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  1. C

    Light switch with wall mounted remote

    Hi guys This may sound a strange request but the light switch in the garage in our new house is in a stupid position, hidden behind racking and nowhere near the door, so we really struggle to reach to it. At some stage we will move it but we've got loads of other work to do in the house so I'm...
  2. R

    How to shut off 120v baseboard heater? Double pole wall mount thermostat? Single pole wall switch before heater with onboard single pole therm?

    I've planned a 20A circuit serving a tiny half-bath in a workshop. The circuit will contain a few LED ceiling lights, a receptacle (not for tools) and a 350 or 400W 120V baseboard heater. So it would not be convenient to shut off the heater via the main panel. When I'm not working during the...
  3. Z

    Surface mounted box.

    Fellow Sparks, My sister has asked me to install a spur socket in her home. I'm going to install a surface mounted box and run the cable via trunking from an existing socket. Is there any sort of surface box which I can install over the existing socket box which has been embedded in the...
  4. J

    din rail mounted bell transformer - earth?

    hi i've bought a hager st303 din rail mounted door bell transformer and a 2 module wylex ESE2 enclosure for it to fit in. i was going to run this off a 3A FCU. i can't see any earth connection on the transformer from the photo - it haasn't arrived yet - and there's nothing to earth in the...
  5. D

    Hager Din Rail Mounted Time Switch

    Has anyone fitted these into an Invicta 3 Type B board? Wholesaler asked Hager whom stated they need to go into a separate enclosure, but couldn't elaborate on why. My preference is to mount them in the DB under the corresponding RCBOs and I cannot see from the spec sheet and photo why this...
  6. J

    Domestic Under cupboard lights installation using socket mounted under cabinet

    Hi all. Some advice sought. I have 2 lights under my cabinets they plug into the wall sockets below them. I now want to hardwire the lights as i got a new cooker hood fitted and the spark pulled the power cable out so its now accessible to use. Previously it was hidden. So it looks like a...
  7. J

    CPC Terminal in plastic surface mounted back boxes...

    Hoping someone can help me clarify something. For plastic surface mounted back boxes, why do some have a small metal terminal for connecting the CPC, whereas others don't? Is it just a differemce in quality, or would you generally use the ones with the terminal for sockets, and the ones without...
  8. R

    replacing a ordinery wall mounted electrical socket in france

    I am not a electricion but are competetent in doing these jobs .if I change an ordinary wall mounted socket in my French house ,do I have to get it signed off
  9. P

    Can tubular heaters be mounted vertically?

    As in title, can a tubular heater be mounted vertically? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, but it would settle an argument if some one could answer.
  10. A2HGO

    Help installing exterior wall mounted up lighting

    We're looking to have some uplights installed across the side of our property, I've purchased a few of these: Garden Trading LABV01 Bovingdon Single Adjustable Outdoor Wall Light -
  11. littlespark

    Double socket mounted vertically

    I know we've joked before about mounting sockets upside down when fitted to skirting boards to avoid flex being squished, but I came across a double socket mounted clockwise at 90 degrees at a friends house. This is behind a fridge, and feeds the fridge, and the microwave that sits on top...
  12. S

    CSU Mounted or DIN Rail External 24V Bell Transformer

    Any recommendations?
  13. E

    why do women want men to return to mounted combat?

    seems i cant turn on the youtubes to watch people fall from ladders without being bombarded with feminist videos moaning about how men arent chivalrous , i fail to see what a system mainly to do with ancient combat has to do with the 21st century do women really want men to return to horseback...
  14. NDG Elecs

    Surface mounted 4 gang surge-protected socket

    Hi Lads and Ladies (SC!), I should have took a pic - I thought I did...:confused: I'm after an oversized 4-gang socket with pattress. It is an surge-protected type, which I'm aware don't always apparently work as they should in relation to surges. The faulty item in question is a massively...
  15. AJshep

    Reccomendations for a speaker that can be mounted outside.

    I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any reccomendations for an outside speaker. The job is for a small local Cinema,at the moment they have a large 50" TV playing trailers in a window which faces the street outside. They would like to mount a speaker on the front of the building so...
  16. M

    110V wall mounted sockets...

    Guys, i have a customer who wants 4 16A 110V sockets on a wall. These are to be used for charging scissor lifts, so likely for all 4 to be plugged in at end of the day and on for many hours, so would be looking at the continuous rating on the transformers. Im not actually sure how much power...
  17. G

    Surface mounted cooker circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to install a new cooker circuit but the customer wants everything to be surface mounted to keep costs down. Do you know of any cooker connection units that are suitable for surface mounting e.g. have an appropriate back box? Cables will also be surface mounted using...
  18. G

    Fuse board change with rear entry mounted on wood

    Hi all, I'm looking to change my board at home and wanted some advice on the most practical way for cable entry please. I was thinking to do rear cable entry, through the rear knockout but wanted to know if this is acceptable as it is mounted on wood. This would seem a lot more practical and...
  19. S

    Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket?

    What is the Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket? It's to be outside & only used for plugging in a generator that will give house temporary power through a changeover switch in the case of power cuts.
  20. D

    Flush mounted pull cord backbox and theories

    Hi all, It just popped into my head about bathroom pull cord switches, do they ever have flush mounting boxes, every one I have seen has been surface mounted, and also, why are shower pull cords cut shorter, which I see in most places?
  21. T

    KWh meter din rail mounted for wylex board

    Hi so any ideas on din mounted MID rated single phase kwh meter? I am required to fit a meter for sockets in a unit. At the moment the sockets are fed from a 32a mcb in a wylex plastic D.B. older type. See photo. All suggestions treated in confidence and will be touted as my own brilliant idea...
  22. I

    Domestic 20A Fused Switch or DIN mounted 20A RCBO

    Hi, My central heating wiring centre (Honeywell S Plan) is hanging off a 13a plug in the garage which is plugged into a double gang socket with integrated RCD at waist height close to where I would to fit a sink. I'd like to move the wiring centre much higher up the wall so it is out of the...
  23. S

    Ceiling mounted extract fan

    Hi. Not had much to do with domestic and subsequently have not fitted many bathroom fans. Have builders in doing my loft conversion and am wiring myself. Now the only place for the extractor fan is in the ceiling with duct run through void out soffit. Unfortunately I only just had enough height...
  24. F

    Virgin Cable - Flush Mounted Outputs...?

    Hello all, new member here....I hope you don't mind the post in your patch... The property we recently purchased had previously been cable connected – one Ominbox outside which feeds telephone to one room and three coax cable runs. Only two of these are likely to be used in the immediate future...
  25. J

    Commercial Grounding a Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

    I have recently taken over in the IT side of a medium company and one of the things I have noticed is a terribly installed wall mounted Data cabinet. I have spent the weekend sorting it all out so it all comes up to spec but wanted to clarify on some points. It is currently mounted on the wall...
  26. H

    PIR Sensor to replace switch

    I'm looking for a PIR sensor that will replace a standard light switch but the ones I can find are £40+, which seems a little silly considering you can get a standalone wall mounted PIR for about a tenner. Any recommendations anyone?
  27. B

    Trunking for cable

    I have a job of running a new cable to a DBB. The 16A MCB is in place and the oven is rated at 3.9kw so needs to hard wired. The customer has tiled walls and will not allow me to remove them to run the cable. He wants the oven switch surface mounted. I have approx 0.5m of cable from DBB to the...
  28. A

    13amp Double Socket with plug presented at 45 degrees- do you know a supplier ??

    Hi This question was asked some years ago on this forum but the link to the supplier is no longer active. I am looking for a Wall Mounted 13 amp double socket that could be mounted on a narrow kitchen upstand that would normally not allow the use of moulded plugs. as i see it there are three...
  29. S

    pir in garage

    customer wants 3 fluorescents in a garage to work off both a p.i.r (when door opens) and a switch can this be done or can he only have 1 or the other (existing power already there and all good)
  30. driverman

    Bathroom wall light switch

    Hi Guys, visited a brand new house today and had a nose round as you do. I know it's sad but I'm looking at the electrics. What I noticed in the bathroom was a normal wall mounted light switch by the bathroom entrance door within the bathroom. The isolation switch for the extractor fan was also...
  31. driverman

    fixing heights domestic

    Hi 2nd attempt writing this! As some of know wiring new house for family member. After great discussion / debate on another thread re those damn extractor fans with timers etc. I've decided to go with wall mounted 1g light switch outside each en suite (customers request as doesn't like pull...
  32. O

    Volt drop question

    Hi all Just had an enquiry for 50 kw ground mounted PV system, the proposed system is to be connected to a three phase supply In an industrial unit, the ground mounted array will be approx. 200mtrs away from the unit. The inverters and generation meters are to be mounted next to the...
  33. A

    To RCD or not toRCD

    Afternoon all, I am pricing a job to install a 32a cooker circuit. Cable will be in trunking throughout entire run and will go through a cupboard between the hall and kitchen. Fed from a retrofit wylex MCB, Iso and outlet plate all surface mounted, no socket outlet on iso. Gas and Water bonding...
  34. B

    Shower isolation?

    Does the isolator for an electric shower have to be in the bathroom? The customer has expressed a dislike for pull switches and would prefer a wall mounted switch located inside an adjacent cupboard. Would this comply?
  35. R

    Shower isolator

    Hi guysCan I put a shower isolator in zone 2?Also can I put the isolated on the outside wall of shower ( same wall as door )
  36. X

    outbuilding planning

    I have a job to install a flat roof system to a garden outbuilding at the end of the customers garden, Does anyone know if I need planning pertmission ? my understanding is that if the panels are mounted greater than 1m from the roof perimeter I wont require it? If this is the case it would not...
  37. S

    wall mounted system - wind load calcs

    We have just been to quote for a job :party:where the customer wants a wall mounted system. I have no issue with this but it got me thinking about the wind load calculations - everything I have read is to do with Roof-Mounted systems. Can anyone advise whether they will be required for wall...
  38. L

    Temperature control thermostat

    I have been asked to install a 3KW mounted down flow heater with a 7 Day timer next to fuse board and a temperature controlled thermostat in the same room as the heater how do u wire this up do I feed in and out of the 7 day time clock and then take a 3 core from the fused spur to the thermostat...
  39. T

    Domestic Surface Mounted sockets

    Hi Just looked at a job in a 90 year old building - the customer wants a number of additional sockets, the only existing socket is surface mounted with the T&E chased into the wall. The room full of bookshelves all walls from the floor to the ceiling. I explained that to chase the walls etc...
  40. S

    230 supply to 110 outlet sockets

    I was just wondering out of interest how from a 230 supply you can have 110 outlets sockets. I was in a work shop today and saw these 110 sockets that you can just plug your equipment into and I was wondering how you would wire them. Would you need to wire your 230 supply into a step down...
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