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  1. T

    surface box multiple knockouts align with trunking advise

    Hi Guys, I have to fit an MK 3 way grid surface mount box below 3" metal trunking and require the use of all three knockouts on the top of the MK surface box. This needs to be repeated for a number of surface boxes. Cutting one hole in the trunking for a 20mm coupler and bushes is easy, but...
  2. P

    Multiple BT

    Evening chaps I’m first fixing a new build this week large high spec 4 bed house. The builder would like multiple bt points throughout the house what’s my best way of doing this as I’ve not done a lot of it. Should I make one the main one then daisy chain off the rest like a radial?
  3. F

    Multiple wires into single ceiling light connector ‘slot’?

    Buoyed on by my first successful ceiling rose replacement, I’m now doing a second one, but have come across a slightly different scenario. In this ceiling rose there are more wires than previously, so my question is, is it ok to place multiple wires into a single connector in the new light...
  4. S

    UK Multiple USB outlets in restaurant

    Hi everyone I'm busy rewiring a restaurant and the customer has asked for USB outlets at each table. I think it's a terrible idea - I'd be happy for my phone to go flat when eating out - but that's not the point! The type he has asked for are just USB outlets and not the ones combined with 13...
  5. P

    Installing multiple USB charge ports in a vehicle

    Hi guys I'm interested in installing usb charge ports in a 14 seater passenger vehicle, Please understand I'm not a auto electrician but I'm keen on learning... my queries are : (1) How many ports can I safely install? (2) Is there enough power from the vehicle, it uses a 12V battery...
  6. D

    Multiple cables in place of one

    Under what (if any!) circumstances is it permitted to run two separate cables to make up the conductor surface area of a larger cable (which, in this case is impossible to install... Need to change 2 6mm radials for a single 10mm, but it's going to be near enough impossible to draw through a...
  7. D

    Multiple Exterior Lighting Circuits

    Hi all, Having a brain fart... Looked at a job today, have multiple exterior lighting circuits (4x MCB'S). Can see why there is multiple, as previous electrician was worried about cable lengths etc as the property is quite large. But seem to have multiple Photocells and timers controlling...
  8. T

    multiple circuits stopped getting power same time, replaced all, still no power??

    video explaining/showing problem View: this is a eaton cutler hammer circuit breaker. The house was built in 1969 but the breaker was upgraded to this eaton 9 years ago when i bought it. House uses mostly older outlets that are 2 prong, not 3 prong. HOuse does...
  9. O

    ADE optima Compact G3 set entry/exit time on multiple zones

    Hello I’ve recently had to rewire my home alarm system as the engineer who installed it did such a shoddy job that all the cables were hardly in and causing the system to trigger every couple of moments. I’ve recently been able to get the system working correctly however, I am unable to set...
  10. FatAlan

    Minor Works Certificates - Multiple Jobs?

    If you’re on a job which involves things like just replacing light fittings and odds and sods on different circuits for the same client, is there a MWC that can cater for more than one set of circuit tests rather than doing separate certs for each circuit?
  11. A

    Integration of Solar system with multiple utility company's sources in a home

    I have installed 4kw (5kva) solar system at my home. I have 3 phase supply (3 single phase meters instead of one 3 phase connection, i.e 3 separate phases and 3 neutrals, These neutrals are combined at source end of utility company) from the utility company. when I shifted load of one kwh meter...
  12. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  13. G

    running CAT 6 , splitting or multiple cables

    HI all, in my house i want to run as much CAT6 everywhere as i can, i have a old cabinet with 24 way strip in so im putting that in the garage, i wanted 6 upstairs for each bedroom and ubiquity on the landing. trouble is i can only get two up the cavity and its a nightmare to get any others up...
  14. T

    Multiple distribution boards and earthing arrangements

    Hi all, first post, and it relates to quite a challenging installation. The short version is that I'm working through remedial work on a 75 page EICR on a site with 24 distribution boards, hit a very nasty C1, have resolved it, but now have max Zs issues that were actually there before but not...
  15. S

    Multiple audio devices to IP cameras

    Good afternoon all, I am new here, so please excuse my inexperience... I am looking to add CCTV external outdoor microphones (Netview External microphone) to all 10 of my IP Camera's (Bosch FLEXDOME 5000 outdoor HD). The IP camera's are some distance away from the PoE Switch and NAS storage...
  16. G

    Multiple led strips in wall

    Hi all, I want to do these leds in my hall with random sizes and spaces, how would you go about wiring it? , getting thin cable from say 6 or 7 led pieces so long as they are under 5 metres and all back to a central point for connection to the driver .
  17. Strima

    Commercial Multiple Earth Electrodes Test Results

    I need to clarify something that's rattling around in my head. I was taught when testing lightning protection systems that the maximum permissible combined electrode readings shouldn't be over 10 ohms. So we would test all the electrodes individually then work out resistance in parallel. We...
  18. T

    Contactor question - multiple inputs

    Any contactor specialists out there? I have multiple machines that are connected via extraction ducting to a 2KVA 3 phase extraction fan on the external wall. At the moment I rely on machine operators to switch the extraction fan on before using any of the machines (not all machines are used...
  19. alasdairp

    A Russian way of making multiple connections!

    Watch from about 1m50 Gas-tight effectively melted (solid) connections What do people think about this?
  20. W

    Trainee FICA multiple choice help

    Hi, I am resitting my FICA Underpinning Knowledge test next week and I stuck on a few questions in the mock tests they have on their website. I have been doing a lot of revision but my brain has gone to mush. Can anyone help with the following question? Question - The maximum earth fault loop...
  21. Gary Tollison

    Earth fault loop impedance, initial verification, multiple DB

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in (still trying to work out where the trainee section is). Just been doing some practice fault-finding online. Found this scenario: After doing initial verification on an outbuilding with its own DB, which is supplied from the main DB...
  22. sam400

    Multiple TT outbuildings

    Just after people opinions on this. I ve just finished installing a kiosk which supplies 3 buildings, The DNO was not clear on the earthing system they would be providing, in case I ended up with PME I earthed the submain armouring only at the kiosk (2 core SWA) and isolated it at the load end...
  23. M

    wiring multiple led downlights

    Hi. A DIYer here. This may seem like a simple issue, but I can't find a clear answer: When wiring up say, 6, LED downlights (230 volts, 5 watts each), should they be wired in series or parallel? If in parallel, how should they be connected to the mains cable, bearing in mind that screw-type...
  24. B

    Installation regs on multiple earth rods.

    Hi everyone, just a quick question, Earth rods aren’t my strongest subject and I have no access to my 7671 at the mo, what’s the regs or guidance for installing multiple Earth rods? Issue I’ve had was services in the way, can the Earth rods be put into a different pattern than a square or a...
  25. captaincaveman

    Outbuilding with multiple supply

    Hi lovely people. Just thinking aloud here wondering if anyone has any points I should consider. Been to do a quote on an outbuilding which has had an electrical supply for some time for lights & a couple of sockets. The building is basically a lounge with toilet & utility room. The owner wants...
  26. 2

    Multiple meters in property

    Hi Guys Just moved into a property that was half commercial & half residential. There are three electrical meters - two with npower & one with Scottish power - which we now want to consolidate into one as the property is fully residential. Who does the necessary work? Thanks.
  27. A

    Multiple extractor fans for smelly foods in open plan kitchen

    Hi guys I could not find a suitable place for my question so I wanted to post it here. I have a kitchen extension coming up and I wanted to deal with smelly foods for good. A cooker hood just doesn't cut it for me. I could think of many reasons why that would be the case, possibly clogged...
  28. Michaelwgroves

    House of Multiple Occupancy Design

    I'm trying to design a complete rewire for House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), but going round in circles as there seems to be endless possibilities. I’m sure everyone will have a different view but hopefully after bouncing a few ideas around there might be a more obvious solution. Background -...
  29. V

    Wiring Advice - Multiple supply lines into fuse box

    All, Usually a bit more prudent with this stuff, however I find myself unable to wire up a fuse box controlling a light. I'm also fairly sure a motion sensor light on the landing outside my front door is contolled by this box. Photo attached. 3 supply cables from the wall and the wiring up to...
  30. Mark.W

    1st fix for multiple TV points from one satellite dish

    Hi guys, I'm currently wiring up a 2 bed new build and have been asked to supply a TV point in each bedroom and 1 in the lounge. I haven't really done them before so I have a question. Do I need to install a splitter with a radial to each point or can I daisy chain the 3 points? Problem is...
  31. P

    Multiple bulbs in one extension

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to create lighting with hanging filament LED bulbs, something similar to the image below. For various reasons I can't buy the ceiling fittings and will have to settle for ones with UK 3 pin plugs. I've found one on ebay with the description that reads "Up to 60W...
  32. nyb

    Multiple spurs off double socket

    Hi I recently purchased a house (built and wired in the 80s). I removed one of the sockets to do some wallpapering and I noticed that it has 4 hot+neutral (+earth) wires connected to the double socket (and I'm assuming it's all solid core 2.5mm wiring??). I'm not sure if it's connected in a...
  33. A

    How to calculate the tabulated current (It) for circuits with multiple Reference Methods (A and B)?

    I am trying to select a suitable conductor size from Fig 4D1A of the BS 7671 Book, and am encountering a problem because the circuit does not conform to one Reference Method. The circuit conductors leave the distribution board in wall mounted steel trunking, then run through some steel conduit...
  34. Soulsurfer

    Multiple cooking appliances.

    Hi all, Just looking into a kitchen refit where the customer has gone a bit excitable with the cooking side of things ! Have done lots of installs with two appliances on the one circuit but anyone know of any issue with feeding three rather than run a new circuit for say the new hob alone ...
  35. tank

    Multiple circuits in breaker approach

    Doing an eicr on a landlord board, in a small 1940s block of bedsits, found a type 2, 30amp socket ring breaker with 5 x 2.5mm cables in it. I assume that 2 of the wires came from an empty adjacent 30 amp heater ring breaker that had been damaged (screwdriver busbar metal board bang) and the 5th...
  36. JK-Electrical

    WISKA TKS32 - Multiple Cable Entry

    I recently bought some of these innovative grommets and used one for the first time this week while doing a consumer unit changeover. I had no choice really as there just wasn't enough clearance space between the bottom of the new board and the top of the meter/service head to accomodate a tail...
  37. P

    Power for Pond pump and multiple external lights.

    Evening all, just wanted to run a customers ideas by you and if my thoughts are correct with regards to wiring. Customer is having his garden landscaped and is looking to install 3/4 standalone lights, as well as a pond pump with its own mini lighting system for the water feature. My thoughts...
  38. C

    Limiting long cable runs for large domestic rewire

    I am about to rewire a large, 9 bedroom domestic refurb that has gained multiple 2-floor extensions and new loft conversion. Original footprint was 135m2 ground floor, 96m2 second floor, new footprint is 180m2 GF, 127m2 FF, 76m2 SF. Concrete ground floor Meter cupboard and original consumer...
  39. M

    Best Meter Setup For Multiple Use Building

    Hi some advice needed please. I am working on a commercial property, originally all one building (Machine Shop) with a 100A 3 phase TT supply incoming. The property is now being split up into multiple units mainly office space with one beauty salon all to be leased out by the landlord. The...
  40. gatuka

    2394 multiple choice passed

    passed 2394 multiple choice anyone done the typed 2394/5 need more info as I have another exam on Monday
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