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  1. M

    Moving from design into domestic install

    Hi everyone! I am just looking for some advice if you could please, Ill give you a quick run down. For the past few years I have been working in electrical design as a CAD Technician. Mainly doing lighting calculations, layouts, SLD's and cable calcs etc. Well i have come to a point where my...
  2. M

    Moving wooden blocked light switches/extending wiring

    Good Evening All A chap who lives down the road from me has suggested he wishes to move some light switches in his house (he owns the house). I would like some clarification of the following please (although I'm fairly sure you will all agree with most if not all, of what follows) The light...
  3. B

    UK Moving CU / meter

    Hi all, I’m having the hall redecorated and am looking to relocate the CU and meter. Currently they are in a cupboard by the front door, but I would like to have this cupboard taken out and have a small cupboard built on the adjacent wall. I know the CU can be moved easily enough by a...
  4. S

    Moving Sockets

    Hi Guys and Girls Fairly new to the trade trying to level sockets in a finished apartment but the back boxes have been fixed using a spit gun. Do I have to remove the spits to make the sockets level. Just don't want to make a mess ??
  5. G

    Adding outside light and moving cables?

    Hi, I have removed a canopy from above my front door in preparation for a new door and glass panel being fitted. I’ve come across some very poor electrical work which I’ll need to tidy up. But to cut a long story short. The cable before to the outside light was run in the canopy then dropped...
  6. J

    Fitting a new Cooker Hood, moving the supply socket, and chased cables

    We have had a new cooker hood delivered, we needed to unbox it and get it hung to free up space. The new hood is a different design to the old one, and when mounted at the min. height above the hob, it covers the existing supply socket (hidden behind the hood's chimney). So, the supply socket...
  7. Markyd

    So are electricians classed as key workers or as doing essential work? (Domestic)

    Half way through a kitchen refurb,clients are moving back in at weekend because of lockdown and i need to get some sockets and the oven working for them is this classed as essential work
  8. D

    UK Moving CU, meter and fuse

    Hello, I have a 1930,s house I am renovating and I would like to get the CU, meter and incoming 100A fuse all moved from their current position on an internal wall at bottom of stairway which is only used to support it, 90 degrees to a wall next to it. No wiring needs to be extended as plenty...
  9. W

    Moving equipotential bonding, Minor works>

    Hi, I was having an disagreement with a work mate, a client has been told that their bonding (gas) is in the wrong place, (it is). This is the only job we have to do there and obviously after moving it and carrying out the required continuity tests, would you issue a minor works certificate...
  10. J

    Smart Lightss - Moving a neutral, IFTT

    Thinking of going the following & wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't I live in a UK House with the Lighting wired as loop in/out at ceiling rose & then a twin and earth taking a permanent line to switches & bringing a switch-live back (over the blue cable - marked with brown...
  11. M

    Australia Moving to the uk

    Hey guys My partner and I will be moving to England in a few months for around a year or so. I'm a fully qualified electrician in Australia and I'm aware of the steps I need to take to become qualified in the UK. I was just wondering if I could get a job doing security cams or door access...
  12. J

    Moving meter - Service Entry (SE) cable into panel

    Forum, I am converting from overhead too underground service to my house. This involved moving the meter about 11 feet down a wall from its current location. The old meter base sits directly outside of the electric panel. So, at the new meter base, I plan to penetrate the exterior wall...
  13. John Matrix

    Moving to Alarms, CCTV, Door access

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  14. John Matrix

    Moving into Alarms, Door Access and CCTV

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  15. L

    Moving a bedroom light

    I am about to move into a flat with loft access. The light in one of the bedrooms is about 2 foot away from the window. Ideally, I'd like to move the light to the center of the room. If the cable needs to be longer in order to move the light can I use a terminal block to extend the cable or not?
  16. K

    Moving from UK to Dublin

    I’m looking for some information if anyone can help at all, my partner is currently living in England and working as an industrial electrician for the past few years, he has a qualification of a level 3 JIB over there with one last nvq to do to be fully qualified. Firstly what would the...
  17. Bobby34

    Moving to radials in Kitchens

    I'm going to quote for a kitchen rewire shortly where the client is having a new kitchen fitted and new appliances and am contemplating doing away with the traditional 2.5 ring final on a 32amp mcb and running a 4mm radial instead. Clipped direct is 36amp so could still use a 32amp but with...
  18. C

    Need electricians advice. Moving ceiling light without chasing ?

    hello i moved in to my place 3 years ago and have been slowly redecorating one room at a time. Im finally on my last room, the living room but for some weird reason the ceiling light isnt in the middle of the room. its off to the side quite far. The problem is, my ceilings are concrete so i...
  19. Lauren DH

    Electrician moving to Scotland from R.Ireland

    I'm moving to Scotland from the Republic of Ireland, where i obtained my level 6 craft electrical qualification. I have been working in the industry fully qualified since 2012. I have been advised apply for the SJIB ECS card, to do this i need to enrol on the CEC program after completion of the...
  20. Simon-0116

    Moving db with no cpc in lighting

    Replaced a db on a tt system, but moved it about 1m. All circuits were required on rcbo. So I've extended cables. Now one lighting circuit has no earth. Obliviousy I know existing it's ok to have no earth if class 2 fittings, relevant sticker notices in place. BUT because I've worked on...
  21. John Matrix

    Moving from Installation to Maintenance

    Hello this is my first post. I have been an Electrician for 19 years. Most of my experience is in commercial and industrial, places like hospitals, schools, offices, warehouses. I have always been an Installation Electrician on the books. But lately I’m getting fed up with it all. I fancy going...
  22. M

    Domestic Are people moving away from rings

    hi all I’m just wondering are the forum members moving away from doing ring circuits and doing radials instead ? I have been reading that this may be the way industry is going wether this is to aid in the introduction of AFDDs I don’t know , obviously AFDDs won’t work in rings, that’s why I...
  23. C

    Aussie sparky moving to the UK next year

    Hey Fellas, Im an electrical fitter and mechanic plus qualified instrumentation technician in Australia. Im moving over in June next year trying to get a headstart on things. Ive been trying to figure out what I need to do to change my licence to the UK equivalent. Does anyone have anytips on...
  24. SparkieMarky

    Options for Moving a CU

    Hi Folks, Be gentle with me it's my first post! And I can't stress highly enough this is purely a hypothetical question as I am genuinely interested in how others would approach this example. You have been asked to move a domestic CU from its current location to a new position. The CU...
  25. S

    Moving the consumer unit in a house

    Hi all, after some guidance please.. I want to move my consumer unit in my rental property, from a downstairs bedroom to the hallway (which is on the other side of the wall), can I just move the CU and leave the main incoming feed where it is in a cupboard? The distance between would be approx...
  26. B

    Our first property - seller says CU is older than 2005 - no cert required

    Hi all We're moving in to our first property - it's a 1950's build. The house has been bought buy a property developer who bought it from the previous owner so that they could purchase a new build (part ex). We had a survey done recently and one of the things that has come up is the lack of...
  27. G

    Moving from entertainment and theatre to domestic Electrician

    Hi Everyone, As the tittle suggests my background is in installing, designing and maintaining lighting rigs for the entertainment industry, mainly theatre shows in and around London although I have toured extensively nationally and internationally. Having worked in the industry for 8 years I...
  28. S

    Moving CU - what cert'ing is required?

    Hi folks. Bro needs to have his CU moved (and replaced as it's an oldie) by around a metre as he's having a wall section taken down where the current sunken CU is installed. He's had a couple of sparkies out to quote and one says he'd need to test all the circuits before he reconnects them to...
  29. M

    Moving consumer unit backboard

    Hi, We are doing a garage conversarion and are looking to lower the backboard which contains our electrical meter, cut-off fuse box etc. Is this is something out builder/electrician would be able to do or would we require our energy supplier to do this? Just to clarify that we wouldn't need to...
  30. sythai

    Moving Solar equipment - advice please

    Hi there... Just in process of renovating a property (my folks) and need to shift solar gear over 'a little.' I'm a sparky, but zero experience of Solar. Looks like it comes down from panels into 2x black DC isolators then off to invertor. No isolation up in loft near to panels. So looks...
  31. G

    Moving air con programmer

    Hi all customer has asked me to move a air con programmer for him, its the usual one you see everywhere just never fitted one looks like its just two wires as i lifted the thing off the wall. do i need to disconnect anything or is it just a case of cutting off and moving . cheers Grand
  32. A

    Extending an electrical outlet

    Hi all, new member here. Re doing my bathroom in a new flat and want to move a fused switch connection which powered a rubbish heater fan (mounted high on the wall), to lower down so I can use it to power an electric towel radiator. Basically what's the correct way to extend the wire about 3-4...
  33. P

    Moving onto nvq 2357 from 2365

    Hi guys, I've recently completed my l3 2365 and I'm now looking to move onto the nvq 2357. Does any of the theory modules I've completed transfer or will I have to basically do the theory again? Thanks in advance
  34. M

    Domestic Moving Ceiling Lights in Upstairs Bedrooms

    Hello, I have a box room and a second bedroom where the pendant lights are located off centre towards the Windows of the respective rooms. Ideally I want these moving to the centre of the room. So was after a little advice/opinion. As these rooms are on the first floor it is only the loft...
  35. Spoon

    DNO price for moving their service cable & meter.

    Hi People. Please can you help. Yes I have tried a search but all I have found is that their web site should give a price. Anyhow.. enough waffling. A friend is going to convert their garage into a bedroom. The DNO supply and meter are in the garage. The hubby want to move it to the outside of...
  36. D

    British electrician moving to Christchurch New Zealand

    Hi all, I am moving the Christchurch hopefully just after the New Years. I was wondering if anyone would be aware if I could work unlicensed for a while over there or would I be better getting my license for New Zealand before I go? I was in Australia for 2 years and never had any problem...
  37. Gavin John Hyde

    Newbie to forum moving into domestics

    Hi Have joined the forum, Due to family circumstances i am starting to branch out on my own and build up my own domestic work. In mean time i am still working for a company fitting out shops and pubs. Having looked around the forum it looks a good resource and place to pick each others...
  38. G

    Moving 100amp switch box

    Hi all new to this forum, and require some assistance to a job the is currently being undertaken. A client is currently having a new kitchen installed and, behind a unit in the old kitchen there is a 100amp switch box, wich is fed from the cut out on the outside of the property. And swa out to...
  39. A

    Broadband to garden office: a tale of moving master BT sockets, WiFi woes and long ethernet cables

    Hi Everyone, First post for me, I've not been able to find out a solution to my problems so hoping someone can help me here. I've added a few photos and drawings to help with my explanation below: The phone line coming into the house in a rather bizarre location - an upstairs bedroom (see...
  40. darkwood

    Brain busters

    Right guys and girls, I'm kickstarting a thread that asks what appear to be quite simple to moderately complicated questions within the realms of what we observe daily to science and space. These questions are designed to initially seem simple in solution, that is until you actually start...
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