1. P

    Upgraded supply needed?

    Good Afternoon All, I hope I have posted this in the right sub-forum. In short, what would be the best way to work out if we need an upgraded KvA supply if we are creating a 9-bedroom shared home in an existing five-storey residential dwelling? Each bedroom has a small snack station (with a...
  2. M

    Advice needed taking on helper

    Evening people I'm a sole trader & need help with some unskilled tasks (cleaning solar panels) which require working on a flat roof in a harness tethered to a fall restraint system to prevent getting too close to the edge. What is the best way to take on an unskilled worker (or perhaps self...
  3. B

    Advice needed With Oven tripping Fuse

    Hi, its a bit of a long one, but i really can't figure out whats up? I had a ex-display built in double oven for a while and though the fan oven part worked perfectly, as soon as you tried to use the upper oven/grill the fuse would trip out every time. I finally decided to replace the double...
  4. D

    Help needed please

    Hi all, new here and seeking help. I am only a DIY dad so excuse me if I dont know technical terms. I'm in process of changing lights in kitchen, we have two. The first went fine just the live, neutral and earth, which is what I'm used to. The second however appears to be a loop for the double...
  5. J

    Advice needed on outside lighting please.

    Hi, I’m looking at doing some outside lighting around the garden. I will have SWA running 4m underground from the garage to a weatherproof box on my fencepost. Could I use hi tuff cable from that weatherproof box to the lights clipped direct along the back of the fence? How hard is it to...


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