacity is 335 method c...
  12. R

    Panel problem

    Hi guys, after your thoughts on a problem i have on a panel at a sand quarry feeding the main sand pumps and de-watering screens. The panels main isolator is tripping at random times, it can run for an hour with no problems then it will blow. There are 2 rcd's feeding the pumps and neither of...
  13. T

    3 phase motor intermittantly tripping

    I have got a 3 phase motor running a conveyor belt, every couple of days it will trip the overload. I have tested the motor, windings are ok, not drawing excessive current, good insulation resistance. It has a brake mounted on it but this seems to be releasing ok. Motor does get a bit hotter...
  14. T

    EU's doing away with 3phase Pumps and motors

    This is starting to get right on my !! Now. Needed a few pumps in the last few months, which wasn't the easiest of jobs getting like for like. But now I can't get them or any for that. All the pump and motor manufacturers are only supplying single phase motors wdf. Some ass in the EU/ G12 or...
  15. T

    EU's doing away with 3phase Pumps and motors

    This is starting to get right on my !! Now. Needed a few pumps in the last few months, which wasn't the easiest of jobs getting like for like. But now I can't get them or any for that. All the pump and motor manufacturers are only supplying single phase motors wdf. Some ass in the EU/ G12 or...
  16. the pict

    Commercial Fans and wires

    Why do fan and speed controller manufacturers use use U, Z , K or UZ sometimes the fan and contoller have different letters instead of harmonizing fan to controller, just asking never thought about it until a guy asked, funny the things you just accept and just go by the diagram(s) P
  17. S

    Control Panel Certification

    Hi All We do a lot of testing, but this is the first job like this for us. Basically a company are renewing the cables from a control panel to 7 motors etc, they are taking care of the controls etc. We are due to test and certify the new SWA cables and terminations etc, which isn't a problem...
  18. B

    Possibly fried circuitry, Need HELP!

    So I bought a pair of oster clippers from the states, took them to a guy who owns a hardware shop and asked what I needed he handed me a Us to Uk adapter and everything was fine. I used the clippers for maybe 5 weeks before they started cutting out when they were moved abit harshly, it gradually...
  19. C

    400v through a ring final circuit

    Hey guys, I had a callout the other day, 7 fan coil units where not working, these where supplied via a ring final circuit and once all unplugged the circuit engaged, I latter discovered all fan coil units had a dead link between line and earth under a 250v insulation test. The manager and...
  20. JD6400

    Electromagnetic effects , star / delta motor wiring ?

    I occasionally come across reasonably sized ( not for some of you , I know ! ) star delta motors that have been run in 2 x 3core swa . Now after looking in to this in the past , it has been suggested that as they tend to be only on motors up to 30kw or so , and as the loading per phase will be...
  21. A

    Industrial 3 phase contactor with overload

    Hi all, Could some one explain the correct way in connecting a 3phase contactor with overload protection. I have the supply going into l1, l2, l3 and motor connected to the load terminals, t1, t2, t3. I also have the 230v connected to the a1 coil and neutral on a2. Just a bit confused...
  22. S

    Problem with LED GU10

    Hi, I've installed two LED GU10 lamps in a customers bathroom. They're on the same circuit as two fluorescent energy saving lamps already installed in the bathroom. So far, three LED lamps have blow (I replaced the first one, and now two have blown). Could the motors in the fluorescent lamps...
  23. R

    Power consumption for a 3 phase connection

    Sir Can you pls what is Power consumption for a 3 phase connection compared to a single phase Thanking you, Sudesh
  24. R

    3 phase motor rating.

    Firstly, I'm not doing this, I'm getting someone else to. I'm just interested. I have a machine arriving which has a largish motor, the plate on it is the one below. The horsepower is 0.6 but the current stated is 2.4A. This to me doesn't work out, is this the in-rush current? The motor is...
  25. D

    Fault finding single phase motors

    Ok got called in regards to somebody's electrica gate not working. Power supply all seems good. After removing the motor i attempted to test the windings. ( i really havent done much with motors) the motor is single phase. Has a N , 2 feeds/supplys/windings. ? is this one :- Electric Gates...
  26. D

    Rcd selection

    I am rewiring a 2 bedroom outhouse which I've been made aware will include a supply to a shed. I'm told the shed will we used as a work shop using equipment such as rotary grinders, motors, welding equipment and other power tools. I know welding equipment can produces supply distortion's a I.e...
  27. J

    3 Phase Motors Speed Control

    Hi, Does anybody know of any alternative to governing the speed of a 3 phase motor than a frequency inverter? Thanks in advance, Jamie
  28. O

    Practical differences between "Baker" testing and LEAP analysis?

    Does anyone have any experience with the validity of "Baker" Testing of a wound electrical device as opposed to LEAP anaysis? I have a conveyor magnet that is not going too well by the oil testing, and have been offered "Baker" testing by an NDT firm (can we use company names here?) but I have...
  29. telectrix

    quick rule of thumb, 3 phase current

    now this is not exact, but comes close. say you have a 3 phase, 400v motor, given the kW, to get an approx. value for the current per phase, (can be done in your head), just multiply the kW x 1.5. e.g. a 20kW motor. I = 30A. ( not allowing for efficiency, pf etc. ) just to give a rough idea.
  30. K

    Voltage Optimisers.

    Has anyone come across a phase sequence fault when switching on a voltage optimiser for the first time. The system is a cheap chinese one I think with terrible instructions. Can a voltage optimiser know if your input wiring is black, grey, brown instead of Br, Bl, Gr? I ask because we don't...
  31. A

    Android app EasyEngineer Only for screens with 4'' and less. With EasyEngineer you have more than 180 calculations available, divided in 6 areas. It's a huge...
  32. sythai

    Single phase to 3 phase conversion....?

    Hi Chaps, I have a customer who has brought a couple of 3 phase machines for for his workshop at home. But only has single phase coming in. Is there any sort of convertor that can be used to run these off the single phase ? Thank you, Sy
  33. J


    wondering if anyone could please help a little.ive been on refresher course and dont think there should be any problems with installation, testing, or fault finding.My major concern is the multi choice exam of which i have the related topics.Would just like to know others experiences as am...
  34. S

    motors book or information

    I am after a book that will purely be on motors and generators, basically for revision that will describe the different types and what they could be used for, single, 3 phase etc, does anyone know of anything available? thanks in advance.
  35. J

    240v car ramp motor issue

    hi everyone First and foremost id like to apologise, I am not an electrician I just would like a bit of your knowledge if any of you can help id be iternally thankful. I recently bought a 2 post car ramp that's single phase, not modifed to be but is actually made as a single phase...
  36. M

    3 Phase problems

    Hi all, can someone please provide me with a list of the most common faults that you will encounter with 3 phase equipment such as ac units, motors, etc. Cheers Boys.
  37. T

    Testing motor of vacuum cleaner

    My brother has given me his faulty vac withe old "here you are, your a leccy fix this" Anyway now have it in bits in front of me IR tested the mains wire once disconnected from motor and its ok, tested between the terminals on the motor with some steinels and its belling out, does this mean the...
  38. S

    3 Phase Motors

    hi i have to wire up a few 3hp 5A 3 phase motors and usually use a 3 core swa but is there an alternative cable to use apart from singles?? Thanks for your help in advance
  39. G

    Mains frequency effect on cookers

    I live in the UAE and purchased a cooker here, which I would now like to send to the Philippines. However, there is a difference in mains frequency between the two countries, and I'm worried that the cooker may not work in the Philippines, or only work dangerously. According to Wikipedia...
  40. T

    Please Help - 3 water pumps running in parallel

    Hey Guys I am based in China and have 3 identical 60 meter 220v 1500 w water pumps supplying water up a hill of height about 120 meters and distance about 260 meters. They are currently connected in parallel but the problem is that they are all running at different speeds hence the water is not...
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